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Found 1 result

  1. I always want to write something for freshmen, but I don't know what to do and can't focus on the point. Introduce the popular model to you? (It is already popular, what can I describe?) Introduce the best model? May be right.....but is it the same thing as introducing the popular model? Any way....write first, we can discuss it!!! The first fundamental question, why do you buy Panerai? A Swiss military watch with Italian design, it doesn't have luxury appearance but it is costly. The price is not too high, the entry-level one is from 30.000 to 50.000, but considering many of them are with Unitas 6497 or ETA 7750 movement and steel section. The price is not cheap, but it is amazing that the production is under control very well, the demand for each model are a little larger than output, it seems always in short supply, the price of second-hand watch is also high. The price increases once or twice every year, and it satisfies the mind that you buy earlier you can enjoy earlier. Panerai has profound culture, its design is simple, but you can know many in every detail and every word. But if you can find its central idea is re-edition or not. Of course there is limited edition, as long as re-edition + limited edition, it is hot selling. Here we can leave alone the SE (the special edition). 44mm Luminor (not 1950 case) is the re-edition of Pre-V, is the initiator of the trend for large watch. The above picture is Pre-V 5218-201/A. To take care of the needs of ordinary people, they add a small second hand as 5218-203/A later. Now Panerai re-edit these models as PAM 000, 005, 111, 112, 176, 176 and other models 000 005 111 112 177 This re-edition shows Italian minimalist design of 1993 before our eyes. Of course many elements of this design are from antiques dated 30-50s, it is no need to talk too much about it here. The success for Luminor is on account of its big size, this design meets the trend of large watch, the protector design is simple, stylish, unique and attractive. Panerai Luminor become another word for introvert and character. Movement changes from the simple Unitas 6497, it is easy to use, durable and accurate, it is hundred percent perfect for me. Which model is best??? Different people different opinion!! 000 is probably the most complete re-edition, 005 balances the needs of re-edition and small seconds, 111 can be most easily accepted, 112 has the balance beauty of quiet, 176/177 is the version with titanium and 111/112 with classic beauty. Is it SE good? of course, but it is expensive and hard to find, is it much better than 000? Actually not, this starter edition already have the best elements of Panerai, if the strap is set very well, it is more beautiful than SE.
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