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Found 1 result

  1. Movie: Daylight Year: 1996 Character: Kit Latura Actor: Sylvester Stallone Watch: Pre-V Luminor Slytech Daylight 5218-207/A Model: Luminor Marina Case: 44 Meterial: Steel Movement: Unitas 6497 Year: 1996 Quantity: 200 Movie: Eraser Year: 1996 Character: U.S. Marshal John “The Eraser” Kruger Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: (Panerai) Pre Vendom 5218-203a Luminor Marina PVD 44 mm Now Reference: 5218-203/A Model: Luminor Marina Case: Pre-V 44 Meterial: PVD Dial: Black Movement: UT-6497 Year: 1994 Quantity: 200 Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary Year: 2001 Character: Daniel Cleave Actor: Hugh Grant Watch: Panerai Movie: Transporter Year: 2002 Character: Frank Martin Actor: Jason Statham Watch: Panerai PAM074 Movie: Two Weeks Notice Year: 2002 Character: George Wade Actor: Hugh Grant Watch: Panerai Luminor Movie: Rundown Year: 2003 Character: Beck Actor: Dwayne Johnson Watch: Panerai PAM 091 Movie: Hollywood Homicide Year: 2003 Character: Det. K.C. Calden Actor: Josh Hartnett Watch: Panerai Luminor Marina Movie: S.W.A.T. Year: 2003 Character: Sgt. Dan ‘Hondo’ Harrelson Actor: Samuel L. Jackson Watch: Panerai PAM00111 Movie: After the Sunset Year: 2004 Character: Max Burdett Actor: Pierce Brosnan Watch: Panerai PAM 091 Movie: Entourage Year: 2004 Character: Turtle Actor: Jerry Ferrara Watch: Panerai PAM 072 Movie: Elizabethtown Year: 2005 Character: Drew Baylo Actor: Orlando Bloom Watch: Panerai 1950 PAM 127 Movie: Gospel Year: 2005 Character: David Taylo Actor: Boris Kodjoe Watch: Panerai Movie: Grey's Anatomy Year: 2005 Character: Dr. Preston Burke Actor: Isaiah Washington Watch: Panerai PAM 196 Character: Dr. Owen Hunt Actor: Kevin McKidd Watch: Panerai PAM196 Chronograph Movie: The Man Year: 2005 Character: Joey Kane Actor: Luke Goss Watch: Panerai Movie: Transporter 2 Year: 2005 Character: Frank Martin Actor: Jason Statham Watch: Panerai 250 Movie: Inside Man Year: 2006 Character: Dalton Russell Actor: Clive Owen Watch: Panerai PAM 177 Movie: Botched Year: 2007 Character: Mr. Groznyi Actor: Sean Pertwee Watch: Panerai Movie: Burn Notice Year: 2007 Character: Sam Axe Actor: Bruce Campbell Watch: Panerai Ferrari Chronograph Character: Tom Card Actor: John C. McGinley Watch: Panerai Submersible Movie: Gossip Girl Year: 2007 Character: Bart Bass Actor: Robert John Burke Watch: Panerai Luminor Movie: Knocked Up Year: 2007 Character: Ben's Dad Actor: Harold Ramis Watch: Panerai Movie: Moonlight Year: 2007-2008 Character: Mick St. John Actor: Alex O'Loughlin Watch: Panerai Movie: Wild Hogs Year: 2007 Character: Doug Madsen Actor: Tim Allen Watch: Panerai Movie: Brothers Bloom Year: 2008 Character: Bloom Actor: Adrien Brody Watch: Panerai Movie: Food Detectives Year: 2008-2009 Actor: Ted Allen Watch: Panerai PAM 162 Chronograph on rubber Movie: In Treatment Year: 2008-2011 Character: Alex Prince Actor: Blair Underwood Watch: Panerai Luminor Movie: Rambo Year: 2008 Character: Rambo Actor: Sylvester Stallone Watch: Panerai Marina Base PVD Movie: Rambo Movie Premiere Year: 2008 Actor: Sylvester Stallone Watch: Panerai Chronograph Movie: Sons of Anarchy Year: 2008 Character: Alex Prince Actor: Jimmy Smits Watch: Panerai Luminor Movie: Transporter 3 Year: 2008 Character: Frank Martin Actor: Jason Statham Watch: Panerai Movie: Tropic Thunder Year: 2008 Character: Les Grossman Actor: Tom Cruise Watch: Panerai PAM 63 GMT Movie: Dead Man Running Year: 2009 Character: Nick Actor: Tamer Hassan Watch: Panerai Luminor Base PAM 00112 Movie: Good Wife Year: 2009 Character: Will Gardner Actor: Josh Charles Watch: Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic PAM104 Movie: Justin Lee Collins: West End Star Year: 2009 Actor: Justin Lee Collins Watch: Panerai Luminor Base PAM00114 Movie: New Daughter Year: 2009 Character: John James Actor: Kevin Costner Watch: Panerai Movie: Pawn Stars Year: 2009 Character: “Chumlee” as himself Actor: Austin “Chumlee” Russell Watch: Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight Album: Morrissey – Swords album cover Year: 2009 Musician: Morrissey Watch: Panerai PAM 170 Movie: Expendables Year: 2010 Character: Barney Ross Actor: Sylvester Stalone Watch: Panerai Luminor Regatta Rattrapante PAM332 Movie: Faster Year: 2010 Character: Killer Actor: Oliver Jackson-Cohen Watch: Panerai Movie: Ghost Writer Year: 2010 Character: Adam Lang Actor: Pierce Brosnan Watch: Panerai PAM00091 Movie: Love & Other Drugs Year: 2010 Character: Bruce Winston Actor: Oliver Platt Watch: Panerai Movie: Tooth Fairy Year: 2010 Character: Derek Thompson / Tooth Fairy Actor: Dwayne Johnson Watch: Panerai Movie: Fast Fives Year: 2011 Character: Hobbs Actor: Dwayne Johnson Watch: Panerai Movie: Mechanic Year: 2011 Character: Arthur Bishop Actor: Jason Statham Watch: Panerai PAM204 Movie: Ringer Year: 2011 Character: Andrew Martin Actor: Loan Gruffudd Watch: Panerai Movie: Superbike GP Year: 2011 Presenter: James Haydon Watch: Panerai Movie: Expendables 2 Year: 2012 Character: Barney Ross Actor: Sylvester Stallone Watch: Panerai PAM 00382 Movie: Ego Year: 2013 Character: Sebastian Actor: Martin Wallström Watch: Panerai PAM104 Movie: G.I.Joe: Retaliation Year: 2013 Character: Roadblock Actor: Dwayne Johnson Watch: Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight Movie: Expendables 3 Year: 2014 Character: Barney Ross Actor: Sylvester Stallone Watch: Panerai Character: Lee Christmas Actor: Jason Statham Watch: Panerai Character: Gunner Jensen Actor: Dolph Lundgren Watch: Panerai
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