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Found 2 results

  1. Look around the whole watch world, Audemars Piguet undoubtly enjoys a high reputatuion by virtue of its precise skills and innovative capability. Many watch lovers are obessesed with Audemars Piguet complications, but if we talk about the model that is the best well-known and popular in all of the Audemars Piguet watches, the octagonal Royal Oak may be the most eye-catching one. The price of Royal Oak is also affordable. In addition, there is an interesting romaunt hiding behind the characteristic look of Royal Oak that had ever been an epochal pioneering work. Royal Oak First, you may know nothing about that the famous work Royal Oak was actually created by Gerald Genta, a genius in watchmaking industry. Gerald Genta was an Italian who was born in Geneva, he had created numerous famous and salable watches for other watch manufacturers before he started his own business. So far, besides Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, many of these Gerald Genta's creations are still the hottest types in their brands, including IWC Ingenieur, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Omega Titanium and Bvlgrai series. Royal Oak launched in 1972. 1950 seems smaller on the side of Offshore T3. Next, Audemars Piguet led a fashion on wrist-watch design after the release of Royal Oak in 1972. First, the characteristic octagonal case plus the revolutionary design of exposed screws have broke an unwritten rule that had existed for decades in field: all of components should be hided, since then, Royal Oak influenced the watch design around the world and became the eternal treasure in this field, it is still one of the masterpieces of AP untill today. Second, Royal Oak is the first watch made from stainless steel among top-level watch factories, it had astonished the field in those days by the unprecedented 3300 swiss franc, and had been the precedent of high-class wrist watch that marched to sports watch field. The octagonal case of Royal Oak fixed by screws featured a round bezel, such solid look settled the model of sports watch at a stroke. Third, the big dial design of Royal Oak (36mm, on the basis of the standars in those days), IWC Portugieser and the later Panerai Luminor were called the three big watches that leads the trend. Royal Oak Chronograph City of Sails The praiseworthy thing is that Royal Oak has kept the innovative idea since it was launched, its speciality of fully innovative was inherited from the fine tradition of AP, that is devoting to the tradition of making perfect products and pursuing endless curiousity from begining to end. Since 1972, Royal Oak had set up its own particular image and achieved that absorbing fans by its design, showing the philosophy of time through its own way. Though it was equipped a complicated movement, it still has exquisite lines, the almost perfect geometrical lines has been the soul of Royal Oak, and the octagonal case has been the symbol of this ledgendary watch, became a unique trademark. Besides the first Royal Oak which was initially made from stainless steel that was ignored by the luxurious field, AP also manufactured a flawless and characteristic case that let the stainless steel seem as exquisite as the luxurious metal. H.M.S. Battleship Royal Oak Jumbo Openwork Royal Oak is originally a warship of British Royal Navy that was started using in 1830, it was loading the most varieties and maximum amount of weapons in those days, and the designers of Audemars Piguet gained the inspiration from this Royal Oak warship. The octagonal porthole was the origin of the unique octagonal case, because the porthole was symbolized power and water-resistance. The reason why does oak take such an important position in British was that once King Charles the II England eluded the enermies' chasing and attacking in the puritan revolution period in 15th century, he hided in an oak which finally saved his live. Therefore, King Charles the II appointed the oak as the symbol of Royal protector, since then, oaks take a homage position in the British Royals' hearts. Royal Oak 30th Anniversary Nick Faldo Royal Oak Nick Faldo After the first cooperation between Royal Oak and the ledgendary golfer Nick Faldo who had ever been the champion of American Classic and British Open, Audemars Piguet expressly invited Nick Faldo to be its ambassador and signed a contact with him in 1989. In 1990, Nick Faldo won The Master and British Open, became the most popular celebrity in golf field. AP was more convinced Nick's achievements after his second time won the British Open, so it designed Royal Oak Nick Faldo, an memerable wrist watch that was made from a rare metal tantalum for him, to show that Nick Faldo's achievements in golf field suit the faith of AP that insisting to produce fine quality. The worldwide 450 limited edition Royal Oak Nick Faldo were being the major symbol of the Royal Oak 30th anniversary. Royal Oak Foundation Audemars Piguet Foundation In 1992, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Royal Oak, Audemars Piguet particularly established a foundation to save forests in the world. AP commissioned the two outstanding organizations in forests protecting actions - IUCN located in Switzerland and US Arm of Great Britain's National Trust to supervise the operation of the foundation. So far, the foundation has gradually carried out forests conservation research project in many countries, including French, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, America, Pakistan, Costa Rica and Britain. Of course, for the sake of commemorating and showing the aim and operation of the foundation, AP had launched Royal Oak Foundation. Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Royal Oak Offshore In 1993, Audemars Piguet launched Royal Oak Offshore. Bigger and more tough case with up to 100m water-resistance, which built a more advanced image of Royal Oak sports watch. Royal Oak Offshore was not only intensified the look of its sports watch, but seriously followed the high-class and rigorous watch making progress. Taking the case of Royal Oak Offshore as an example, it has to pass over 250 steps processed, including manual procedures like bevelling, polishing, brushing, sandlasting and circular-gaining, etc. The 30th anniversary of the legendary Royal Oak: Concept Royal Oak Concept Royal Oak 30 years past, Royal Oak did not lose its bold and innovative spirit and kept the status as a model of sports watch. It insists to offer excellent watch performance and follow three main beliefs of AP: traditional, excellent and creative. Royal Oak Concept is the special trans-century elaborations for elebrating the 30th anniversary of Audemars Piguet. Royal Oak Concept is a watch devoted to innovate and symbolized a brand-new aethetics way that developed from origin, purpose to set up the new century style of the new generation of Royal Oak. Therefore, the design of Royal Oak Concept was definitely a futuristic, its materials chose from the newest technique, its manual winding movement has also made a great progress in elegance and complex. Concept Royal Oak At 12 o'clock of Royal Oak Concept, there is a dynamographe(feature 1) that was launched by Audemars Piguet in 2000. Dynamographe can display the precision of a watch through the consecutive torque comes from the mainspring, provided that dynamographe hands stayed in the definitive position, means the power of the spring can offer the movement the best accuracy, however, if the dynamographe hands diverged, that means the watch need to be wound. At 3 o'clock, there is a special linear power-reserve indicator (feature 2). Linear power-reserve indicator was produced by Audemars Piguet in 1885, Royal Oak revived this creation and marked the power-reserve status with linear digits, every unit index stands for 6 hours power-reserve ability, 12 means 72 hours power-reserve ability. 9 o'clock is a shock-absorbing tourbillon (feature 3), more special is that this tourbillon was fixed by two big shock-absorbing spring at its two ends that can absorb shock even though under a serious circumstance, improved the accuracy of tourbillon and chronometer. In addition, Royal Oak Concept was equipped an R-N-H function selection indicator (feature 4) over at 6 o'clock, press the function selector button at 4 o'clock before adjusting time or winding, only adjusted it to a right function that can carry out the next action you want, avoided unnecessary mistake operation and abrasion. Royal Oak Concept Royal Oak Concept was specially designed for athletes, worn under a serious circumstance. Hence, its outside-to-inside adopted the newest surprisingly material that was usually used for aviation, medical science and energy production. Its case was made from the alacrite 602, a cobalt-based alloy that was originally used for aviation. Alacrite 602 is an extremely tough super alloy, made of 57% cobalt, 31% chromium, 5% tungsten, few carbon, silicon and iron that used in aerospace industry, twice more rigid than steel, and this is the first time used in making watch. The bezel, buckle and movement of Royal Oak Concept was made from titanium, light and anti-corrosive. The crystal and see-through case back adopted sapphire crystal, it used a rubber strap than can suit the most serious circumstance. Caliber 2896 Royal Oak Chronograph Limited Edition NYC Boutique Notes: Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Terminator 3 After launching the limited edition by the first cooperation in End of Days in 1999, AP cooperated with Arnold Schwarzenegger once more in 2003, created a brand-new Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph T3 that was worn in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. This T3 is the biggest type of Royal Oak Offshore, only 1000 pieces in the world. T3 fully revealed an unprecedented vigour in size, 57.2mm wide(including crown guards), 32.5mm in dial diameter. It adopted a big grid-like dial, which contains two colors - grey and silver. Tritium-coated Arabic hour markers, the watch is the largest model in Royal Oak Offshore that gave it an excellent readability, especially at night. Besides wearing on wrists, the most fashion way is to wear over sleeves! Arnold Schwarzenegger and T3 Besides the outstanding big size, the crown design of T3 also has its own chracteristic, the special protections designed to protect the crown and push-pieces from shocks, the peculiar structure of Offshore ensured 100m water resistance. Moreover, its super size will not bring it a heavyweight, cause it adopted the extremely light material titanium that possesses high hardness, anti-corrositive and anti-allergic performances. Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph T3 Though it was launched over 30 years and has taken a bit changes in models looks or in their performance design, the Royal Oak still followed the creative conception of initial octagonal porthole and modified the original design, produced a more special type. Hence, Royal Oak is still the most perfect trans-century design watch and one of the most classical watch in those days after 30 years, sustaining attracting fans' eyes. Royal Oak Annual Calendar Royal Oak wrist watch possessed diversified choices after 30 years development : men and women watch, automatic watch, date display watch, calendar watch, perpetual calendar watch, openworked watch, chronograph watch, super complicate watch; adopted materials mainly including platinum, gold, white gold, rose gold, stainless steel and diamente, even adopted tantalum and titanium alloy that are the rare metal in space. Concept Royal Oak was even first adopted alacrite 602. These materials were changed into luxurious materials to suit Royal Oak determination of pursuing perfectness. Royal Oak Offshore Caoutchouc SERTI Royal Oak conquered the world with its unique charm that just like operating surpasses time. In passed 30 years, Royal Oak passed the tests of time and comfirmed its foresight keeps pace with the times companioned by numeral athletes and adventurers who love and respect nature. Also spend time with the phycisits, biologists and philosophers who consecutive exploring the universe. It possesses a self-evident ability, its fans covered men and women athletes, super stars, researchers and collectors all over the world. All of its fans will brust their indescribable gloss by wearing this small timing machine.
  2. Among the high-class watch manufactures in Switzerland, IWC (International Watch Co.) is always extraordinary. Its idiomatic English company name makes it become outstanding among the Swiss brands that named after French. On the other hand, the brand image and spirituality of IWC possess the masculine image of German precise engineering technology. There is a reason for its image, IWC was founded by engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones who came from Boston in Schaffhausen of Switzerland near the German border in 1868. Florentine Ariosto Jones was an engineer and idealist, and he was business-minded. When he sailed across the Atlantic, he had planned to set up a watch factory near the Rhine River that could take advantage of inexhaustible hydraulic energy and highly skilled Swiss watchmakers with low wages, with the US industrial machinery to produce pocket watches with high accuracy to start a watch technology revolution and became the cradle of original and accurate watchmaking. IWC pocket watch was equipped with Jones Caliber that improved the accuracy of timing and constant level of temperature greatly, it became very popular in market in the late 19th century and early 20th century. IWC established Grande Compication pocket watch in 1890, and it not only won the excellent reviews and certificate of quality from International Watch Association, but also became valuable item which collectors competed to purchase, even if the Pope, Bulgaria emperor at that time and later the British prime minister Winston Churchill were customers of IWC. Ingenieur Caliber 852 Ref.666 Circa 1955 The origin of the IWC antimagnetic watch At the beginning of the 20th century, IWC changed its focus of production and management to wristwatches, and it also maintained the tradition of producing professional technical watch. During the World War I, IWC produced large quantities of military watches that were equipped with luminescent dials. During the World War II, IWC established antimagnetic aviation watch B-Uhr that was specially developed for German Luftwaffe. Caliber 52SC which B-Uhr possessed was developed from IWC pocket watch Caliber 52, and in order to accommodate the surroundings where was dark and full of electromagnetic radiation in aircraft cabin, aviation watch B-Uhr was equipped with central second hand that was convenient to read time, and antimagnetic soft iron layer was installed between dial and movement to prevent movement from being interfered by magnetic field. IWC made further development of the watch antimagnetic technology and invented Mark X Pilot's Watch that was supplied for British Royal Air Force, and later developed to Mark XI in 1947/48. The origin of classic: the history of Ingenieur watch After the World War II, the whole world entered the era of prosperity and development of electronic and technological engineering. Machinery manufacturing, aerospace technology and communication achieved breakthrough in development, and human beings were surrounded by electronic devices. The electromagnetism had great impact on the accuracy of mechanical watches, and it caused Swiss watch-making industry to develop antimagnetic watches, even Patek Philippe launched antimagnetic watch in the early 1950s. The trend of postwar had another great impact on Swiss watch-making industry, which was the popularity of self-winding watches. All watch manufacturers devoted to developing self-winding watches, and all kinds of patented design were published so that manufactures continuously established various new watches. The IWC Ingenieur watch that we are introducing at present is exactly classic product of the combination of these two trends of the times. Before introducing the IWC Ingenieur watch that was born in 1954/55 and now is a classic watch in many watch fans' heart, we have to talk something about Ingenieur's creator and a gifted watchmaker of IWC - Albert Pellaton. Ingenieur Cal.852 RG/ 8531/ 8541B Military Style Dial/ 8541B IWC hired Albert Pellaton as technical director in 1944, and he was responsible for developing the brand-new self-winding mechanical movement, because automatic winding movement could get endless energy from the swing of people's wrist, and it became the symbol of advanced technology of watches. Pellaton's mission was to accomplish the introduction of automatic winding mechanical watch for IWC. A number of automatic winding devices had been invented in watch industry at that time, but Albert Pellaton did not plan to adopt the devices and he insisted on following his own idea to start developing from the beginning. As an engineer, Albert Pellaton knew that the cumbersome rotor of movement had its advantages and disadvantages, so Pellaton placed his developing focus on two devices. The first one was to set up spring for rotor to improve the reliability of operation, and this improved ingenious device made Ingenieur become unprecedented hard masterpiece. The second one was the ordinary and efficient winding ratcheted system, it could turn the energy of rotor to the barrel, and it got exclusive patent for IWC, so it was called Pellaton Winding Ratcheted system, and it was also nicknamed woodpecker winding movement. In a word, the Pellaton Winding Ratcheted system invented by Pellaton was an eccentric cam that connected with rotor. Ratchet was not affected by moving direction of rotor, and it rotated with the click of rocking level bit by bit to turn the energy to the main barrel. The engineer's personality of demanding for absolute perfection Albert Pellaton was an absolute perfectionist. It was said that he would package the unsatisfactory watch prototypes and throw them into the Rhine River from the bridge near the watch factory, and then he restarted to produce the watches that achieved his requirement. Therefore, even if he obtained the patent for automatic winding device in 1946, he did not get full satisfaction and continued to improve it. He formally released Caliber 81 until 1950 and he improved it for 85 automatic winding movement in 1951, and then he launched the more sophisticated 852 movement(no date) and 8521 movement(date) in 1952 and 1953 successively, and now the antique watches that are equipped with these movements have become collector's masterpiece. Ingenieur Caliber 8521 8521 movement became an excellent model for contemporary advanced technology in watch industry, and it indicated the confidence and hope which people placed on the progress of science and technology at that moment. It also reflected the social phenomenon that various scientific and technical engineers looked forward to changing the world with great ambitions. In contrast, IWC also deeply realized that: a watch that could symbolize the contemporary spirituality must possess concise appearance and superb, durable high-tech inherent performance. Based on this principle, the watchmakers of IWC decided to apply the technology of classic aviation watch Mark XI(1948) to this new automatic winding movement, which was equipped with antimagnetic inner layer to prevent movement from being interfered by magnetic field, including soft iron case, movement ring and case back. These are the reasons of the birth of legendary Ingenieur watch that could perfectly represent the confidence and hope that people placed on the progress of science and technology at that time. The born of legendary Ingenieur watch The earliest IWC Ingenieur was was born in 1954/55. Although dial was decorated with thunderbolt arrow tat symbolized technology, its case and dial did not adopt the similar military watch style like Mark XI, on the contrary, it adopted the classical and elegant design in the early 50s, such as the silver Pie Pan dial, metal stick or digital hour makers. Although IWC Ingenieur watch possessed the elegant appearance, it was a watch which absolutely stressed its performance and technology. Except its outstanding antimagnetic performance, it had hard movement and excellent waterproofness. It was said that, Edmund Hillary, who was the first one that accomplished the climb of Jungfrau, wore IWC Ingenieur watch for many times in other expeditions. Ingenieur Caliber 85X Ingenieur Caliber 852 Ingenieur watch family Soon after the launch of Ingenieur, the watchmakers of IWC immediately devoted themselves to the work of development and improvement continually. After all, the spirituality which Ingenieur watch represented for was eternal theme of IWC, and it symbolized the ideal that IWC would be promoted forever. From 1954 to 1975, Ingenieur was improved and restyled for several times, such as luminescent hour markers were installed on dial, and it also presented luminous hands, geometric guilloche silver dial and black dial, and except the leather strap, it also had metal bracelet, etc. Basically, Ingenieur was really a large watch of the standard at that time. Its case diameter was 37mm, and it was also thick due to the antimagnetic soft iron and thick crystal. The initial model of Ingenieur was Ref. 666 or 666AD, and it was changed into Ref. 1808 later. More importantly, in addition to the change of its appearance, IWC had also carried out the improvement of its in-house self-winding movement, it changed the Caliber 852(1958) into Caliber 853(1963), and changed it again into Caliber 854(relatively, the movement with date display model were 8521, 8531, 8541 and 8541B respectively). Ingenieur Caliber 853 and 8531 (with date) Ingenieur 8531 The big change of Ingenieur: Ingenieur SL and Gerald Genta In the early 1970s, Audemars Piguet hired Gerald Genta's work team to design top-level sports watch in new age, and the watch was very popular. After that, Patek Phillipe hired Gerald Genta rapidly, and Gerald Genta designed Nautilus sports watch series for it. IWC also hired Gerald Genta to redesigned Ingenieur(actually he also designed Overseas 222 of Vacheron Constantin and Diagono of Bvlgari), and he completed the prototype in 1975, and Ingenieur watch was launched officially in 1976. The brand new Ingenieur SL was equipped with Cal. 8541B movement, hexagonal case and circular bezel that was installed with five small round screws, and its model was Ref. 1832, it also nicknamed Fat Ingenieur(or Ingenieur Jumbo) by collectors. Its appearance was totally different from previous models, and it only remained the feature of powerful antimagnetic performance, but its movement was installed shock absorber. It was pity that there was a new trend in watch industry at that time, so the elegant and thick modeling of watch was not popular anymore. Masses were fond of thin and lovable watches, though Fat Ingenieur SL was designed by famous master Genta, it did not exist for a long time until 1982 and was replaced by Skinny Ingenieur. Skinny Ingenieur's model was Ref. 3505 and its shape was slender(diameter of 34mm). From 1976, Fat Ingenieur SL was only produced about 800, it was equipped with waterproof to 120 meters, sapphire crystal, screwed crown and automatic winding movement, few of wristwatches were equipped with quartz movements. Ingenieur SL Jumbo Ref.1832 Designed by Gerald Genta Ingenieur 50000 A/m with amazing antimagnetism In order to cater to the trend of small wrist watch, IWC had to try to meet market demand. With the purpose of producing small-size Skinny Ingenieur, IWC abandoned its home-made movement and adopted Cal. 3758 that was modified from ETA 2892, even worked out the check pattern dial for the first time. Although Skinny Ingenieur SL's vibration frequency was raised up to 28800 / h, its antimagnetism was declined to 40,000 A/m from 80,000 A/m, and its waterproof also declined to 60 meters. IWC established Ingenieur 50000 A/ m Ingenieur watch in 1989 that was equipped with Caliber 3759 movement. This watch did not install antimagnetic protective case, and the cost of its nonmagnetic components was expensive so it was only produced 3000. Its appearance difference with Ref. 3505 was only the dial with the mark of 500,000 A/m. Ingenieur 500,000 A/m In 1992, Ingenieur was modified again. Its movement was changed to Caliber 887(887/2 later), which was modified from JLC Caliber 889, and it adopted stainless steel case and bracelet, and its model was Ref. 3521. It re-used the name Ingenieur and abandoned SL. Caliber 887 possessed antimagnetism of 80,000 A/m and waterproof to 120 meters, and it was certificated by COSC. In the same year, IWC launched Ingenieur ChronoAlarm quartz watch, it was equipped with Cal. 630 that was modified from Jaeger LeCoultre Mecaquartz Cal. 633 movement, and its antimagnetism was only 4,800 A/m. However, the design of Cal. 630 was the most ingenious and complicated in Switzerland, so it was expensive, and it was no longer produced in 1997 for market factors. Ingenieur which was equipped with mechanical movement was continuously produced until around 1999, and it was no longer in production in the same year. Finally, it was replaced by GST series which was established in 1997 totally. Mark XI-style Ingenieur Ref.866 Bundeswehr Brand-new Ingenieur watch reappears in watch industry Ingenieur watch, which was launched in 1954/55, was known as the representative product of IWC from the beginning. The twinkling「Ingenieur」 on the dial and the lightning pattern not only symbolized electricity, but also was the symbol of modern times. For fifty years, this watch always represented for stoutness and striving for excellence, and it was a classic watch which many watch fans are in pursuit. After the modification of Mark Pilot's Watch, the launch of new Aquatimer watches. Lots of watch fans speculated that it should be a reasonable approach to relaunch powerful Ingenieur. Especially IWC announced its strategic cooperative relations with Mercedes - AMG last year, and declared it would launch new series of watches cooperatively, and many people guessed that it was the best moment to relaunch Ingenieur series, and finally IWC launched the newly designed Ingenieur watch. The new Ingenieur was charming, sporty, firm and durable, and it absolutely represented beauty in the simplicity as well as cements IWC's strategic cooperative relations with Mercedes - AMG. It was equipped with needed performance for land-based activities, no matter daily sports wearing or under extreme harsh condition, it could show extraordinary excellence and write a new chapter for the endless development and manufacturing legend of IWC. The new Ingenieur watch recreated elegance of Ingenieur SL IWC did not deny the intimate relationship between new Ingenieur watch and Ingenieur SL that was designed by Gerald Genta in 1976, but it was more suitable to consider it as the new generation of Ingenieur rather than the duplicate of Ingenieur SL. The design of Ingenieur SL was elegant and unique, and it was a pity that it did not draw due attention for its popular small-size and thin modeling in the 80s. Nowadays, the popular trend has changed, the diameter of Ingenieur's case was 42.5mm, and it was really a sports watch that accords with contemporary style. It revealed the powerful image of male and became the symbol of pioneer and explorer, furthermore, it also was the most favorite of watch connoisseur for rare masterworks. The characteristics of Ingenieur SL is rounded five-hole bezel and metal bracelet that was all-in-one-shaped with case. The new Ingenieur that was launched in 2005 still adopted this excellent design without any hesitation and remained part of its outstanding characteristics as well as improvement. New Ingenieur still insisted its basic philosophy, that was rich connotation that exceeded concise appearance. Although the precious value of watch was not immediately revealed, the wearer could feel its reliability deeply. Therefore, Ingenieur was equipped with firm case, screw-in crown and sealed gasket with excellent effect to ensure the effect of waterproof, dustproof and sweatproof. It was not only suitable for daily wear, and it could also be used under harsh conditions. Ingenieur Automatic 80110 movement The new Ingenieur was equipped with 80110 movement that was the strongest product of IWC in history. Its shock absorber was modified by scientific instrument entirely, so everyone could wear an Ingenieur watch to play a round of golf easily. Kilian Eisenegger, who was the responsible for the product development of IWC, has proudly said: "We can produce engine with more than three hundred - horsepower, because our factories have strong strength!" Three hundred horsepower? Actually he used the motivity of cars to describe the production of watch. The engine that Eisenegger referred to was the new 80110 automatic winding movement whose diameter was 30.4mm and 7.2mm thick. This unique movement was studied carefully and adjusted by precise technology that cost researchers a lot of effort and time. Ingenieur was equipped with this unique movement and it also was perfect symbol of creative spirit and technical guidance of Schaffhaussen in five decades. The Ingenieur watch stood for high quality, meticulosity of its overall manufacture made it fit for modern people to wear frequently, and it also could be used in extremely harsh conditions. Caliber 80110 As for the movement, there are many features. Except for rounded fork, nickel-plated movement base and plates, it also had functions of hours, minutes, seconds and date, furthermore, the vibration frequency of balance wheel is 28,800 per hour(frequency of 4 hz), and it is 28 jeweled and power reserve is up to 44 hours. Ingenieur possessed IWC's unique technology: 80110 movement is equipped with excellent Pellaton Winding Ratcheted System. It inherited the tradition of Ingenieur of half a century, and it become a masterpiece that possessed the most ideal operational performance, the strongest protective device, the most steady technical structure and the easiest operation among the similar products. Ingenieur Chronograph IWC exclusive technology: shock absorber of 80110 movement Under the leadership of Eisenegger, IWC utilized the the most advanced technology to improve the winding device, and they especially improved the overall reliability and the shockproof effect, and it was different from previous movement that was equipped with the same winding device. Pellaton Winding Ratcheted System that was invented by Albert Pellaton in the late 1940s still works so far, though it was equipped with relatively heavy rotor. The re-improved movement was equipped with inbuilt shockproof device, which could resist all kinds of extraneous vibrations. Eisenegger pointed out that it was fully complying with the principles of physics to design shockproof device as brachiocyllosis according to the tests results. Meanwhile, rotor was installed inbuilt spring that was bound specially to resist extraneous vibrations under the vertical impact. Structure drawing of Antimagnetic Ingenieur Caliber 80110 80110 movement received a series of unprecedented rigorous tests at the test center of factory. In order to enhance every series of movement's durability, IWC tested hundreds of basic movements in the way of striking, it also exposed them to extremely cold or hot environment. In the process of striking, IWC factory struck movements for sixty thousand times continuously with the power that five hundred times the weight of the movement, and then disassembled and researched them carefully. The newly improved movement is integrated the results of all tests. Thus Eisenegger emphasized again that everyone can wear an Ingenieur watch to play a round of golf easily. Ingenieur Engineering Increasingly importance of antimagnetism 80110 movement has another characteristic: after being tested, its antimagnetism is 80,000 ampere per meter that greatly exceeds 4,800 ampere of Swiss antimagnetic watch' standard. Movement inside is equipped with soft iron case that could form a complete conduction magnetic field to avoid generating the poles. The production of antimagnetic inner layer is the same as the earliest Ingenieur. For today's wearers, this device is helpful, because we are surrounded by more and more artificial magnetic fields, and artificial magnetic fields focus on the various kinds of speakers, electric wires, and machines. These artificial magnetic fields just like invisible virus and interfere with the stable operation of movement. Ingenieur Automatic AMG Legendary combination of IWC / Ingenieur / AMG The thoroughly improved Ingenieur not only reflects the attitude of pursuing progress persistently for half a century, it also returns to watch industry with an irresistible momentum and leads us into another age: a new age of rediscovery of traditional value and combination of advanced technology. It not only shows the inner spirit of Ingenieur, and then consolidates the partnership between the IWC and AMG. IWC and AMG, one specializes in producing watches, the other specializes in producing cars, but they have the same goals, values and the strict requirements of products, and they both consider themselves as enthusiastic and dedicated engineers. After having known each other, they decided to cooperate with each other. They have teamed up to invent the brand new Ingenieur watch, and IWC particularly launched distinctive AMG version of Ingenieur automatic and chronograph watch, both of them were made of titanium that was very different from pure steel material of general watches. In order to reflect the characteristics of sports car, Ingenieur AMG watch is specially equipped with warm-blooded red hand, and the chronograph watch is equipped with start/stop and reset chronograph buttons that were formed integrally with case. Ingenieur AMG Chrono and Automatic You can face the challenge without any worries with the companion of it. If IWC Pilot's Watch becomes the king in the air, Aquatimer likes a duck to water, and then Ingenieur is undoubtedly a top-level sports watch that towers over its competitors on the continent. Whatever it is extrusion, pulling, crash, vibration, shaking, urgent acceleration, emergency brake, temperature difference from cold to hot, or increasing magnetic field effect of mechanical device, none of them can effect the excellent operation of this watch.
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