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Found 1 result

  1. The innovative craft of Schaffhausen is full of praise by the watch lovers in the professional watch making area. IWC was famous for the leading technology for a long time. IWC is the first factory to adopt titanium and ceramic,besides; it is enjoying the longest history in the making experience of high-tech material. The modern watch lovers focus on the in-house movement instead of the watch craft or material. The 100% in-house movement just exists in theory under the global economic environment. The lever escapement remains the same relatively, and it is normal to adopt the different suppliers for screw, spring and gear. IWC launched the TOP GUN ceramic pilot's collection in 2008. The case is made by high-tech ceramic and the operating device and case back was made by grey titanium. The black dial possesses luminescent coating. The soft iron inner case took on the heavy responsibility of antimagnetic, using zirconium oxide powder and a curing agent to fire, possessing the characteristics of antimagnetic, acid proofing.The whole case is made of ceramic except the case back. Making the ceramic case roasted in the high temperature of 1500-2000 degree through the complicated cooling process to make the material reaching extra-hard (Vickers hardness>8), possessing the characteristics of antimagnetic, acid proofing. This used the zirconium oxide powder and a curing agent in high temperature burn of 2000 degree and incised by diamond cutter, possessing the features of antimagnetic,acid proofing, anti collision. It cannot cause skin irritation like the titanium. The zirconium oxide did not exist before 1983; this is a special material hardness of high-tech. It is impossible to break and scratch. The attribute approaches to porcelain in the hardness and other aspects. Chemical formula:ZrO2, melting point: 2677 degree Centigrade,density: 5680 kg m -3,white colored solid. In 1986, IWC adopted the new type ceramic material- zirconium dioxide to make case. This was a technical feat at that time and reflected the combination of science, art and craft. IWC just tried to the white and black case of zirconium oxide in Vinci collection, there did not put into production. Then, from 1994 to 1999, IWC produced automatic pilot chronograph (IW3705) black zirconium oxide case, which cost is more expensive 50% than the common stainless steel case. Certainly, compared to the present Top Gun ceramic case,the previous technology was part of "black stainless case". Owing to the limited technical strength, negative cost and market response,IWC have not actively promoted. In 2006, IWC released 1000 limited ceramic split-second pilot belonging to the mature product of modern significance after 7 years. This watch combined with titanium comparing with the previous product. Nowadays,the case of TOP GUN utilize the new production technology CIM-Ceramic Injection Molding, is different from IW3705 and IW3786 in combination of zirconium dioxide powder and adhesives. This is more efficient and precise to mold them. The application of high-tech zirconium dioxide ceramic not only increase the design appeal, this is abrasion proof and scratch resistant material, and adapt to the watch which frequently have the opportunities to crash, shake or scratch. This watch case can bear the kind of impact.
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