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Found 1 result

  1. Moon phase is the complicated function of mechanical watch in entry level. It can appear the phases of the moon by the gear turning. At first, this was the tool to tide and solar terms. Up to now, its decorative function is more than the practical function. This had to mention a great man Kurt Klaus who have worked for 50 years in IWC. His was a disciple of Albert PELLATON (invented the famous IWC PELLATON winding structure) and succeeded Pellaton becoming the technical director of IWC. In 1974, the employees of IWC decreased to 145, they only work four days a week. None of the drawing engineer left with the decrease of employees. Although his responsibility was to make the watch model, he must be self-reliance at that time. First is made the pocket watch with perpetual calendar device. The pocket watch was popular at that time; this was the only choice to mechanical movement to rally because the pocket watch was rare to use the quartz movement. Klaus used the whole perpetual calendar system to indicate day, week, month, year and moon phase. All of the spare time spends with it. Klaus work for himself without extra pay. Afterwards, he explains the idea to the management which agrees with it and can assist the manufacturers to produce the mechanical watch. Klaus started to come true this idea and manufactured the parts by himself. Finally, the first pocket watch Ref.5250 (9721 model movement) with moon phase display was launched in 1977. Everyone was excited about this success and saw the hope through making the extraordinary watch to save the mechanical watch. So the management assigned a mission: continue to manufacture pocket watch, and then IWC starts a full-time job again. Fortunately, IWC was acquired by a German instrument manufacturer VDO Adolf SCHINDLINGAG, which produced automobile and watch parts. IWC cannot sell profitably at that time; the acquisition brought investment and injected the fresh blood. In 1970s, the pocket market started to fade. Every one chose wrist watch instead of pocket watch. The CEO of IWC decided to research and development wrist watch. It was generally acknowledged that the "compass"moon phase watch was the first moon phase launching in 1978 during the cooperative period with Porsche. Actually, this appeared in 1984. IWC made full use of sophisticated technology to launch "the first"moon phase Portofino Ref.5251, which is the reprint of pocket watch technology. Klaus and another designer HANO BURTSCHER had a dinner in a restaurant at a time, they discuss to design a new moon phase watch. This is a long night, they wrote the sketch design in the napkin without paper and pen. In 1982, IWC tried to launch the first moon phase chronograph watch Ref .3710(795movement)in its true sense. This was a magnificent feat to finish it without any help of CAD software relying on mathematic, modeling technique and insisting the idea "the simplest is always the best". There existed a problem to perpetual calendar over the years: the regulation of days, weeks, months, years and moon phase was out of sync. It means that watch runs synchronous in normal circumstances. The wearer should adjust the date as the mainspring stop and check the calendar to adjust moon phase information if the watch equips with moon phase. The above process has become the standard of tradition watch. This is the reason why most of traditional perpetual calendar watch equips with watch rotor. This situation has continued to 1885. In this year, the talented technical director Kurt Klaus of IWC illuminated the corner of perpetual calendar structure by the Synchronous adjustment technique. He brought the moon phase perpetual calendar watch with the most advanced and cheapest all over the world, and the position of IWC perpetual calendar has promoted to high status.
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