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Found 1 result

  1. IWC is distinctive among the Swiss watch making factory, the company name we can see is pure English, there is different from Swiss brand filling with French. On the other hand, the image and spirit of IWC is full of solid impression from German Engineering Technology. Actually, IWC was founded in Switzerland near the border of German Schaffhausen in 1868 by an engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones from American Boston. Florentine Ariosto Jones is an engineer and idealist with shrewd business sense. When he was across the Atlantic by ship, he has a set of clever plan, intending to set up the watch making manufacturer in Rhein, utilizing the abundant hydraulic energy and low-cost labor workforce in Switzerland, combining with American industrial machinery to produce the precise pocket watch. And then launch a horology technology revolution and become the cradle of original and precise watch making industry. IWC pocket watch with Jones Caliber improved the precision and temperature level. It was popular in the pocket watch market during the turn of the century. IWC published Grande Complication pocket watch in 1890, which won the praise from AIHH and certificate of quality becoming hot watch to collector, even pope, Bulgarian empire and Prime Minister Churchill of UK has become the customer to IWC. The origin of IWC antimagnetic watch In the early 20th century, the production and operation of IWC gradually moved to watch, and they maintained the tradition of professional technical watch making. In the First World War, IWC manufactured a large numbers of luminous military watch. During the Second World War, IWC launched the particular antimagnetic watch B-Uhr for German Luftwaffe pilots. The Caliber 52SC of B-Uhr was mainly researched and developed by the Caliber 52 of IWC pocket watch. Owing to adapt the gloomy and electromagnetic radiation environment in aircraft cockpits, B-Uhr pilot's watch adopts big central second hand and install soft iron between dial and movement, which protect the movement from magnetic field interference to influence the precision of movement. IWC made further efforts to antimagnetic technology, created Mark x pilot's watch providing to Royal Air Force in 1943. Then it evolved to Mark XI from 1947 to 1948. The origin of classic: The history of Ingenieur After the Second World War, the world entered the booming era of electron and technology and engineering. There are major breakthroughs in machine manufacturing, aviation technology and communication transmission and so on. This electromagnetism have a significant impact on the precision of mechanical watch, so Swiss watch making industry focus on researching and developing antimagnetic watch. Patek Philippe also published antimagnetic watch in the early 1950s. After the war, the trend of the time impacts on Swiss watch making industry, that is self winding watch. The manufacturers concentrated on developing automatic watch and publishing the patent design. IWC Ingenieur was the classical product under the trend of the time. IWC employed Albert Pellaton as technical director in 1944. Because self winding movement can acquire continuous power from swinging and become the symbol of advanced technology; his primary mission was developing the new self winding movement. Horologe industry appeared several self winding device, but Albert Pellaton insisted on his own idea starting to develop. As an engineer. Pellaton focus on two devices, firstly, installed spring to rotor to improve the operational reliability. Another is simple and efficient steel wheel winding device to transmit the power to barrels. This was called Pellaton Winding Ratcheted system which acquired the exclusive patent to IWC. The antimagnetic soft iron bezel and pellaton winding device can be seen in Ingenieur Caliber 8541 Perfect ingenieur characteristic Albert Pellaton was a perfectionist, it is said that he would throw the discontent watch to Rhine in the adjacent bridge. Then he would restart to produce the watch which can meet his demand. So he acquired the patent of self winding device in 1946, he was not satisfied with it and continue to improve. Until 1950, Caliber 81 was released and improved to 85 self winding movement in1951. Cal.852 (no date) and Cal.8521 (date) was launched in 1952 and 1953, these devices became the masterpiece to collector. Ingenieur Caliber 8521 Cal.8521 became horologe high technological paragon in the early 1950s, this reflected scientific and technical engineers were ambitious to transform the world. Meanwhile, IWC realized that a watch must possess succinct appearance and high-tech. According to this principle, the watchmaker of IWC decided to adopt the technology of pilot's watch Mark XI in this new self winding movement to protect against the magnetic field, including soft iron case, movement ring and case back. In addition, manufacturer made escapement by Durochrom increasing the antimagnetic force to reach 80,000 A/m. This was the cause of IWC legendary Ingeieur watch, which demonstrated people were confident to the scientific and technological progress at that time. The development of machinery and electronic industry facilitate the birth of antimagnetic mechanical watch. The origin of Ingenieur The original Ingenieur unveiled from 1954 to 1955. Though the dial engraved thunderbolt arrow, the case and dial adopted the classical design in the early 50s instead of the military style like Mark XI, such as silver pie pan dial and metal strip numeral index. Apart from the elegant appearance, Ingenieur emphasized performance and technology possessing solid movement and excellent waterproof. It is said that Edmund Hillary wore Ingenieur watch in several expeditions. Ingenieur Caliber 85X self winding
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