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Found 1 result

  1. Louis Brandt 1848 - Louis Brandt(1825 - 1879) established a watch store in La Chaux-de-Fonds(a Swiss small town). Louis Paul & César Brandt 1877 - Its watches began to be sold after the name Louis Brandt & Fils. 1880 - Louis Brandt & Fils Co. was moved to Biel, and their watches started to be named as Jura, Patria, Helvetia and Gurzelen, etc. 19 jeweled movement 1885 - As the first movement in mass production, the 19 jeweled movement was issued in Gurzelen. The first minute repeater watch 1892 - The first minute repeater watch Louis Brandt was born, it was 13 jeweled. 1894 - The 19 jeweled movement was named Omega which has later been the brand of this company. The first Omega wristwatch 1900 - The first Omega wristwatch was born, which was also the first wristwatch in mass production. 1903 - The Louis Brandt & Fils Co. was renamed Omega. 1905 - Omega launched the 19 jeweled Grade DDR, which has the highest quality, and it was an accurate movement that was mass pruduced at that time. 1909 - Omega first stepped into the sports field and took charge of timing in the flight competition of Coupe Gordon Bennett held in Zurich. 1917 - The British Royal Air Army chose Omega as their appointed wristwatch supplier. 1918 - The American Army also chose Omega as their appointed wristwatch as well. 1919 - Omega first won the Observatory Competition in Neuchatel. 1930 - The two famous brands Omega and Tissot merged as the headquater of Swiss Watch, and the other companies have later joined this group in succession. 1932 - Omega has been always the official timekeeper in Olympic Games since its first time to be the formal chronometer in Los Angeles Olympic Games. 1933 - Omega has created the first world record of accurate timing in Teddington observatory. 1936 - Created the second world record of accurate timing in Teddington observatory (97.8 points of 100). Chronometer 1941 - The first observatory watch named Chronomètre was launched, its diameter is 30mm. Calibre 30 I Cosmic moon phase 1947 - One of the first batch of tourbillon movement in the world - the Omega 30 I was launched. And the first Omega Date watch - the Cosmic moon phase was launched. Seamaster 1948 - Seamaster watch was launched. 1950 - Omega created two records of accurate timing in Geneva observatory. 1951 - Omega had modified the former techniques and created a new record in Geneva observatory. Constellation 1952 - Constellation series was launched. Geneve 1953 - Geneve series was launched. Constellation Grand Luxe 1954 - Constellation Grand Luxe was launched. Ladymatic 1955 - The first women's automatic watch in the world - Ladymatic was launched. Speedmaster Railmaster 1957 - Railmaster and Speedmaster were launched. Ranchero 1958 - Ranchero was born De Ville 1960 - Omega released De Ville series. 1965 - NASA chose Omega Speedmaster Day-Date as the appointed wrist watch for space missions. Geneve Dynamic 1968 - Omega launched Geneve Dynamic wrist watch. Speedmaster Day-Date Flightmaster Calibre 910 Memomatic 1969 - Omega Speedmaster Day-Date was the first watch that has been to the moon worn by Armstrong and Aldrin. In the same year, the first generation of Flightmaster that adopted Calibre 910 was launched, and the automatic alarm watch Memomatic was published. Electroquart Seamaster 600m 1970 - The first watch that adopted an analog quartz movement - Electroquart (base on Beta 21 sample) was launched as well as the Seamaster 600m. The second generation of Flightmaster Calibre 911 1971 - The second generation of Flightmaster that adopted the Calibre 911 was launched. 1310 Ant 1973 - 1310 Ant came out, it's the first Omega analog quatz movement and the first Swiss electronic movement that was mass produced. Megaquartz 2400 1974 - Megaquartz 2400 came out, it's the most accurate wristwatch that passed diver's watch standards. Calibre 1611 The first hybrid electronoic watch 1975 - Calibre 1611, also named Albatros. And the first hybrid electronoic watch all over the world have been producted and launched in the following Montreal Olympic Games. Dinosaur Calibre 1355 Sensor Quartz Calibre 1640 Megaquartz Deck Chronometer 1980 - The ultra-thin quartz watch Dinosaur came out, it was equipped with Calibre 1355 quartz movement. Sensor Quartz, the first watch adopted the multi-memoery LCD display of microprocessor that has 9 functions, uses sensor technology and Calibre 1640 that was also called "Okapi". Megaquartz Deck Chronometer came out, it's a watch that was vertified by the observatory and produced for French army. Equinoxe 1981 - Equinoxe, the first turnover wristwatch came out, it has two screens, one is for analog display, the other is for digital display. Omega Seamaster Titane Omega Constellation Manhattan 1982 - Omega Seamaster Titane quartz watch and Omega Constellation Manhattan came out. 1983 - Swiss horologe industry company united with the headquater of Swiss horologe into Holding ASUAG-SSIH. Nicolas Hayek 1985 - ASUAG-SSIH was recombined and renamed SMH Group and directly led by Nicolas Hayek. Seamaster multi-function 1986 - Seamaster multi-function watch came out. Seamaster Professional 1988 - Seamaster Professional 1/100 was launched before the Olympic Games held in Seoul. Omega 1894 1994 - Omega launched 1894 series for commemorating its 100 anniversary. Seamaster in Golden Eyes Cindy Crawford & My choice 1995 - The Seamaster was chosen by Golden Eyes that is one of the 007 series movies as its pointed wrist watch. And the Constellation became international model Cindy Crawford's appointed watch. 1998 - SMH was renamed The Swatch Group. George Daniels Co-axial escapement De Ville 1999 - The De Ville series was launched, which used co-axial escapement and was researched by British watch master George Daniels. 2006 - Omega once again became the appointed chronometer in the Turin Olympic Winter Games. Automatic co-axial Calibre 8500/8501 2007 - On Apirl 14th to 15th, the Antiquorum Auctioneers held an auction for OMEGAMANIA. They issued the automatic winding co-axial movement Calibre 8500/8501 and equiped it in the Hour Vision. Omega has consecutive 12 years title sponsering the Omega Missionhill Golf World Cup. Automatic Co-axial movement Calibre 8601/8611 2008 - Omega became the official timekeeper in Beijing Olympic Games. And it has launched the automatic winding co-axial movement Calibre 8601/8611 that has annual calendar function. Re-designed and re-made Constellation 2009 - Re-designed and re-made the whole Constellation series. Ladymatic co-axial wrist watch 2010 - It launched the Ladymatic co-axial wrist watch for women. More information about Omega, the series introduction: Constellation: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1331-constellation-a-star-in-omega-history/ Seamaster: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1310-the-historical-development-of-omega-seamaster/ Speedmaster: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1127-legend-of-the-moon-watch-omega-speedmaster/
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