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Found 1 result

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci was a great master of science, art in western renaissance; but few people knew that he also played an important role in the developing history of watch, and the Da Vinci perpetual calendar which was lunched by IWC could remind people of this point. IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month is a new generation of perpetual calendar which is equipped with the brand new and completely home-made movement and additional module; previous generation of perpetual calendar took VALJOUX 7750 for basic movement; and the new generation of perpetual calendar took Cal.89360 co-axial chronograph movement for basic movement, thus it have dial design which is very different from other chronograph perpetual calendar, including distinctive large date and month display window. Because the basic movement is a considerable thick chronograph movement, so it must be paid great attention to the thickness during the production of its module to make the watch avoid becoming bloated and huge, and this is also the available quality of the so-called extra-thin perpetual calendar. There is a leap year display window on the small second subdial at 6 o’clock. The precise moon phase which was invented by IWC had been canceled: it was first applied to Da Vinci watches, and new watches were short of the moon phase error for one day in every 122 years. Interestingly, IWC was the pioneer that leaded other watch manufactures to develop the moon phase competitively. Since Da Vinci come into the market, IWC improved the error of moon phase for one day in every 576 years, and then there were more watch manufactures launched high-precision moon phase watch. It does not have the design of week direction like many traditional perpetual calendar, and the structure of this direction is not associated with perpetual calendar, because it is only constant circulation for 7 days with less production difficulties. Compared with vast majority of perpetual calendar, its dial is relative orderly and simplified for knowing time easily; it is an absolute advantage in comparison with the chronograph perpetual calendar, and at present the chronograph perpetual calendar in the market can not avoid the problem of complicated dial which can not be known time easily. Because its date and month adopt the design of big windows, it takes up the great area of perpetual calendar layer of movement; furthermore, it expends great energy during working for its instantaneous jumping structure. The solution of IWC is equipping extra power reserve device, and its structure is similar to backward motion indication. During the change of date every day, a part of energy is reserved by spring by the snailed gear, and the snailed gear will get back to the original point and drive the month aperture to move forward. It follows the pre-programmed controlling perpetual calendar structure of former generation watch model, and its complexity was degraded, but its convenience of operating is still excellent. It can regulate all the calendar performance with one crown. As for the challenge of using and the risk of damage, it is far less than other perpetual calendars, but as for the mechanism’s completeness and creativity, there is no other watches can replace it so far. Its chronograph and structure are top-ranking, and the movement model is Cal.89800. The chronograph structure adopt column wheel device and Rock Pinion, and it is more reliable and easily repaired in comparison with the large arm swing pinion which is applied to the traditional chronograph. Because this watch take Cal.89360 for basic movement, the basic characteristics are almost identical, including power reserve to 68 hours, screw balance, fly back design and co-axial chronograph, etc. The modified bi-directional woodpecker of exclusive automatic winding mechanism is characteristic of this watch absolutely: it was modified from Pellaton winding mechanism, it not only converted the autodial motion into unidirectional winding fork motion, and it also changed into push-pull simultaneously bi-directional motion, and this can be more efficient in winding. However, every coin has two sides. The autodial can not rotate quickly and lightly without loading because any slight actions of autodial will change into the kinetic energy for winding. It is well-known that the name of Da Vinci watch is from Leonardo Da Vinci who was an excellent master in Italian renaissance, but few people know the story of its name. The designer of Da Vinci perpetual calendar was Hano Burtscher, and it is said that he read the description written by Leonardo Da Vinci about the perpetual calendar in an old book, so he drew the draft of perpetual calendar’s movement and then had a discussion with watchmaker Kurt Klaus, and they created world-famous Da Vinci perpetual calendar jointly. The significance of the invention of Da Vinci perpetual calendar can not be forgotten forever because it was gems of wisdom from many geniuses, and new Da Vinci perpetual calendar is particularly difficult to replace this famous previous generation watch. However, in a sense, it is really a new generation of perpetual calendar. It is equipped with the high degree of humanism using interface, and the single crown can regulate all performance to minimize the risk of improper operation. The new large-scale dual windows date-month is the strength of this watch. This watch possesses the concise appearance and extremely complicated structure. It represents the goal that science and technology service for human beings, and its meticulosity in design makes people feel satisfied. People can know the right important information immediately when look at the digital display windows. Unlike the traditional perpetual calendar, it must take people some time to make sure every calendar indication. Of course, the significance of perpetual calendar is not only for knowing the information of calendar quickly, but it can not be the excuse of “no progress”, every watch manufacture which makes effort to it should be worthy of encouraging. The cancel of four code calender and the phase of the moon may degrade its performance and ornamental, but it is the essential cost of development. The co-axial chronograph indication of chronograph should not be ignored, and it is believed that it is the right direction of chronograph. There are lots of watch manufactures begin to change the traditional chronograph module into the mode of co-axial chronograph. After all, it is more in line with the habit of reading time; and IWC is the first manufacture to design this overall reform. Technical data: Diameter of 44x52.8mm Tonneau 18K Rose Gold case Hours, minutes, perpetual small seconds, chronograph, date, month and leap year display. Cal.89800 self-winding movement, power reserve to 68 hours Sapphire crystal and case back Waterproof to more than 30 meters Limited quantity of 500
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