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Found 6 results

  1. Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies. In 1904, he designed the world's first wrist watch, the Cartier Santos, for the pilots Alto Tudson. Looking back at the history of Cartier, is to review the history of modern jewelry changes in the century, in the development of Cartier, has been with the royal family nobles and celebrities maintained a closely related contacts and close contacts, and has become a global fashion dream of luxury people. Over the past century, the reputation as "the emperor's jeweler, jeweler's emperor," the Cartier is still its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft for the human creation of many exquisite, unparalleled masterpieces masterpieces. In 1888, Cartier tried to set the mechanical watch on the gold bracelet inlaid with diamonds. By 1904, Cartier made a hit for the gold watch made by old friend Santos. Since then, Cartier watches have been high society pets, enduring. Cartier soon won the European royal family's favor. In 1902, the Prince of Wales, who was about to reign for Edward VII, praised Cartier as "the emperor's jeweler and the emperor of the jeweler." He was appointed in 1904 as the royal jewelery supplier of the British royal family. Cartier three brothers travel experience of the world's foreign culture, deeply influenced the style of Cartier boutique. Jewelry designers and skilled craftsmen, so that the design of unique ornaments are harmonious to reflect the Cartier's graceful style. Cartier since 1888 launched the watch, the famous models include the 1911 Santos watch, 1909 patented pleated clasp, 1919 Tank watches. Under the management of Louis, Cartier continues to expand, continue to exudes infinite charm. Its marketing products are mostly bags, bracelets and other jewelry, watches and so on. Today, whether it is high-level jewelry, or contemporary jewelry series, such as Le Baiser du Dragon (Dragon Kiss series), Cartier boutique are in the excellent production process, unique style and expertise to convey the value of the brand.
  2. Cartier Cartier in this year's table show a Tourbillon Mystérieux AzuréPendant Watc mysterious tourbillon blue pendant table, this breathtaking precious works whether it is pendant, watch or round carving? This work transparent mysterious, gorgeous bright , It is unforgettable. Cartier beyond the process territory, the release of fantasy charm. Graceful night butterflies dancing, witness the time long flow ... ... Layers of the lines around the composition of pendant shape, just like a butterfly. Wings to create sapphire, trunk is inlaid dazzling diamonds. Works show deep graceful color, is clearly rare rare butterfly. The iconic double mysterious tourbillon is located in the center of the transparent dial, as if suspended in the air. Round Pendant Equipped with a geometric pattern diamond necklace, inherited Cartier variable jewelry craft tradition, pendant at the bottom of the 25.93 kraska oval sapphire can be easily removed. Top jewelry and advanced watchmaking seamless fusion, the achievements of this extraordinary refined masterpiece. Sophisticated machinery hidden in the pure jewelry shape, the complex structure is amazing. For Cartier, the back of the work should be equally delicate and moving. In the transparent table under the back, after careful movement of the movement revealed. So masterpieces can not be cast overnight: craftsmen spent a total of 2,050 hours, equivalent to 17 months had just completed.
  3. Cartier Ronde Solo Silver Dial Automatic Steel Watch W6701010 Cartier Ronde Solo Silver Dial Mechanical Mens Watch W670101 The Ronde Solo pays tribute to the classical elegance that is representative of the Ronde de Cartier watches with the beaded crown set on the steel case containing a synthetic spinel cabochon, the silvered opaline dial that depicts its inherent beauty, and the Roman numerals that are featured in almost all Cartier collection.The Ronde Solo preserves the perfectly pitched classical elegance and signature Cartier features of the Ronde de Cartier watch that serves as its inspiration: Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hands, winding mechanism in blue and rail-track minute circle. The Ronde Solo De Cartier W6701010 watch is a Swiss-made elegant and complex timepiece that presents signature Cartier features of the Ronde de Cartier collection that serves as its inspiration. The Ronde Solo watch, XL, houses the Cartier calibre 049, a mechanical movement with automatic winding mechanism in blue and rail-track minute circle design. Its glass dome has been captured in scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is deployed with a steel bracelet and a fixed stainless steel bezel. The watch has a magnificent 42 mm case diameter with stainless steel case. It has a thickness of 8.36 mm and is water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet.
  4. Cartier Pasha watches - simple and stylish immortal pursuit As everyone agrees, the Cartier brand represents the class, taste, wealth, nobility, faithfulness and timelessness on earth. Cartier will be pure jewelry manufacturer's image to more manufacturers, not only manufacturing jewelry, but also added a sparkling watch. Cartier Pasha The best Superocean watch was originally developed in 1932, specifically for the swimming champion Pasha. In order to wear activities in the water, the watch is made of excellent waterproof. Cartier's Pasha and Rolex Oyster series in the watch enthusiasts soon occupied the market segmentation, and improve the temperature of the waterproof watch. In 1985, the development of the Cartier Paxi line continued to change, and more and more women also chose the design. Therefore, this model is not only for men to create, but also in the gender boundary also produced some female form. The male Pasha style is a solid, sturdy, large dial and a part of the military atmosphere that perfectly reveals the malice. Because of the changes in the 1980s, women began to like Pasha, so the best Swiss Cartier watch for ladies brought a larger feminine style, which had a dazzling gemstone grid. Cartier Pasha de Ladies watch series uses a circular pattern to introduce the watch, you can observe the round Arabic numerals and mellow, sexy Glyph sun silver paint dial, because chronograph. Which looks similar to the natural experience of the Amazon rolex traces. The watch consists of platinum, gold, rose gold, with large surface and leather strap. It certainly shows unlimited stretch feeling like free. The dazzling diamond silently extends around the bezel, all like a delightful photo.
  5. target of dress watch - completed, next goal is a sport watch :lol:
  6. Cartier is one of the best brands in the wrist watch area. Whatever the elegant and generous in tank or graceful and restrained in Ballon bleu, their virtue is irresistible. We have to say every wrist watch maker is a talented designer in Louise Cartier even in Cartier. Cartier plays a king role and have a deep effect on the art wrist watch area. So they march to manufacture complicated movement in 2008. Then they establish factory in Geneva and launch Geneva seal tourbillion. Until 2010, the in house movement and the new series of Cartier revealed their initiative. They successfully lead in the watch filed with the art wrist watch and professional manufacturing watch. Calibre, that put the movement as core with beautiful appearance craft of Cartier to create a top wrist watch possessing internal and external feature. Cartier was popular in female before. At present, the market changes to the male because Calibre is more masculine than before from inside to outside. Equipped with the 1904 MC movement brighten us. As a self-winding movement, the chain on efficiency, walking on precision and stability is important. thus,Calibre have adequate preparation,for example, adopting the new Rachet mechanism as the automatic mechanism instead of conventional wheel to increase the winding efficiency. Or equipped with barrels ensure the stability of mainspring torque for long time to achieve accurate time. In terms of polish craft, Balance Bridge and rotor was decorated by Geneva waves. Although the plate hides under the components of movement, it was decorated by fish-scale polish. Otherwise, the appearance of Calibre is masculine. You will be attracted by the pearlescent dial at first view. The obvious roman numerals XII and “rise” calendar gave us brightness. And the sinking design of sub-dial is echoed by radian crystal forming to stereoscopic impression. Septangle crown jewel synthetic that it can recognize this is the work of Cartier. You can choose white, black and chocolate color in this wrist watch and there is stainless steel, between golden and rose gold material. You can choose strap or bracelet to match your clothes. All in word, you will choose a suited costume whatever weekend, drive or in western dress. The birth of Calibre means Cartier is not only a wrist watch brand for female but also specially design for male. Its masculine design will touch the men who are fond of wrist watch. Equipped with Calibre 1904MC prove his professional status in manufacturing. As this article begins, this is a top watch with inside and outside trait.
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