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Found 12 results

  1. Guest

    Panerai entry-level models

    Speaking of entry-level models, firstly I have to shed my humble lights on it, for me models that most people prefer to spend money on then it is the so called entry-level models, however for the ones hard to get or the price have been hyped straightly up by market tactics, like 292j, 292. Though there is no big difference on specifications, still can’t be regarded as entry models. Certainly, for people with abundant cash to squander, there is no such thing of boundary as the entry models, only if you have cash in hand and willing to spend it on watches, then no problem at all. Average individuals will take the models under $8,000 dollars into the consideration as entry-level models, including 000, 005, 111, 112, 113, 114, 183, 104, 176, 177, 210, 24, 25, 48, 49, 164, 219, 287, 292 without pig and the same as 312 just a little bit of expensive. Most people are fascinated simply by Panerai's appearance in first place, or just the impulsive to buy a sporty sizable watch. But if only for the looks, the budget by no means can set such high like in Panerai price tag, plus it's a brand barely offering discount, so really hard to find out such models. Without truly stepped into the panerai world, most watch fans will raise emotions of both love and hostility to panerai at same time. But once you have made up your mind and set the budget at an appropriate price level, then the watch listed above just like the turtle in a jar, pick whatever you like accordlingly. Actually, there are two main categories of panerai watches we usually talk about, the luminor and radiomir, maybe I will try another way more understandable, watch with or without Crown Bridge. Some like watch without crown bridge then the list is limited, with left only by 183, 210, 287 and 292 For more detailed, automatic watch is only having 287, and ceramic watch is just the 292 Wanna entry-level panerai watch with good masculinity will naturally focus on the luminor series For detailed, two categories can be concluded as well the automatic and manually winding system watches Hand winding ones will leave behind the 000, 005, 111, 112, 113, 114, 176, 177, 219, while 219 is left hand, 176 and 177 are titanium case, 113, 114 have white dial, 000, 005 having logo on dial. The automatic ones: 104, 24, 25, 48, 49, 164, 312, also submersible series with more wild and bold style is among these, like 24, 25, and 312 model is the only one with 1950 case and self-made 3 day power reserve movement So if you pick the watch according to the sum up above, it’s just a piece of cake to make your decision. Some love to buy watches based on functions, this is assuredly no issues, the problem is how important the function matters for you. My opinion somehow is the simpler the better, “3,6,9,12” tends to get my preference than any other additional functions. Balance and simplicity can better get my eyeball focused, whatever the case actually is not a big deal, anything but the 40mm radiomir, 44mm luminor or 1950 case, others are pretty much ideal. According to this standard, we have now the shortlist, 000, 112, 219 and 210. By recalling my story, I have eventually chosen 112 between 176 and 112, no regret so far, but if I have the chance to start over, then the option should be 000. At that time, the sausage dial and see-through case back was spectacular for me and logo was not good looking enough, but now seems my taste have changed a bit after seeing the prev 5218-201A and found it being a trace of age, 000 is an embodiment, price relatively friendly and with original sense. As for 112, a very good model, my first love, even unforgettable so far, with simplest dial along with sausage dial and transparent caseback 176 is the titanium edition of 112, looks more understated and retro, big case yet feels rather light on wrist 219 is the left hand version of 112, with a considerable higher price, looks normal yet the fact is opposite way, being the only one left hand model among all these Panerai watches 210 is the only 45mm pam among all four two-hand models, and much cheaper than other three. The left 47mm pam are the special edition of panerai, they are 21, 232, 249, are the replication of original 3646, the perfect presentation of pam DNA. 114 is also the two-hand model, white dial is special and full of personality All above are two-hand manually winding watches, with an eta 6497 movement in case. Small second hand is quite prevalent for entry-level collectors, easy to figure out why: 1) more accurate in psychology 2) dynamic of the dial 3) much noticeable whether the watch is running or not. For entry-level owners, this kind of watch is safer and more reliable, so the reason of prevalence of small second watch is obvious. 111 can be regarded as the most basic entry-level models, small second sudial, transparent caseback, no date, is exactly the sample of modern panerais. 177 is the titanium edition of 111, very classic 104 is the automatic version with date display of pam111. 164 is the variation of 104, just a different dial 114 is the white dial version Pam48 is the 40mm version of 104, 49 is the white version of 48, 50 however is the steel bracelet version of 48 The radiomir 183 is the radiomir version of 111 287 is the automatic version with date of 183 292 is the ceramic case version of 183 Thus, from the design, the variation is quite small, just the slight transformation of function and production difference So still the saying, if the function and demand have been ascertained, then the model is easy to decide. For me personally as I said above will surely go for the basics, the small second watch, Ill choose 005, 111, 177, no need any other complications. Logo of 005 is quite charming, also 292 is a nice choice, for the pig, it doesn’t matter at all for me, black ceramic case of 292 is truly the point. As for the entry for sub, 24 and 25 are both my preference Later release by 2009 the 312 is also a good start for entry collectors, with convenient functions (automatic, date and 3 days power reserve), sausage dial, transparent caseback and 44mm 1950 case, is quite good looking and a workhorse piece, consensus with the saying “only pieces using self-made movement is called watches” though I don’t agree with that. Maybe 312 is another variation of pam111, the later coming out models like 351, 359 due to using the self-made movement, price is way too high.
  2. 1997 for Panerai is an extremely important year, Richemont will Panerai into its own, and then help Panerai in Italy to set up an authorized distributor network. The next few years, Panerai began in the field of international watches and clocks outrageous, launched the Luminor series, when there are two watches: Luminor and three Luminor Marina. Although the history of the Luminor series is the shortest, but it is the Panerai joined Li Feng Group, began to formally enter the civilian high-level watch market in the field of the first series, when Panerai as a just entered the field of the brand, The market demands nothing to know, it is also holding the attitude of trying to see, and did not before the military version of the shape of the full copy, but do more in line with the public aesthetic of some changes. The first is the size, we know that the original size of the Panerai are 47 mm, to know that the size was absolutely unimaginable at the time, so Panerai at the time in addition to the introduction of a limited edition of 60 mm 421 outside (this The performance is already astronomical), the rest of the table are reduced to 44 mm, even 44 mm, 17 years ago is still a very Guards size. It is from that time onwards, the big table began to rise gradually. Followed by the shape of the case, Luminor case to retain the crown under the premise of the bridge, no longer use the 1950 four corners of the tip of the pillow case, into a four straight straight under the oval case, bezel shape has become More concise, the same is the ear is still integrated with the case shape. Although this is more modern, but I personally think that from the back and side to see the past, are missing some level and texture. Luminor's crown bridge is no longer engraved with the original "Reg.tm" inscriptions and showing a closer look to the square appearance, with the bridge lever lever is also the same as the 1905. Become more straight and small, of course, all this all, are to make Panerai become more modern fashion, better fit the market, and as people understand the Panerai deepening, and now more and more Many people still prefer the retro taste more concentrated Panerai. historic version Luminor Panerai as the most close to the family, while retaining the Panerai many classic elements at the same time, the movement has also been to 6497-based OPX / XI-based movement, although this movement through the Paner Sea all-round modification, but still because it is not self-produced movement and widely criticized. And when the birth of the P.5000 self-produced movement, not only complain less voice, but also the Luminor series of the overall birth of a grade, so I think again that the series of historical versions of the time, Two parts, one is OP watches, one is P.5000 watches. PAM00111 OP watches, the series, whether OP or P watches, all sizes 44 mm, and I personally think that the size of 44 mm can really fit the wider crowd, the current version of the Luminor OP watch a total of 9 wrist Table, which I think the most worth buying is 111, first of all from its name we can see this table domineering, it is the Panerai joined Li Feng Group launched the first watch, it is also Luminor Series of the first watch, it is the first Panerai for the civilian market to make changes to the first table, by virtue of these three first, you can fully understand I put it as the most important reason for the watch The Basic movement: ETA 6497-2 Movement diameter: 36.6 mm Vibration frequency: 21600 hours per hour oscillation Gossamer: Nivarox gossamer Suspension: Incabloc shock Number of stones: 17 Power reserve: 56 hours Appearance error correction Table diameter: 44 mm Case Material: Stainless Steel Dial color: black Shape of the dial: round Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass Strap color: dark brown Strap material: leather belt Clasp type: pin buckle Clasp material: stainless steel Back through: back through Waterproof depth: 300 meters The following figure is the ultimate version of PAM00111, completely counter one by one, notch shock, this table is 316L stainless steel integration forged, exquisite workmanship perfect, advanced sapphire mirror, with exquisite brown calfskin, carrying seagull complex Carved 6497-2 movement, stable and lasting quality. Like Panerai's friends should be aware of its positioning for the sports, leisure areas in the high-end watch. Design style for the masculine, water chestnut clear, rough open large table models, combined with its precision machinery and excellent quality, in recent years won a lot of friends of the table friends.
  3. The new Luminor Due collection marks a milestone in the history of Panerai, renowned for its formidably large professional dive watches.Panerai Luminor Due loyalty to Panerai Luminor watch the original classic aesthetics at the same time, the case thickness than the original slim up to 40%.Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days automatic watch has two kinds of material to choose from, using AISI 316L steel quality and 18ct red gold section. This 45mm model in stainless steel (acciaio) is just 10.7mm thick and maintains the virile attributes of its original ancestor, the Luminor 1950. The iconic bridge device protecting the crown, the sandwich structure of the black dial with the minimalist hour markers and the auxiliary small seconds dial at 9 o’clock are all consolidated traits of the Luminor family,which holds the thinnest automatic P.4000 calibre movement. Water resistant to 30 meters. For Panerai, the practicality is the brand style that it has always insisted on.Panerai crocodile leather strap to follow strict standards, watch with a pure black crocodile leatherstrap, texture natural; accompanied by a steel material polishing needle clasp, lateral marked"PANERAI" words.
  4. The appearance of Panerai is amzing! No matter the strap, the dial or the index gives me a feeling of retro. The texture of strap of Panerai is very light in weight. And the Dial Numerals has a grerat third dimension. The whole watch is Simple and generous exterior. It makes me can’t help to looking at the watch all the time. What do you think guys? Welcome to share your opinion.
  5. The brief origin of Radiomir and Luminor: In 1915, Panerai was supplied "RADIOMIR RONCONI" for military. The "RADIOMIR", a kind of light-emitting material based on Radium, was used for the luminous coating of the instruments and watch dials. Because of its high radioactivity, the Radiomir coating was gradually replaced by self-luminous material "Luminor" during the WWII. In 1916, Panerai registered patent for "Radiomir". In 1936, the first Radiomir prototype watch was published. In 1949, the Radiomir was replaced by Luminor, which was registered patent in January 11, 1949 and the registered trademark is just "LUMINOR". In 1950, Panerai finished the watchcase design of LUMINOR, and that watchcase is used in contemporary LUMINOR 1950. The biggest difference between Radiomir and Luminor is that Radiomir is equipped with conical screw-down winding crown and screw back while the Luminor is complimented by the crown bridge(registered trademark), but they are both using the distinguished cushion shape watchcase which ensured a particularly high degree of water-resitance.
  6. Chriseek

    boxes of PreV

    The boxes of PreV are mainly produced by two factories: the Romagnoli and MVM, four types in total, i will introduce them in chronological order. 1) Type A This is a mahogany box. Please note the circular magnet latch. Inside the box, used light green flannelette to wrap the watch and attached with an oblique band to secure the watch. The early 201/A, 202/A, 203/A and 301/A all use this box but without the external blue carton. Romagnoli provided boxes for Panerai are in small amount and with random order, so earliest PreV watches may not the only ones that use A type wooden box. 2) Type B It is also a Mahogany box with a piece of cream flannelette inside with the "envelope" style, one of the envelop wings has OP embossment and the latch is needle-shaped. This type of wooden box is attached with a blue thin carton, B type boxes are manufactured by MVM. 3) Type C This burl wood box has the same size with A and B, but the corners are made in right angles instead of rounded angles. The wrapping cloth of envelope style is same as B and the needle-shaped latch is light gray. This wooden box attach with a thick blue carton printed with golden "OP" logo on the lower right of front, just like B, this type of box are manufactured by MVM. 4) Type D This is also a burl wood box. The same material and production methods as C, just with a larger size cause D boxes are all used for Panerai Slytech Special Edition, used cream flannelette for wrapping the watch. Two layers this type of boxes have, the beneath layer contains warranty card, top layer with a rubber band used to secure accessories. The blue carton of D is same as C, just with a bigger size, also produced by MVM. B box and original shopping bag comparison between b and c box At last, let's talk about the stickers on the wooden box. This is very important cause genuine preV should 100% have this feature. After all, over twenty years history, lots of stickers on box are already missed, full set of PreV nowadays is very difficult to find. The sticker of the box is shown by the abbreviation of watch series and reference. like, Luminor 5218-201A, the abbreviation is L, plus reference number is : luminor Marina Militare 5218-202A 5218-201A and 5218-202A stickers are rounded corners, late 5218-203A, 5218-310A stickers are right angle plastic stickers Dark green carton
  7. In SIHH of 2011, watch models launched by manufacturers have clearly indicated the watch trends of the year, one of them is simple yet practical. Swiss manufacturer blindly went after complicated watch wave in past few years, but as a matter of fact, value of each watch brand is established on the trust of consumers. Most of beautiful complicated watches that tend to be easily malfunctioned can’t improve their brand image, just being a flash in the pan, I believe members here can quickly remind of some failure cases. At SIHH of 2011, PANERAI P.3000 manual winding movement was debuted, meanwhile, it was used onto a variety of watch models. I believe when first time saw this movement, thoughts among panerai watch fans are just the same as me: PANERAI has finally made up its last achievement in its movement line up. The thought come from the fact that PANERAI launched P.999 manual winding movement at 2010. Due to its light and small size (27.4 in diameter, 3.4mm in thickness), it can’t be put into the watches over 44mm, to the point, will PANERAI continue to adopt ETA 6497-2 as major movement for its small second watch types? But the problem is readily solved after P.3000 manual winding launched. PANERAL employed P.3000 movement to its five new watch styles in 2011, we can see how important this movement is for panerai. While today we’re gonna introduce PAM372 watch which being one of the easiest attainable model among these five watch styles at this time. this LUMINOR 1950 3 Days- 47mm watch,belongs to LUMINOR though, you will find out its case shape looks quite different with ordinary LUMINORs. In fact, in order to improve the waterproof of RADIOMIR, so LUMINOR case was launched in this regard. This kind of watchcase add a chunky crown bridge can protect the crown moreover improves waterproof. Besides, the coherent big and flat lug also replaces the previous wire lugs, since then Luminor watches have gradually evolved into modern solid and tough look. Therefore, the look of PAM372 is the first type of Luminor. Some members may already find out this model integrated symbolic cushion watchcase of RADIOMIR and crown, lug design of LUMINOR. Engraved with watch reference number between lugs, though this design is the first time use in recent years, it still continues to use the ways of original watches. Aside from presenting the former watch case style, PAM372 also abides by original design in other details, adopted Plexiglas? (3mm thick) crystal, before 1970s, the most frequently used material by manufacturers. Cause at the time, sapphire crystal has not been developed, and common glass material is easy to rupture. So use of Plexiglas was a mainstream of the time, high elasticity of this material makes it quite tough and not easy to be broken even though under outside forces, but having a shortcoming of weak scratch-resistance especially after a certain period of usage, certainly you can restore its original glowing feature by polishing and finishing. Otherwise, PANERAL also use this material in 373, 376, and 379, but dial continues to use sandwich design. The hazel luminescent coating sandwiched between two dials functions and looks flawless in darkness. The words of “LUMINOR PANERAI” adopts with early font engraving on dial instead of printing on. Another big feature of this watch is the use of P.3000 manual winding movement. It can be seen through the screw-in transparent sapphire crystal case back. Having an unexpectedly large size, according to the data of manufacturer, the diameter is 16? lignes (about 36mm), 5.3 mm thick, similar with ETA 6497-2 which is 16and 3/4 lignes in diameter, 4.5mm in thickness. But P.3000 movement has two barrels; the power reserve to 72 hours longer than ETA 6497-2 of 56 hours. The original manufacturer endows P.3000movement with more functions. You may know more after actually hands-on it. Pull out the crown one click for hour set and one further click for time adjustment. By a close look up at the movement, we can discover the movement plate continues the previous style:like the three-quarter plate design, a large bridge, next to another smaller one, covers the majority of the mechanical parts and it is fixed to the bottom plate by a series of screws of substantial thickness, thus forming a particularly rigid structure. The balance wheel is unusually large (13.2 mm) and it is the variable inertia type, with four adjusting screws arranged externally round the ring, so that the rate can be regulated without it being necessary to remove the whole assembly. Supported by a bridge with twin supports – a fixing much safer and more stable compared to the cantilevered single bridge – the balance wheel oscillates at a frequency of 3 Hz, equivalent to 21,600 alternations per hour. It is fitted with an Incabloc? anti-shock device and is free-sprung, so there is no regulating lever. watch style technique information: LUMINOR 1950 3 Days – 47mm Model:PAM00372 diameter: 47mm stainless steel watch case time indication P.3000 manual winding movement Plexiglassee-through sapphire crystal caseback. Waterproof 100m Limited production of 3000
  8. PANERAI Radiomir Black Seal 3 Day Automatic We know that Panerai began to develop in-house movements which cover the middle and high price range. Apart from the in-house movement being a great subject of speculation so to attract a certain amount of potential customers, on the other hand, it’s intending to replace the currently watch models using general movements. Here we’re going to use the PAM388 Panerai Radiomir Black Seal 3 Day Automatic as an explanation. This Radiomir Black Seal 3 Day Automatic is equipped with Panerai P.9000 movement, entirely made by Panerai, power reserve 3 days. It's the first time that this movement was installed in Radiomir case. The stainless steel watch case with 45mm watch diameter is too large for average watch brands but for Panerai watch, it's just the perfect size range. We know that one of the important reasons why Panerai is so famous is that famous actor Stallone wearing Panerai watches in lots of his movies, because of that Panerai also took a spot in fashion field, and then back to professional watchmaking from the ripe fashion field though it was already a watch brand with some note in professional field. The performance of Italian Navy in the world-war II was very general but Panerai watches were very popular among professional watch fans. This pattern of how Panerai becoming prevalent can’ t be copied by other brands. The main reason why Panerai is so popular in fashion and professional field is that they did not producing watches for fashion purposely. Although lots of fashion people are chasing it, its character of rigorously abiding by the standards has never been submitted to the requirements of customers and markets. Panerai always sticks to their own style to produce watches. In a word, Panerai is doing Panerais in its own style. What Radiomir presented was the initial form of Panerai. Although the original purpose was for military, Radiomir was quite beautiful due to possessing classical elegance. Not only the Radiomir Black Seal 3 Day automatic, but also the whole series of Radiomir shows the common characteristics of Panerai. It's seems like Panerai is not going to design different and fancy watches to meet the customers' demands. They just produce watches according to their own style, and just happen to that all customers are willing to pay for it. Sandwich dial The idiomatical sandwich dial, one of the traditional characteristics of Panerai, is the dial with luminous coating on the surface. It will more conspicuous at night or in some places where the light is insufficient, besides, it's rather particular because the lume is emitted from bottom of the hollow dial. There is another advantage is that we don’t need to change the whole dial but simply the luminous dial when the aging luminous coating color gradually faded. Patent QD Lug Following the classical design does not stand for you do everything exactly complying with the old ways. Today’s Radiomir lug is a new design finished in 1999. Ancient panerai was designed for military purpose so the design was focused on the strong collision resistance and the lug was directly welded on the watch case and the strap is also sealed. It is kind like the pull ring of train or MRT. But now, even fighting for a battle no one is willing to wear Panerai, so in sake of convenience, the lug is designed into a more flexible and convenient structure. The Patent QD Lug makes it easier to change strap by loosen the four screws on the four corners of the watch case. P. 9000 Self - Winding Movement The key point of PAM 388 is the P. 9000 movement installed in this watch, self – winding, 3 Day power reserve movement. A very important set Panerai used for increasing market share. P. 9000 movement was made for replacing the OP series movements. Although this movement is an in-house movement, the price is relatively acceptable and installed in panerai entry-level models. So most panerai fans are rather willing to pay for this cause what they care about is the in-house movement somehow. Although it is an entry-lever movement, the quality is not sloppy at all. Double barrel and power reserve of 3 days. The reason of using double barrel is to split the required torsion into two, then to reduce the burden of the output power of the winding and to narrow the gap between the first output power and the end output power. When the winding force is going to run out, the torsion will decline and it will slow down the time. But now there is double power of two springs and double torsion so the time is also more precise. Besides that, another advantage of two barrels is that double barrel box is smaller than single barrel box and the winding spring is shorter, not only the number or winding circles is shorter but also narrow the difference the full chaining and underpowered so that even if the power is going to run out, it will provide more stable torsion to push the hands avoid inaccurate time walking. The 3/4 plate In addition, P.9000 movement is equipped with the 3/4 plate, a feature of German-made movement. It is purely for functional consideration. The 3/4 plate can firmly fix all the moving parts on the plate and will not cause the displacement of parts because of collision or other external factors and reduce errors in manufacture. However the plate is whole piece, so we need to fix the bearings of all parts on the grooves of the plate when installing so that the plate can be installed at a time. If any part is not in the right place, then this movement will not work correctly, so the assembly of 3/4 plate desperately need experience and skill. It is a design only can be seen on some advanced movements, but it is indeed commendable that Panerai equipped this design to its entry-level watch. However, the most annoying problems are the disassembly requires experience and the maintenance is hard too, we have to send the watch to original factory to repair. And that means the costs is very high. The multi-layer structure When Panerai launched P. 9000 movement, they also launched 9001 and 9002 movements because these two movements use the multi-layer structure. The bottom plate locks barrel, escapement mechanism and part of power train, upper plate locks the transmission mechanism of hands and the stop device of second hand. The advantage of this structure is we don't need to remove all the parts but only remove a layer when we repair the watch. On the other hand, this structure reserved space for the new module that may be installed in the future. So we can see that the P. 9000 is set to be the entry-level movement, but there will be other mechanisms may be extended. Specifications: 45mm diameter stainless steel case ╱ time indicator, date window ╱ P.9000 self-winding movement, the 3 day power reserve ╱ sapphire crystal, transparent case back ╱ waterproof 100 meters
  9. A real meaningful wrist watch will become the symbol of its brand at the time of its birth and presents the unique characteristics and history. The minimally vintage outline of Luminor 1950 3 Days, perfectly showing the charm of vintage Panerai wrist watch, makes the minimalism enthusiasts fondle admiringly. Panerai publishes the left-handed version of the Luminor 1950 3 days - 47mm, in which the winding crown and the crown bridge are at 9 o’clock, on the left side of the watch case. The left-handed watches are a very important part of the history of Panerai. The commandos of the Italian Navy had to wear several instruments on their wrists at the same time: not only the watch, for synchronizing their attacks and for keeping track of time spent in the depths of the sea, but also the compass and depth gauge. Some commandos preferred to wear the watch on the right wrist for convenience. So Panerai created the watch with the winding crown on the left side, which still can be seen in some rare contemporary examples. The stainless steel case of the Luminor 1950 Left-Handed 3 Days has a unique detail which distinguishes it from the classic Luminor 1950 case: the watchcase peripherals adopt sharp design. This little detail, picked up directly from some classical examples, tells the transformation from the Cushion Radiomir, created in 1936, to the Luminor, more massive in its proportions and equipped with crown bridge. There is another character of this watch is the black dial. The black dial, engraved with Luminor Panerai, is decorated with large hour markers and use the “Sandwich” structure of the dial, formed of two superimposed plates enclosing the luminous substance, to enhance the luminous clarity and readability. This dial is made of Plexiglas? instead of sapphire. This material is very similar to crystal poly methyl crystal glass used for vintage watches and more retro style. Luminor 1950 Left-Handed 3 Days is equipped with P. 3000 manual winding movement which is entirely created and produced by the factory of Panerai in Neuchatel. The movement has the diameter of 16? lignes, uses two spring barrels connected in series to provided a power reserve of 3 days The balance wheel is 13.2mm. There is another unique function of P. 3000movement is the rapid adjustment of time: the hour hand moves one hour at a time, without interfering with the movement of the minutes hand or the operation of watch. The Luminor 1950 Left-Handed 3 Days (PAM00557) is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters (or 330 feet). It is fitted with the strap of natural, untreated leather and a brushed steel buckle inspired by that of the historical watches. It is also supplied with a second strap made of rubber and a spare Plexiglas crystal. Luninor 1950 Left-Handed 3 Days - 47mm No. PAM00557 Movement: Panerai P.3000 manual winding movement, executed entirely by Panerai, 16? lignes, 5.3 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur? balance, 21,600 alternations/hour, Incabloc? anti-shock device, Power reserve 3 days, two barrels, 160 components. Functions: Hour, minutes hands Case: Diameter 47 mm, AISI 316L polished steel Bezel: Polished steel Caseback: Transparent sapphire crystal Crown bridge: Brushed steel (Panerai’s patent) Dial: Black with luminous Arabic numbers and hour markers Cystal: Plexiglas?, 3mm thickness Waterproof: 10 bar (100m) Strap: Panerai personalised leather strap and large-size brushed steel bukle. Supplied with a second interchangeable strap, second Plexiglas? and a steel screwdriver.
  10. The limited Panerai navigational instruments: a wall clock, a barometer, a thermometer, and a hygrometer, sold in the Panerai shops, are inspired by the Bermuda yacht, Eilean, bulit in 1936, which is the representative of Panerai in sailing. Coincidentally, the Eilean was launched in 1936, the same year as the appearance of the first prototype of the Radiomir,the watch created by Panerai for the specialist divers of the Royal Italian Navy. Eilean is a late work from William Fife, one of the most legendary yacht builders in the history of sailing and a number of senior classic yachts designed by him is still sailing today. After acquiring the Eilean, Panerai did a long time of restoration which would make the yacht’s rebirth for Eilean and that made Eilean can sail every year in the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge, the world’s most important classical sailing tournament event. Eilean is known for its graceful waterline radian, not only its pure and aesthetic design is superb but also symbolizes the infinite enthusiasm to ocean. The repaired Eilean returned to the ocean, equipped with a number of nautical instruments which is specially designed by Panerai. The brand new wall clock, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and all the old equipment in Eilean are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, which is a low-carbon alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. This four equipments are 14cm in length and width, adopting black dial, rising the readability to maximum, and respectively showing the barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature and time. These four equipments are indispensable for a sailor at once. For the navigators that are addicted to the old nautical time they are also priceless treasures, even most modern navigational instruments have been replaced by electronic instruments. Barometer Baromenter is invented by Evangelista Torricelli, an Itanlian physicist, in 1643 for the purpose of providing accurate pressure data to predict the weather. High atmospheric pressure means the fine weather and the low pressure is the warning of bad weather. Panerai put the barometer in a metal box named pressure capsule. When the pressure capsule is pressed by different pressure, it will expand and contract along with the different atmospheric pressure and transfer the changes to the index. Hygrometer The function of hygrometer is to display the humidity in the air. It helped navigators to assess the rain and fog conditions over the past two centuries. But the original function of hygrometer is dramatically different with today’s. The first hygrometer, appeared in 14c, was used to eliminating the arguments between the wool merchants and buyers, because the selling price is settled by its weight while the humidity will affect it and it will becoming heavy when its wet and becoming lighter when its dry. Thermometer Thermometer is an instrument to measure temperature. The first person that makes the thermometer having actual numerical reading is a Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius. In 1742, he invented the mercury thermometer to measure temperature. The temperature between the water from freezing point to the boiling point is divided into one hundred and the calculation method of temperature become the Celsius scale later. Panerai thermometer measures temperature with two metals of different thermal expansion coefficients: spiral-shaped metal sheet will bent with the changing of temperature and the thermometer which is connected to one end of the metal sheet will show the changing of the temperature with the angle of the rotation of the hand. Wall clock Time was a very important data to the navigators in the past because time can help to calculate longitude and master the position and waterways of the ship. Navigators need accurate timepieces when they were going to sail, and this need led to the birth of the marine chronometer. Marine chronometer is a precision instrument which can still function in harsh environments. The new Panerai Wall Clock born in this generation which the wall clock has retired, but its still a fine utility and its unique clock face echoes the classical design of Panerai watch.
  11. I always want to write something for freshmen, but I don't know what to do and can't focus on the point. Introduce the popular model to you? (It is already popular, what can I describe?) Introduce the best model? May be right.....but is it the same thing as introducing the popular model? Any way....write first, we can discuss it!!! The first fundamental question, why do you buy Panerai? A Swiss military watch with Italian design, it doesn't have luxury appearance but it is costly. The price is not too high, the entry-level one is from 30.000 to 50.000, but considering many of them are with Unitas 6497 or ETA 7750 movement and steel section. The price is not cheap, but it is amazing that the production is under control very well, the demand for each model are a little larger than output, it seems always in short supply, the price of second-hand watch is also high. The price increases once or twice every year, and it satisfies the mind that you buy earlier you can enjoy earlier. Panerai has profound culture, its design is simple, but you can know many in every detail and every word. But if you can find its central idea is re-edition or not. Of course there is limited edition, as long as re-edition + limited edition, it is hot selling. Here we can leave alone the SE (the special edition). 44mm Luminor (not 1950 case) is the re-edition of Pre-V, is the initiator of the trend for large watch. The above picture is Pre-V 5218-201/A. To take care of the needs of ordinary people, they add a small second hand as 5218-203/A later. Now Panerai re-edit these models as PAM 000, 005, 111, 112, 176, 176 and other models 000 005 111 112 177 This re-edition shows Italian minimalist design of 1993 before our eyes. Of course many elements of this design are from antiques dated 30-50s, it is no need to talk too much about it here. The success for Luminor is on account of its big size, this design meets the trend of large watch, the protector design is simple, stylish, unique and attractive. Panerai Luminor become another word for introvert and character. Movement changes from the simple Unitas 6497, it is easy to use, durable and accurate, it is hundred percent perfect for me. Which model is best??? Different people different opinion!! 000 is probably the most complete re-edition, 005 balances the needs of re-edition and small seconds, 111 can be most easily accepted, 112 has the balance beauty of quiet, 176/177 is the version with titanium and 111/112 with classic beauty. Is it SE good? of course, but it is expensive and hard to find, is it much better than 000? Actually not, this starter edition already have the best elements of Panerai, if the strap is set very well, it is more beautiful than SE.
  12. among all panerai models, dial with 3, 6, 9, 12 is the so called base model have seen many new panerai beginners can’t care less about the Base models watches can be seen the running small second hand, able to display different timezones, and going with chronograph are all the complications newbies care about only 3, 6, 9, 12 dial being neglected by majority of buyers cause these watches are inconspicuous or too “entry level” in their cases. actually by recalling my own experience, I had the same experience as these beginners, my first panerai having small second, date, automatic movement, is the pam 048. at the time, my heart was belonging to pam233 for quite a while, and Pam000 for me somehow was too “entry level”. as time went by, with subconsciously stepped into panerai world for years by reading from forums, books, any possible ways may getting known panerais, can’t say me now know well about this brand but basic and superficial knowledge I may conversant with as panerai being a full and mystery brand with its hundred years of history. While for present me, my beloved and favorite panerai model is the Base models Taste changes fast, at last, heart will eventually go back to the most basic simple and clean design of the base model The design of Base originated from 60 years ago, was the design of 6152 in military period which was one of the ancestors of 3, 6, 9, 12 base models, actually more properly speaking 3646 was the real ancestor. Release of 6152 was already an upgrade version with applying with thicker lug Luminor Case 6152 & 6152/1. 3, 6,9, 12 model from Radiomir to Luminor Crown Guard Pre-V 5218-201/A, the ancestor of 44MM Luminor Base with Panerai logo More advanced panerai base – the PVD Base… 5218-202/A, panerai base with word of Marina Militare in my eyes is the superlative in all base models. Some skeptics may ask if 202/A is the ultimate advanced model, then how about the Vintage panerai in military era? My answer is simple: all vintage panerai are great for appreciation but hadn’t passed any authorized organizations Due to high price of these antiques, lots of fakes are brought up in market, aside from these truly watch collectors, who else will be so patiently to care about the authority of these watches unless you can get it directly from these retired Italy soldiers or their descendants. Pre-V series all accompanied by certificate of quantity, so you can have some trace to find out the identity, needless to say the Pre-V and A series, all are capable to find out official authentication. Pre-A 2, OP 6500 case, from pre-V case, same fonts as pre-V, preciousness of pre-v is no less than pre-v especially the PVD model, the production is truly rare… Quite a charming, the base dial Rareness of pre-A 4 and Pre-A 9 may greater than pre-v model pam001A and 002A base pam 360 pam360 inherits with all the valuable elements of Panerai base design, but with production of 300 pieces, really broke our panerai fan's hearts. relatively more accessible pam000 continuation of pam360 myth remains, the 44mm Patina Luminor Base with gold hand released, the pam390 this gold hands bring this panerai with more vintage look Thanks for reading, have a nice day everybody
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