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Found 2 results

  1. This jewellery and watchmaking craft masterpiece show great workshop craftsmanship, reproduction from the family in the 1960s watch appearance design.Rendez-Vous secret date series mysterious watch inlaid blue jewel, highlight the large workshop craft master The spirit of innovation using the occasions. Table cover slightly arched, inlaid with vibrant, rectangular and horse-formed cut diamonds, with four different colors from the vibrant cut azure, outline the exquisite flowers, to exhibit its timeless elegance beauty. Rendez-VOUS Secret dating series mysterious watch inlaid 304 gemstones, gifted jewellery mosaic master having a smart craft to create every gemstone to build up Guanghua. The entire design process helps make the craftsman's thoughtful and skilled craftsmanship. The coverage is sort of a secret that you would like to state continues to be off, slightly open, let a glimpse of times around the dial. Exquisite mother of gem dial above, with Rendez-Vous dating watch series legendary figures, after carving and hands-colored blue ivy leaves moving blossom. A row of pure and vibrant azure, for that dial to include elegant and splendid atmosphere.
  2. target of dress watch - completed, next goal is a sport watch :lol:
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