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Found 2 results

  1. 1892 The first minute repeater wristwatch was produced. 1899 A "Grande Complication" pocket-watch published by the AUDEMARS PIGUET. It is equipped with an alarm striking on independent gongs, perpetual calendar and chronograph with jumping seconds and split-seconds hand. 1915 AUDEMARS PIGUET set a world record that remains unmatched to present, by creating the smallest five-minute repeater calibre, with a diameter of just 15.8mm. 1921 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the first jumping-hour wristwatch. 1925 World's thinnest pocket-watch calibre, only 1.32 mm. 1934 First skeletonised pocket watch appeared. 1946 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the world's smallest manual movement for a wristwatch. 1957 Introduction of the first AUDEMARS PIGUET wristwatch equipped with a perpetual calendar. 1967 World's first thinnest self winding calibre with central rotor(2.45mm). 1972 AUDEMARS PIGUET launched the Royal Oak, the first high-end steel sports watch. 1978 First self winding ultra-thin perpetual calendar wristwatch with central rotor. 1986 AUDEMARS PIGUET made First ultra-thin(5.5 mm thick including the case) self-winding tourbillion wristwatch. 1989 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the Dual Time and smallest self winding perpetual calendar watch. 1993 AUDEMARS PIGUET launched the Royal Oak Offshore. 1994 First wristwatch with Grande and Petite SONNERIE, quarter repeater striking on two gongs made by AUDEMARS PIGUET. 1995 The Manufacture added a split-seconds chronograph to its Triple Complication, thus giving rise to the first "Grande Complication" self winding wristwatch. 1996 First self winding Grande complication watch produced in AUDEMARS PIGUET. 1997 First Grande SONNERIE chiming model, minute repeater with three gongs and three hammers created. 2000 Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the company founding, it is characterized by a new qualitative indication: that of the torque supplied by the mainspring. First model with Equation of Time, sunrise and sunset times and perpetual calendar published. 2004 Launch of the fourth piece in the Tradition d'Excellence Collection. Limited to 20 pieces, this Royal Oak manual tourbillion chronograph has a double ten-day power-reserve indication and a 30-minute counter. The watch is equipped with the 2893 calibre. The case back and the bracelet are made of platinum 950. 2005 AUDEMARS PIGUET presents the Edward PIGUET Moss Agate Tourbillon. This tourbillon is the world's first watch to be equipped with a plate in moss agate, a natural semi-translucent mineral graced with a fine mottled pattern reminiscent of plant-life motifs. 2006 AUDEMARS PIGUET created direct-impulse escapement. 2008 AUDEMARS PIGUET made the First watch featuring a carbon case and movement. 2009 AUDEMARS PIGUET issued High-frequency chronometer with AP escapement and double balance-spring.
  2. A series of complicated oval continually came out including Tradition d'Excellence No. 5, the MC12, Carbon One and so on. Millenary minute repeater watch equipped with a pink gold watchcase like the famous watch models at early time, integrated complicated craftsmanship, innovative materials and professional watchmaking technology, certainly, the indispensable function of minute repeater. As the great inventions successively developed among watch industry, minute repeater arose as time demands. This device worked out a simple but already existed problem before we enjoyed the convenience of electricity. That is we can know time in darkness. Since set up in 1875, Audemars Piguet has always focused on the development of minute repeater which also became an important tradition of this brand. By invented the first minute repeater wristwatch in 1982, it achieved masterpiece of micro technique. Time has changed and the minute repeater functions were neglected by the world. Until late 80s, Audemars Piguet reawaked world's attention by firstly reappear the extraordinary technique of minute repeater. The latest work This long tradition is visible in the new Millenary minute repeater pink gold watch, this extraordinary watch employed with a manual winding movement, oval watchcase and three-dimensional structure design. The complicated movement combines particular escapement of Audemars Piguet, double balance spring, minute repeater structure and gong.The winding system of minute repeater is particular designed for this watch, sliding spring located at 9 o'clock as usual while barrel lies in 2 o’clock. The whole design is a feast for eyes also is a visual and aural delight. Its distinctively-shaped case and enamel dial make people can't help carefully looking at the striking mechanism of AP escapement. Inspired by the work of French, 18th century clock maker Robert Robin, Audemars Piguet's invention combines the high efficiency of a direct impulse escapement with the reliability of a traditional, Swiss lever escapement is in eliminating the need to lubricate the pallet. Otherwise, the escapement is made of opposite-facing double spring system instead of the unique single balance spring. This flat, opposite-facing double spring system ensures automatic compensation for potential poising flaws which can solve the common terminal curve.In a word, the rank of double spring system and the direct drive of balance can reduce disturbance from control apparatus to improve efficiency and accuracy in watch. Dynamic three-dimensional architecture Such an exceptional mechanism deserves to be seen by people. The oval-shaped Millenary case is made from brushed pink gold and polished pink gold bezel, along with the skeleton dial structure mutually display a series of manual chamfering, interior polish and the grey galvanic treatment in whole. Note, the beautifully "blued" gong of the minute repeater is visible from the top as its elegant curve around the circumference of the case is the symbol to AP complicated function.
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