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Found 1 result

  1. The limited Panerai navigational instruments: a wall clock, a barometer, a thermometer, and a hygrometer, sold in the Panerai shops, are inspired by the Bermuda yacht, Eilean, bulit in 1936, which is the representative of Panerai in sailing. Coincidentally, the Eilean was launched in 1936, the same year as the appearance of the first prototype of the Radiomir,the watch created by Panerai for the specialist divers of the Royal Italian Navy. Eilean is a late work from William Fife, one of the most legendary yacht builders in the history of sailing and a number of senior classic yachts designed by him is still sailing today. After acquiring the Eilean, Panerai did a long time of restoration which would make the yacht’s rebirth for Eilean and that made Eilean can sail every year in the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge, the world’s most important classical sailing tournament event. Eilean is known for its graceful waterline radian, not only its pure and aesthetic design is superb but also symbolizes the infinite enthusiasm to ocean. The repaired Eilean returned to the ocean, equipped with a number of nautical instruments which is specially designed by Panerai. The brand new wall clock, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and all the old equipment in Eilean are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, which is a low-carbon alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. This four equipments are 14cm in length and width, adopting black dial, rising the readability to maximum, and respectively showing the barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature and time. These four equipments are indispensable for a sailor at once. For the navigators that are addicted to the old nautical time they are also priceless treasures, even most modern navigational instruments have been replaced by electronic instruments. Barometer Baromenter is invented by Evangelista Torricelli, an Itanlian physicist, in 1643 for the purpose of providing accurate pressure data to predict the weather. High atmospheric pressure means the fine weather and the low pressure is the warning of bad weather. Panerai put the barometer in a metal box named pressure capsule. When the pressure capsule is pressed by different pressure, it will expand and contract along with the different atmospheric pressure and transfer the changes to the index. Hygrometer The function of hygrometer is to display the humidity in the air. It helped navigators to assess the rain and fog conditions over the past two centuries. But the original function of hygrometer is dramatically different with today’s. The first hygrometer, appeared in 14c, was used to eliminating the arguments between the wool merchants and buyers, because the selling price is settled by its weight while the humidity will affect it and it will becoming heavy when its wet and becoming lighter when its dry. Thermometer Thermometer is an instrument to measure temperature. The first person that makes the thermometer having actual numerical reading is a Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius. In 1742, he invented the mercury thermometer to measure temperature. The temperature between the water from freezing point to the boiling point is divided into one hundred and the calculation method of temperature become the Celsius scale later. Panerai thermometer measures temperature with two metals of different thermal expansion coefficients: spiral-shaped metal sheet will bent with the changing of temperature and the thermometer which is connected to one end of the metal sheet will show the changing of the temperature with the angle of the rotation of the hand. Wall clock Time was a very important data to the navigators in the past because time can help to calculate longitude and master the position and waterways of the ship. Navigators need accurate timepieces when they were going to sail, and this need led to the birth of the marine chronometer. Marine chronometer is a precision instrument which can still function in harsh environments. The new Panerai Wall Clock born in this generation which the wall clock has retired, but its still a fine utility and its unique clock face echoes the classical design of Panerai watch.
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