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Found 2 results

  1. Recently, we saw the question raised by member: I love Rolex Submariner 16610, but it is so expensive that I can not afford it, I would like to know is there any better alternative option? It is controversial that whether mechanical watches can be considered as art. When we bought a watch, we understand it , we love it and share our happiness and sorrow with it. Year after year, the watch we bought integrated into our lives, our mood and our success and failure. Every one who saw the watch would like to touch scratches on the case, and they want to appreciate our wonderful lives through the case with scratches or non-scratch and the slight discolored hour markers on the dial. Rolex Submariner Rolex Submariner certainly is an innovative, legendary, solid and excellent quality watch, and this year is the 50th anniversary of it. It is almost perfect typical diver's watch, so it of course allows the owners to enjoy the fun of mechanical watch. Actually, people know more about the function of watch, understand its history and enhance the knowledge of watch is far better than knowing nothing at all about the luxury and expensive watch that they wear, because people could get self-gratification easily from that. Seiko Diver SKX779 In fact, appreciating watches like enjoying musics, modern dances, dramas, it is universal thus it is suitable for anyone. People like watches but they do not need to spend all of their money to only buy Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Rolex at the beginning. Just as the poor children and rural women, they also can appreciate the beauty of art from the benefit performance in the square. Seiko Diver's Watch SKX007K 7S26 You may have heard lots of comments about Seiko Diver's Watch, such as solid, durable, the time is accurate, its price is reasonable and so on, but you may do not know that Seiko Diver's Watch also has long history and legendary stories that are not inferior to Rolex and Omega. Firstly, we quoted a paragraph of "Cartier: The Tank Watch" written by Franco Cologni: some people consider that a word "a watch is a watch" is enough to explain the literal meaning of watch, but this is only presentation. In fact, "a watch is a watch" has different understandings and explanations. There is a famous saying of American writer Gertrude Stein(1874-1946): A rose is a rose. Actually, the rose or the watch which we concern about does not only represent a rose or a watch, it also reprsents hundreds of emotions. Thus, a watch does not only mean a watch, we always could discover lots of interesting things from it. And next we are going to tell the story about Seiko. Seiko Diver's Watch SKX403J The history of Seiko diver's watch is similar to Grand Seiko's, in 1960s, Japanese watchmaking industry attempted to compete with Swiss watchmaking in technology, skills and aesthetic sensibility of mechanical watch, thus, Seiko diver's watch and Grand Seiko were produced. After Tokyo Olympic Games was held successfully in 1964, Japan had a confident and excited atmosphere, so that people completely forgot the depressed atmosphere for their failure in the World War II, and Japanese watchmaking industry also took advantage of the opportunity to develop watchmaking technology. Experts of Seiko considered that the manufacture of the top-quality diver's watch is absolutely essential for establishing technical bench-marking for company, because the environment of diver's watch is ultimate test of all the watchmaking technologies. In 1964, Seiko launched the first diver's watch, that was 6217 diver's watch(it is also called 62MAS-010) with waterproof to 150 meters, and its retail price was 13000 yen at that time. 6217 was equipped with 6217A self-winding movement, and this movement has 21 jewels, 18,000 bph and date display, moreover, this movement was also applied to the World Time of the same year. 6217 has another twin movement called 6218A, it has 35 jewels and it was added week display, and it was applied to Seikomatic and Weekdate in the late of 1960s. Seiko Diver 6217 And then Seiko launched self-winding diver's watch 6215-010 with waterproof to 300 meters in 1967. The design team of Seiko had faith on their technical standard, thus Seiko launched 6159-011 which was equipped with the same Hi-Beat self-winding movement as Grand Seiko and with waterproof to 300 meters in 1968. Seiko 6159-7001 300M However, Seiko team's confidence and complacency did not last for long time. In 1968, Seiko received a complaint letter from a professional saturation diver of Hiroshima, the letter said: he always has to have saturation diving at a depth of 350 meters under the sea, but the crystal of Seiko diver's watch he wears always bursts because helium gas used in saturation diving enters the crystal during the rising process. Furthermore, he complained that the shock resistance of Seiko diver's watch is poor, it is easily being damaged if it hits rocks under the sea accidentally. Eventually, he concluded angrily: Seiko diver's watch is completely unqualified for professional divers. The business class of Seiko were shocked greatly by this letter, they immediately restructured another development team to solve these problems, because their company culture is thinking highly of customer response. During the period from 1968 to 1977, Seiko continually produced two series of diver's watch: (1)the early 6105-8000 and 6015-8009; (2)the later 6105-8110 and 6105-8119. The former were equipped with 6105A movement, while the latter were equipped with 6105B movement. Both of these two series of diver's watches only have waterproof to 150 meters. Seiko 6105-8000 and 8009 After seven years, Seiko launched the Professional 600M Diver's Watch 6159-022 in 1975. Seiko improved its technology, thus 6195 was able to waterproof to 600 meters, it also had high antimagnetism and shock resistance, it had powerful luminous effect, and its retail price was 89,000 yen. However, some innovative technologies of Professional 600m Diver's Watch 6159 that were researched and developed for seven years(including 20 patents) proved that it was really worth this price, and these innovative technologies also became indispensable standard devices of diver's watch nowadays. Firstly, 6159 is the first diver's watch that selected titanium alloy case; and it also is the first watch that featured rubber strap with three ribbed vents. The biggest advantage of using titanium alloy case is: titanium has solid quality, but it is light, and it also had high corrosion resistance. The rubber strap with three ribbed vents solved the problem skillfully, which rubber strap would shrink during the hyperbaric diving, so that diver's wrist would suffer compression, furthermore, it also reduced the stress of screw that fixed the case and strap. The biggest technical breakthrough of Professional 600m Diver's Watch 6159 was the manufacture technology and waterproof of its case. Its case was equipped with L-type gasket system that could put an end to the possibility that helium gas enter the case during the saturation diving, thus unlike some contemporaneous Swiss diver's watches, it did not need the design of helium escape valve. 6159 has large size, its diameter is 51mm and its thickness is 16.9mm. Professional 600M Diver's Watch 6159-022 It is believed that Seiko launched Quartz 600M Professional Diver at the same year, while Professional Diver with waterproof to 1000 meters was launched in 1986, and its titanium case was coated with a layer of special ceramic film to prevent the scratches. So far this watch is still in production, and its model is SSBS018 and it is equipped with battery display device. Seiko 6309-7290 Between 1976 and 1988, Seiko produced 6309 and 6306, both of them possess waterproof to 150m. 6309 was equipped with 6309 movement and it was sold abroad mainly, while 6306 was equipped with 6306 movement, and it was sold in Japan and had been stopped production in 1981 around. Both the movements of these two watches have 21 jewels, 21,600 bph, and week and date display. It is just like its former watch 6105, 6309 also has two kind of different types: (1)6309-7040 and 6309-7049; (2)6309-7290 and 6309-729A/729B. Case of the former is thick cushion-shape and its hour markers are circular, case of the latter is obvious smaller, and its appearance is similar to SKX007/173 that is still in production nowadays, and its hour markers are quadrate. Both crowns of these two types diver's watches of 6309 are screwed down, unlike the turn and lock crown of 6105. Seiko 6306-7001 6105 and 6309 are very popular among American consumers, especially the USA soldiers stationed overseas. 6105 had been ever chosen by USA Navy SEAL as their watches, even in the 1979, Airborne Army Ranger acted by Martin Sheen worn this watch in the film "Apocalypse Now" directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Such achievements are not surprising at all, because in daily life, in the outdoor activities or in the explorations, a large number of consumers praised 6105 or 6309 so long as they had worn them, even the professional divers commended these two watches. An professional diver had always worn 6309-7049 during his five-year diving work in Mississippi River and Boston Harbor. This diver had experienced 1100-hour underwater fieldwork, violent operation, inadvertent impact, moreover, his wrist had been fractured(the hand that he worn the watch), but Seiko 6309 was still in normal operation, and he still worn this favorite watch after it was repaired. Seiko 7002-700A Between 1988 and 1996, the main diver's watch was 7002 series with waterproof to 150 meters and 200 meters. Caliber 7002 has 21 jewels and 21,600 bph. As is mentioned above: in the late 1980s, Seiko 6309-7290 had already abandoned thick cushion-shape case, and adopted smaller case design, and 7002 still inherited the change, moreover, its hour markers are quadrate as well. The models of contemporary Seiko diver's watch are increased rapidly obviously since it was produced in 1996, and the movement caliber of Seiko diver's watch is 7S26, and waterproof of most models is 200 meters, and appearance inherited the continuous style of 6105-6306-6309-7002. The common models are as follow: SKX007K, 007J, 009, 011J, 171, 173, 175, A35, 779 and 781. Seiko SKX173 The SKX007 and SKX173 are descendants of 6105-6306-6309-7002. SKX007 adopted circular hour markers, while SKX173 adopted quadrate hour markers. The biggest difference between 7S26 and its former diver's watch 7002 is that the crown of 7S26 was shifted to the position of 3:45 from the original 4 o'clock position, and all the 200m diver's watches of 7S26 were equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel. Finally, we quoted the words of a Seiko collector as conclusion, he said: "I always introduce my friends to buy Seiko diver's watch, and I assure them that there is no good bargain like it in the world. You just need to spend one to two hundred dollars or so, you could possess a watch which has historical background, solid and excellent quality, it will accompany with you in every day. Afterwards, you son can give this watch that you had ever worn to your grandchildren and said to him: 「This watch is my father's favorite watch, now I give it to you. Although this watch did not have any matainmance since his death, it can still operate noemally as soon as you wear it. It is a matter of course that there will be an error of 5 to 10 minutes each month, but it is okay because it is an antique watch." Historic Professional Diver 600M 8L35
  2. Have you ever considered the situation which Rolex Submariner 16610 is given 90 percent discount for sale? Normal people do not think this in daily life and dreams. Then, if there is a brand, and its mechanical watch possesses more than 80 percent of 16610's quality level, and its price is less than 5 percent of 16610's, what do you think of it? Of course, we do not mean the counterfeits in poor quality. On the contrary, it is a watch company has history for more than 100 years. Do you think it is unbelievable? And this reaction is easy to be understood. But it is true, and I am going to introduce Invicta 8926 for you. The history of Invicta dates back to 1886, and the present Invicta Watch Company was founded in 1991, the head office is in Florida, USA, and manufacturing plants are located in Japan and Switzerland. The company president of Invicta is Eyal Lalo, he is just 30 years old, and he is the third generation successor of Swiss watch family. Eyal Lalo's family owns brand right of Invicta as well as the marketing right of Invicta in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Latin America. The whole history has watchmaking and sales experience for more than 50 years. Under the influence of his farther from childhood, Eyal Lalo has great interest in manufacturing and sales of watches, and he also acquires lot of knowledge and insights that far beyond his age. Invicta Vintage 1940 Invicta Triple Date Moonphase Calendar Invicta 9978 Date Invicta British Military Automatic Day Date Invicta 8926 In the long history of Invicta, it always adheres to the principle that provide the best quality products and designs at the most reasonable price. Since it had been founded for more than 100 years, all the watches of Invicta were produced with the most rigorous standards, moreover, they were tested by sophisticated and elaborate tests to ensure the quality. In today's standard, the watches that produced by Invicta in those years did not possess eternal value, whether they are the watches with simple or complicated performances, or the military watches that produced for the allied forces during the war. The high-quality watches of Invicta did not obtain the due market response and respect rankled Eyal Lalo deeply, when he took over the company in 1991, he determined to carry forward the spirit of Invicta. Invicta 8926 Pro Diver 200M Eyal Lalo is quite aware of that competition in the watch market is extremely cruel, thus he adopted creative and even the unique strategy in watch industry: Invicta has produced nearly a thousand kinds of watches, including mechanical watch, quartz watch, classical and modern watch, etc, it has attempted to fight for more market share with various models. Invicta admits the truth that their productions and pricing strategy are aiming at the low-end market, but it still adheres to the faith of maintaining the quality and respecting customers. Invicta produced case and components, and it adopted ETA and Japanese movements, and then all of them were assembled in Japan. Invicta manufactured high quality, solid and durable watch at reasonable price with first-class management. Eyal Lalo had once said: "All the people in this world, both the rich and the poor are worth possessing a good watch. Take Latin America that Invicta took as new foothold for example, the poor also need durable timepieces, thus there must be a company that is responsible for producing affordable and sophisticated watch for them. I often encountered some visitors who came to our booth at the watch fair, they told us that they knew their fathers or uncles worn Invicta since they were very young, thus they are familiar with Invicta and have confidence in it. This is the best motivation for us to continue to produce watches with affordable price." The left: Invicta Lupah Chronograph; the right: Invicta Chiasso Chronograph. The left: Invicta Dragon Grand Lupah; the right: Invicta Ladies Angel Mother of Pearl. Invicta 8926 The new products of Invicta obtained excellent market response quickly as well as became popular among those who are shrewd in money matters and care about the performance of watches. The most famous product is Invicta Pro Diver 8926 which completely imitated the design and manufacture of Rolex Submariner. The appearance of Invicta 8926 is really eye-catching, because it is 100 percent similar to the appearance of Submariner. High-quality unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous Benz hand and hour markers of Invicta reproduced the perfect modeling from Submariner. The casting, polishing and completion of Oyster stainless steel case and solid bracelet are very tough and perfect, which proved the strict quality control process of Invicta. In the meanwhile, Invicta 8926 also adopted fliplock buckle, and it was equipped with fold-out extension links as Submariner. The crystal of Invicta adopted reinforced mineral glass, but not sapphire crystal that used by Rolex Submariner, but it is said that the quality and hardness of reinforced mineral glass are pretty good, it is seldom scratched in daily life. Invicta also has date reading glass, but its effect is just as good as the half of Submariner's. Invicta Pro Diver 8926 has waterproof to 200 meters for its screwed crown and waterproof case back. Invicta 8926 Unlike Submariner, Invicta 8926 was equipped with transparent reinforced glass case back that could allow people to view the operation of movement directly. Invicta 8926 adopted 8215 21 jeweled self-winding movement produced by Miyota that is subsidiary of Citizen. It is believed that some automatic diver's watches of Citizen also adopted this movement, but price is twice as expensive as Invicta's. The movement of Miyota 8215 is not beautiful, and it also has not been calibrated and authenticated by a range of directional tests or temperature tests, but it is reported that its error is within 5-10 seconds per day, which is quite sophisticated. Many watch fans may want to know that whether the overall performance of Invicta 8926 is as well as Submariner's, thus there is watch fan had done an experiment, he put his Invicta 9373 into fridge for 24 hours, and then he took it out and put it to the boiling water for thawing as well as kept it being heated for 12 minutes. Eventually, his conclusion is that the quality of Invicta watch completely passed this torture test that he called, and even in this harsh environment, error of Invicta watch also is very small (he observed that the maximum error is 13 seconds). Invicta 8926 Seiko Diver SKX781 vs Invicta 8926
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