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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, my dear friends. :P :D I share this thread with you and hope you will be benefit from the following suggestions before you are gonna buy a pre-owned AP. You had better to keep these suggestions in mind, they will help you greatly when you are decided to buy a pre-owned AP, especially a Royal Oak or a Royal Oak Offshore. 1. If you got a vintage AP and you do not know its service history, you had better not to send it to the AP service center unless it stops running. More importantly, you should not take your vintage AP to any other independent watch shops to check or repair your watch. Although you can save your money at those independent watch shops, but I strongly believe that you will feel regret about that and pay the money you have saved someday. 2. If you wanna buy a pre-owned modern AP Royal Oak or Royal Oak Offshore, you had better to get the one that looks not so old (F series or pre-F series) but with service history and has overall great shape, this kind is and ideal choice. 3. If you got a 5402, you should know that this watch is equipped with cal. 2121 and be careful with its crown and avoid using quick-set calendar advance function. (While the watch has no a date setting crown, you can just move the hand to pass the midnight’s position and stay in the position of 1 am or 2 am, and then move the hand back to the position of 10 pm to adjust the day quickly, hence you do not need to adjust the date by going through 24 hours.) In fact, I had gotten four 5402 watches and their crowns indeed had problems, such as the crown stem was broken or the crown was pulled out when I tried to have a date set. What’s more, one of them was broken twice during two-year period. When you wanna pull the crown out, you had better to be careful and pull it slowly. Furthermore, when you have a winding, you should not turn more than 5-7 turns of the crown. 4. If your 5402 has been serviced, you still need to prevent your watch from being wet while you wash your hands, because AP does not guarantee any water resistance of your repaired watch. 5. If you wanna buy a ROO (pre-F series), you have to make sure that it comes with service paper or service history. If it does not have these conditions, you had better to give it up, unless you know the owner or this watch is indeed flawless. 6. Never take your watch to the independent shops to have a polish on the bezel or other parts. If your watch has been polished those shops, it would lose the AP bevels and the bezel will become rounded and thinner over time. AP used special machines to keep the intact octagonal shape and make the polished/brushed areas perfectly balanced. 7. If you own an AP and it is still within the warranty period, you have to make sure that the warranty has been registered, and then get a third year sticker. If the warranty of your watch is about to expire, you can send your watch to AP after service center, after all the procedures have been finished, you can get another 2 years warranty. 8. If you open a case back of a RO, you should not attempt to open its anti-magnetic casing which keeps the movement inside, because those screws are delicate. Furthermore, if you open the case back, AP will surely know that you have opened the case and they would refuse to provide any after-sales service. 9. If you wanna go to AP after-sales center, you should do research firstly, and then take your watch along and prepare enough money. The services of modern AP watches are expensive, but not as expensive as the vintage watches, unless your modern watch is seriously broken or your movement had been messed up by other watchmakers. 10. You had better not to choose a RO quartz, because its battery needs to be changed every 2-3 years. Change of battery needs the disassembly of the whole watch. Bezel, dial, hands, crown and so on are needed to be removed, and then the movement is accessed and the battery is replaced. If you take your watch to independent watch shop to change the battery, the process is so tedious that the watchmaker would do something wrong. Eventually, you have no other choice but to take your watch to AP after-sales center which charges high fee, and they will probably force you to do a periodic service. Okay, that’s all. I hope this thread would help all of you a lot. Thanks for reading.
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