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Found 1 result

  1. 1884-1914: Beginning of precise timers. In 1884, a talented watch maker set up his own watchmaking workshop in St. Imier of Swiss Jura mountains and developed timepieces and timers which were named after his own surname. Hence, the legendary story of Breitling began. First, Breitling company only produced pocket watches, and then it gradually developed a series of timepieces and timers. Accuracy and reliable functions made Breitling become an outstanding factory in watch industry. In 1892, in order to maintain the hot tendency of its products, Léon Breitling decided to expand workshop's scale. A watch factory with larger scale and various equipment was found in the watchmaking center of Switzerland ever the world: La Chaux-de-Fonds. 1914-1932: Foundation of innovative spirit. In 1914, Gaston Breitling took over Breitling and continued its glory. In 1915, Gaston Breitling developed the first chronograph watch successfully and also provided the first aviation chronograph watch for pioneers of flight. Gaston Breitling separated the start-stop-zero chronograph control system from the crown, thus the first independent chronograph button was produced, and the status of "pioneer of chronograph watch" was established. Innovation has no limit. In 1923, Breitling separated the chronograph from zero-the independent chronograph button at two o'clock position controls start/stop, while the crown controls the zero. The brand new chronograph mode made piecewise continuous chronograph become possible, people do not need to make zero before doing piecewise continuous chronograph. There is no doubt that it became the milestone in the history of watch. In 1931, the world's aviation industry sprung up gradually. Breitling wisely launched exclusive masterpiece-the first cockpit timer which was specially designed for instrument panel of aircraft and dashboard of car. Cockpit timer became one of the main products of Breitling soon and famous in the world. Léon Breitling In 1892, Breitling moved its factory to La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Gaston Breitling 1915, the first chronograph watch of Breitling was produced. In 1923, the world's first independent chronograph which possess chronograph and zeroed functions. In 1931, Breitling cockpit timer. 1932-1979: Build the classic. In 1932, the third generation of successor of Breitling family Willy Breitling began taking over the company. He led Breitling to a new era of comprehensive development. Willy Breitling In 1934, Breitling modified the world-renowned independent chronograph button again. A independent return-to-zero button was equipped to 4 o'clock position, and Breitling launched the world's first watch equipped with dual-independent chronograph button. This innovated patent was the prototype of modern watches and it is still used now. In 1934, Breitling independent return-to-zero button. In 1937, Breitling equipped a button which is perpendicular to the dial to cockpit timer, thus the timer and the control of instrument panel are in the same plane, pilots could operate more conveniently. In 1938, thanks to the strong proposition of Willie Breitling, the brand new department "HUIT Aviation" was founded. This department was responsible for producing sophisticated timers and watches, and it has laboratory for providing rigorous testings to ensure the watches to maintain accurate timekeeping, stable performance and excellent quality. These watches soon became popular among aviation professionals, especially the senior officers of air force. In the late of 1930s, Breirling became the appointed supplier of the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force. With the advent of World War II, the fighters that equipped with Breitling cockpit timers became famous during the war. In 1938, Breitling "HUIT Aviation". In 1942, Breitling launched Chronomat. This is the first chronograph watch possessed circular slide rule, it could make all kinds of mathematical calculations quickly and easily and it was widely used in daily life, sports, commercial activities, industrial production and so on. In 1942, Chronomat which was the first chronograph watch possessed circular slide rule was launched. In 1952, Breitling launched Navitimer which was specially produced for pilots. In additional to the sophisticated chronograph function, Navitimer was equipped with the modified circular slide rule, which was called Navigation Computer because it could allow pilots to do the relevant calculations easily and quickly. Precisely because of these excellent functions, Navitimer became the appointed aviation watch of AOPA which is the biggest aviation association in the world, and soon it became the flagship watch of Breitling, until now it is still extremely popular among pilots and aviation enthusiasts. In 1952, Navitimer was launched. In 2010, Navitimer 01 limited edition was launched. In the meanwhile, Breitling still developed and produced cockpit timers greatly. In 1957, almost all the airplanes of the world's leading airplane manufacturers and airline companies were equipped with Breitling cockpit timers. Therefore, Breitling was called "the appointed supplier of the world's aviation industry". In 1957, Breitling was called "the appointed supplier of the world's aviation industry". In 1962, United States astronauts Scott Carpenter piloted Aurora 7 to fly 3 orbits of the moon with the company of Navitimer which had been made improvements on some functions, it had become the first chronograph watch that traveled in space. Later, this watch was launched as standard series-Cosmonaute. In 1962, Breitling launched Cosmonaute. 2010 brand new Cosmonaute limited edition. In 1969, Breitling launched the world's first self-winding chronograph movement-Caliber 11, the leading chronograph watch entered the new era of self-winding. Caliber 11 1979-1995: State-of-art technology created new achievement. In 1979, Ernest Schneider who is a watchmaker, micro-electronic industry expert as well as a experienced pilot took over Breitling company from Willie and infused now life into this splendid old brand. Breitling began creating various achievements in all kinds of fields, such as aviation, navigation and diving. Ernest Schneider In 1983, Breitling specially produced official watch for Frecce Tricolori of Italian Air Force. Every detail of the watch reflects Breitling's spirit of pursuing excellence and its stunning charm. This watch not only conquered aerobats, but also won many praises from the world aviation industry for Breitling. Frecce Tricolori's official watch in 1984. In 1984, on the basis of Frecce Tricolori's official watch, Breitling launched mechanical chronograph watch-Chronomat, it symbolized the return of mechanical chronograph watch, and soon it became the flagship watch of Breitling. Chronomat in 1954. In 1985, Breitling launched a unique astronautic polyfunctional watch-Aerospace. Its distinctive characteristic is that its single crown can operate several different functions. Its innovative technology and titanium made it become popular among lots of pilots. In 2010, Breitling launched brand new Chronomat 01 limited edition. 1995-present: Centennial timepiece created greater brilliance. In 1995, the son of Ernest Schneider-Théodore Schneider took over Breitling company. In the same year, Breitling launched Emergency. This is the first watch which could fully integrated emergency microtransmitters, henceforth Breitling became one of the pioneers of high-tech watches. Aerospace in 1985. Emergency in 1995. In 1999, in order to ensure the excellent quality of "professional wristwatch", Breitling made a surprising decision: all the movements of Breitling watches would be sent to COSC. Breitling created a precedent among the world famous watch brands, before this, only 3% Swiss watches received authentication from COSC. Since then, Breitling became the world's only one famous watch brand which had C.O.S.C. movements of all products. In 1999, Breitling had C.O.S.C. movements of all products. In 2000, new headquarter building of Breitling in Grenchen of Switzerland and a ultra-modern manufacturing facility had been completed, which symbolized that Breitling entered a new era of development in the Millennium. In 2000, Breitling new headquarter. In 2001, Breitling developed a SuperQuartzTM which is ten times accurate than ordinary quartz movements. It made excellent achievement again in high technology. In 2002, Breitling built a brand new Breitling Chronometer building for developing and producing high-performance mechanical chronograph movement in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where Breitling founded its factory 110 years ago. In 2002, Breitling Chronométrie. Every Breitling movement contains superb watchmaking technology of Breitling and infinite enthusiasm. In 2009, after years of independent research and development, Breitling innovated traditional assembly of movement and launched the first self-winding chronograph Caliber 01 movement which was 100% independently developed by Breitling. Just like a efficient engine which was developed unconventionally, Caliber 01 movement has become the best explanation of Breitling's exploration to the spirit of innovation, excellence and independence for more than a century. Caliber 01 movement In 2010, Breitling launched Colt GMT at Baselworld. It has a 41.3 mm stainless steel case and C.O.S.C. Breitling Calibre 32 self-winding movement which has 28,800 vph and 21 jewels. Its red hand indicates 24-hour second time zone (GMT). It has water resistance of 500 meters. It is available in rubber strap and bracelet, and its dial is available in black, blue or grey. Colt GMT In 2011, Breitling launched Transocean. It has a 43 mm stainless steel/18K red gold case and C.O.S.C. Breitling Caliber 01 self-winding movement which has 28,800 vph, 47 jewels and power reserve of more than 70 hours. Its timing accuracy is up to quarter-second and it has 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative split and calendar display. It has water resistance of 100 meters (330 FT/10 Bar) and curved sapphire crystal which has double-sided anti-reflective processing, and the tranparent sapphire case back. Its dial is black/silver. It is available in Barenia strap, alligator strap and Ocean Classic bracelet. Transocean In 2012, Breitling launched brand new Navitimer Cosmonaute limited edition of 1968 pieces around the world to pay homage to the legendary Navitimer. It has a 43 mm stainless steel case and C.O.S.C. Breitling Caliber 02 hand-wound movement which has 28,800 vph, 39 jewels and power reserve of more than 70 hours. Its timing accuracy is up to quarter-second and it has 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative split and calendar display. It has water resistance of 30 meters (100 FT), bi-directional totating bezel (Slide Rule) and curved sapphire crystal which has double-sided anti-reflective processing. Its dial is black while its subdials are silver. It is available in Barenia strap, alligator strap and Air Racer bracelet (with holes) and Navitimer bracelet. 2012 Navitimer Cosmonaute In 2013, Breitling launched Chronomat 44 "Frecce Tricolori". It has a 44 mm stainless steel case and C.O.S.C. Breitling 02 self-winding movement which has 28,800 vph, 47 jewels and power reserve of more than 70 hours. Its timing accuracy is up to quarter-second and it has 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative split and calendar display. It has water resistance of 500 meters (1,650 FT), screwed crown, chronograph button and unidirectional ratchet rotating bezel and curved sapphire crystal which has double-sided anti-reflective processing. Its dial is onyx black. It is available in Diver Pro III strap and Pilot bracelet. Chronomat 44 "Frecce Tricolori"
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