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Found 2 results

  1. Jules Audemars The names of two founders of AP factory stand for two watches, they are Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet. Jules Audemars advanced the watchmaking's technology, in the meanwhile, it contains some most sophisticated functions which created a new era of watch industry. Jules Audemars is a classical watch, its circular case is always a popular style which symbolizes AP watch will last forever. In addition, this series is the most complete series, because it possesses basic models as well as complex models, which could meet the demands of those who love classical watch. Moreover, all watches of this series are handmade, the polished parts show the man-made elaboration and excellence. 3090 is the most value-for-money representative. From a long-term point of view, other brands can not compare to it at all for its constant value and quality. Jules Audemars 3090 Edward Piguet In order to pay endless homage to one of the founders of AP - Edward Piguet, AP launched Edward Piguet which was named after this great watchmaker. This watch has reproduced the sophisticated functions of mechanical watch by means of its classical and retro modeling. Edward Piguet is classique series of AP, which is modeled on the most popular rectangular type in the 1930s. The case is polished by hands with curved lines, it goes with the excellent black alligator leather strap and black dial, this match reveals the unique gentleman spirit of the 1930s. Edward offers different models completely, including chronograph, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, repeater and other complex functions. The soft curved lines of Edward made it become popular among modern ladies, thus AP also launched quartz watches for female. The special and elegant retro modeling of Edward contains various sophisticated and complex technologies. The superb watchmaking technologies of Edward Piguet is a way of expression for AP to show its highest respect to the great founder of AP - Edward Piguet. The significance of this series is the same as Jules Audemars' significance, but its watches are more classical. Edward Piguet is new series of AP, thus its models have not been complete yet. Rectangular watch has not been produced by every watch brand, because its manufacturing process is complex, especially the assembly of movement, which is the demonstration of technology. Edward Piguet 15121 Promesse Fashionable Promesse is an extraordinary achievement of AP. Its original design is only for westerners, which is not suitable for Asians who have slender wrists. The new series had improved this imperfection, which embodies more elaborate and fashionable design. This brand new series is very close to the style of early Promesse, they have the same proportion, curves, blue dial and AP 2508 quartz movement. The only and the biggest difference is that the case size of brand new Promesse was redesigned, its case is smaller than the original design by 3.4mm, which also can embody the perfect design of Promesse, it also shows the careful care of AP for watch lovers. The brand new thin Promesse is available in four models. Every model's bezel is inset with 12 diamonds, which have the total weight of 0.19 carats, moreover, patterns “Cotes de Geneve” were printed on the dial. The frequency of 32,768 kHz ensures the error of less than 2 minutes per year. Promesse is modernistic, which is the best evidence of continuous innovation of AP. AP provides female consumers with complete and multiple choice considerately, which could meet all kinds of demands of customers. Promesse 67259 Millenary At the turn of century, AP recreated legend in the watch industry - it launched Millenary. The inspiration of its oval modeling was derived from the shape of Colosseo. Millenary is the perfect combination of traditional, modern, classical and fashion-forward sense of design, it shows the superb watchmaking technology of AP, moreover, it broke with tradition that all the watch factories only produce watches with circular or square case. Millenary is the only watch which has oval modeling. In fact, the oval modeling of Millenary is just like out beautiful earth, although it is not circular, it is more beautiful. Millenary seems to have a deeper meaning because it was launched at the turn of century. The modeling of this series breaks the traditional thinking of watch's modeling, and it also shows that AP adheres to tradition, at the same time, it creates extraordinary innovation. This series is especially suitable for orientals for its modeling. Millenary 77301 Charleston In 1996, AP launched elegant and retro Charleston which was specially made for slender wrists of Asian ladies, and launched all kinds of jewelry watches for male/female by the gimmick of the only one in the world. AP attached great importance on highlighting the unique aesthetic of emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond. These valuable jewels must be selected rigorously, only the most beautiful jewel will be used. In addition to watch guaranty, professional diamond or jewelry watch guaranties are attached to all the jewelry watches to ensure the purity, color, weight and cutting of the jewels. Charleston took the popular tendency of 1920s and 1930s as its characteristic, the inspiration of its appearance was derived from the appearance of skyscraper in New York at that time. The new series of Charleston in 1998 inherited the retro style of 1930s and 1940s in appearance. AP took candy wrapping or the appearance of crown as its design concept to look forwards to gaining favor from ladies. This series is specially made for ladies, and its fine case is more suitable for Asian ladies, but its retro modeling will be innovated again for the change of the trend. Charleston 67025
  2. Tourbillion Cage of AUDEMARS PIGUET AP has produced six hundred tourbillion watches since it was founded in 1875, including the first extra-thin tourbillion self-winding watch in 1986. Meanwhile, the watchmaker of AP continued to improve their design, scaled up volume and decreased weight to ensure the stability, durability and precision. 1. Jules AUDEMARS mother-of-pearl minute repeater tourbillion 18-carat white gold case, equipped with Cal.2872 manual winding tourbillion movement, possess small seconds and minute repeater, the bezel set with 168 diamonds, 1.25carats, blue mother-of-pearl globes dial, sapphire crystal, crocodile strap with AP folding clasp. 2. Jules AUDEMARS 150 year’s anniversary tourbillion To celebrate the birth of Jules AUDEMARS , the self winding tourbillion watch of 150 anniversaries, platinum case, equipped with Cal.2875 self winding movement, possess hours, minutes, date and power reserve. Sapphire crystal, the case back engraved the badge of AUDEMARS family and the word of 150 anniversaries. 3. Edward PIGUET skeleton platinum tourbillion Pure platinum case, equipped with Cal.2881SQ manual winding skeleton movement, possess small second and a minute tourbillion device, 70 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal , caseback and crocodile strap with AP folding clasp. 4. Edward PIGUET Tourbillion Pont Mineral Pure platinum case, equipped with Cal.2888 manual winding movement, possess small second and a minute tourbillion device. The mineral crystal as the movement plate, which needs the set of instrument and tool making display distinguished originality on the aesthetics.
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