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Found 1 result

  1. There have been hot discussion about Smart Watch in recent years, many brands released their Smart Watch, like Apple iWatch, Google Time from Google, besides, Toshiba, Sony and other manufacturers also published Concept models. In October 2010, Citizen firstly published two Smart Watch in America, AT7030-05E and AT7035-01E. Different from former radio and satellite wave, Citizen used Bluetooth 4.0 this time and called it "Proximity". The distinctive feature of the two watches is the convenience while using with iPhone. As soon as they hit the market, the sales has exceeded ten thousand pieces in three months. Eco-Drive is a registered trademark of Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. iPhone is a trademark of Apple InC. registered in America and other countries. The trademark of Bluetooth is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Ok, let's start to talk about the using feelings and operating skills. The appearance: The two watches all feature black dial, the upper watch AT7030-05E uses silver stainless steel with blue elements(hands, markers, stitching on straps), the case of AT7035-01E below is stainless steel with BIP, coupled with green elements. Especially AT7035-01E, looks a little like Citizen CC0005-06E in appearance. Below, the left one is CC0005-06E, certainly, the price and features of the two watches have too much difference. To view from the crown side, on the left, the case of AT7030-05E is stainless steel, AT7035-01E is steel with BIP, which means Black IonPlating. Straps on both watches are black PU leather with Nylon backing straps, the stitching is blue and green. 12 hour markers, the top of hour and minute hands are all coated with new nonradiative luminous material. The picture is taken in dark place, isn't the lume great? The front side of AT7030-05E. Case diameter is 46mm, the crystal is anti-reflective mineral. The caseback. The whole case is 14mm thick, 10bar water resistant, the case back has engravings "DO NOT OPEN! SERVICE CENTER REPAIR ONLY" and other information. The words "JAPAN MOV'T" on the case back means that the movement is Japan made. Ready to use(preparations): 1, AT7030-05E and AT7035-01E all support iPhone4S and iPhone5, from the description of APP download page, they also support iPad3, Mini and iPad4, but needs IOS5.1 or upper version. 2, Download CITIZEN Eco-Drive Proximity software through APP Store in your iPhone or iPad. The App is free, but only has English, French, Spanish languages currently. After installing, a new icon will appear in your iPhone, Cal.W760 is the movement, the operation interface of CITIZEN Eco-Drive Proximity App is simple. 3, Please make sure the watch is fully charged, it has a 4-speed power indicator, which is represented by 0 to 3. It is best to charge the watch to level 3, and then use. If the battery is low to 0, the connection with the iPhone will be forced to terminate. What, you still don't know how to charge? Just put the watch in light, certainly sunlight is the best, LED or fluorescent lights could also be used, the worst is incandescent and candlelight. AT7030-05E and AT7035-01E use W760 movement, according to official date, after a full charge, the watch can be worn for 8 months without additional charge. 4, The last step, all Smart Watch or multifunction watch players must develop a good habit: confirm and set the "reference position", which also means the initialization of the watch, if the reference position is not accurate, all adjustments after are no use. The operation is very simple, take a loot at the image of watch parts, compare it with the "reference position" picture of AT7030-05E watch. ①hour hand ②iPhone connection indicator ③24-hour hand ④second hand ⑤function hand(remaining power, connection status ON/OFF, minute-chronograph hand, week hand) ⑥minute hand ⑦date ⑧mode hand(TME, CT, PR, DCT, Mode.jpg, L-TM, CHR, CAL) Reference position: Hour hand: 0:00 Minute hand: 0:00 Second hand: 0:00 24-hour hand: 24:00 Date: Between 31 and 1 Function hand: at 6:00 The picture above is the AT7030-05E watch that has set all hands to reference position. Ok, let's sum up first, according to my experience, there are four preparations, including an iPhone, APP download, watch charging and reference position adjustment, these works are necessary. Start using(experience): In the following, the left is AT7030-05E and iPhone5, the right is AT7035-01E and iPad4. Because iPad has no phone function, so the call reminder function is invalid on AT7035-01E. The following article mainly focuses on the usage of AT7030-05E and iPhone5. Here I'm going to introduce the prominent features of AT7030-05E. 1, Connect the iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. The connecting method: Click the App icon CITIZEN Eco-Drive Proximity.jpg on your iPhone, there is a switching Scan on top, before opening it, please ensure the Bluetooth function has been on, otherwise there will be a notice on your screen. Pull out the crown one click, the second hand will point at 6 o'clock at this time, rotate the crown and adjust the mode hand to "PR", then push back the crown. After pushing back the crown, the hand will point at 8 o'clock position(ACT status), which means that the watch is connecting to your iPhone. Then the screen of the iPhone will appear a prompt, you choose "Apply". After the successful applying, the mode hand will turn from OFF to ON, at the same time, the second hand back to work. The APP interface after successful connection: Notice: when using, please make sure the App is always on, don't close it, otherwise will be disconnected, all prompt functions will not work. Among three Bluetooth-related modes, CT, PR and DCT, PR is used for applying, CT is for restoring the connection, DCT is for disconnecting. The Bluetooth connection will be close after 6-hour connection. Once the connection is disconnected, App displays "Scan" or "Waiting for Reconnection". At the same time, if the watch is on TME, L-TM, CT or PR mode, you can use a convenient way to restore Bluetooth connection, press the button "B". 2, Time Sync function. There are two modes, Automatic and Manual Time Sync, but all need to open the Time Sync switch. In Automatic Time Sync mode, when connecting to iPhone or the time on iPhone is being adjusted, the time information will be automatically pushed to AT7030-05E watch. These information includes year, month, date, week, hours, minutes and seconds. To ensure the time accuracy on iPhone, you must open "Automatic" mode in "General-Setting-Date and Time". The method to do manual time sync is: when the mode hand is pointing to TME, L-TM, CT or PR, press the button "A" for 2 seconds, the second hand will point to the 8:00 position instantly(ACT status), then the AT7030-05E will be forced to receive the time information from iPhone, after, the second hand back to work. 3, Call Alerts. As soon as this feature is turned on, when there is an incoming call, AT7030-05E will vibrate twice in the way similar to heart sound, at the same time, the second hand will point to 11 o'clock position(CALL status), whether you answer or not, after hanging up, the watch will also vibrate and indicate with hand. If you want the second hand back to work, press the button "A" or "B" for two seconds. Some people might say, the phone also has a vibrate mode. In fact, a lot of people often used to putting the phone in the package, when there is an incoming call or the phone rings, they can hardly feel the vibration, then the role of AT7030-05E is quite prominent. In addition, the sporty style of AT7030-05E makes it very suitable to be worn when playing ball or doing exercises, at this time, although the phone is put in the package 5 or 10 meters away, you will not also miss a call. There are two shortcomings: First, there is no models for ladies, women often put their phones in the packet, it seems like they more need this watch. Second, the vibration is slightly lighter and the vibration time is a little shorter. 4, Email Alert and Schedule Alert. When the Schedule Alert is turned on, the alerts will be prompted to the watch according to the event settings in iPhone "Calendar". You need to set up no more than five e-mail accounts in App when the Email Alert feature is turned on, these accounts must support IMAP, it will check the mailbox in different accounts according to reception interval, if there are new e-mails, the watch prompts a reminder. "Schedule" and "Email" alerts also vibrates twice in the same approach similar to the heartbeat sound, the second hand will also point to 10 o'clock position(MAIL status). Want the second hand return to normal operation, you can press down the button "A" or "B" for two seconds. 5, Bluetooth Link Loss Alert. This feature is very practical, mainly to prevent forgetting picking the phone. When this function is turned on, as soon as the distance between iPhone5 and the watch exceeds the range, the connection is terminated, the watch will send a reminder. Of course, if other Bluetooth devices(headsets, etc.) are disconneted with iPhone, the watch won't remind. The alert due to termination of Bluetooth is also two heartbeat sound vibrations, meanwhile the second hand points to 9:00 position(LL status), after, press button "A" or "B" for two seconds, then the second hand will back to work. 6, iPhone Search. I think this feature is the biggest highlight of the watch, not only cool, but very practical. Sometimes, you can't find the phone and don't know whether it is in the bag, the pocket, sofa crevices, or somewhere in the next room. At this point, if the iPhone Search feature is turned on, then you can try to press the button "A" and "B" at the same time, some wonderful music will emit from the iPhone, the phone screen appears the following alert: Even if iPhone is set to mute, it still will sound, you must slide to unlock and enter the App interface to turn off the sound, otherwise the music will last one minute, so you have enough time to find the location of your phone. Conclusion: Through the above description, I believe you watch fans all have a preliminary understanding of Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Smart Watch, summarized as follows: Advantages: Eco-Drive, unlimited energy. Remaining battery indicator, low battery alert, energy-saving, overcharge resistant functions. Supports Bluetooth 4.0, more efficient in power saving. Perpetual calendar watch, sporty style, very classic. Time Sync with iPhone automatically or manually. Functions such as iPhone Call Alerts, Email and Schedule Alerts, Bluetooth Link Loss Alert. iPhone Search. Shortcomings: No lady model, this watch is a little bigger and heavier for women. No SMS alert function. Lagged link loss alert, needs to be improved. Can't set the "iPhone Search" music by yourself.
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