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Found 3 results

  1. As recent years of the watch trend, seems tourbillion has become a future theme in horology, you can see that tourbillion has taken a major position in these successive years of SIHH. By facing of its raise, I bet many watch fans are really confused, friends around me also show intention to buy tourbillion watches, so here I wanna post something related to this topic only in my personal opinion, hope it can function a little bit of help to you, of course, I would be very much grateful if it can help some friends who happen to have desire of buying one accompanied by this performance. As for its working principle, I’m gonna skip that, if you are interested in, just simple use the google. In simplicity, the functions of Tourbillion mainly embodied on two sides, firstly, to offset the effect of gravity on watches so to decrease the shifts on balance spring set, secondly, to display the exquisite and ingenious workmanship used on tourbillion. But in fact in nowadays, tourbillion is not the only option to decrease the balance spring shifts, as the development of Nanotechnology, computerized control, discovery of new material and technologies, even if not the tourbillion watches, the shifts on balance spring also can be decreased to a perfect level. So in my opinion, now the only true meaning of tourbillion is to display the great workmanship and craftsmanship. When you purchase a tourbillion watch, and find its accuracy isn’t better than chronometer, there is nothing to surprise. Many of my friends, their tourbillion watch is not used to wear on wrist but to quietly store in their watch box, when some friends with same watch hobby gather together, then it’s time to give their tourbillon watch a good show. So my advice is, to any friends who intend to buy tourbillion watches, you must be clear about what does it use for? For investment, actually the tourbillion watch indeed have a good value keeping, but most of them are superficially having the price tag and hard to be sold out, that means yes your watch actually has a great price, but barely find anyone willing to buy it. Price of a tourbillion watch somehow is equal to a sport car, a housing estate, if you don’t have the spare money for a tourbillion watch, then giving up the mind of buying one asap.
  2. 1892 The first minute repeater wristwatch was produced. 1899 A "Grande Complication" pocket-watch published by the AUDEMARS PIGUET. It is equipped with an alarm striking on independent gongs, perpetual calendar and chronograph with jumping seconds and split-seconds hand. 1915 AUDEMARS PIGUET set a world record that remains unmatched to present, by creating the smallest five-minute repeater calibre, with a diameter of just 15.8mm. 1921 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the first jumping-hour wristwatch. 1925 World's thinnest pocket-watch calibre, only 1.32 mm. 1934 First skeletonised pocket watch appeared. 1946 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the world's smallest manual movement for a wristwatch. 1957 Introduction of the first AUDEMARS PIGUET wristwatch equipped with a perpetual calendar. 1967 World's first thinnest self winding calibre with central rotor(2.45mm). 1972 AUDEMARS PIGUET launched the Royal Oak, the first high-end steel sports watch. 1978 First self winding ultra-thin perpetual calendar wristwatch with central rotor. 1986 AUDEMARS PIGUET made First ultra-thin(5.5 mm thick including the case) self-winding tourbillion wristwatch. 1989 AUDEMARS PIGUET created the Dual Time and smallest self winding perpetual calendar watch. 1993 AUDEMARS PIGUET launched the Royal Oak Offshore. 1994 First wristwatch with Grande and Petite SONNERIE, quarter repeater striking on two gongs made by AUDEMARS PIGUET. 1995 The Manufacture added a split-seconds chronograph to its Triple Complication, thus giving rise to the first "Grande Complication" self winding wristwatch. 1996 First self winding Grande complication watch produced in AUDEMARS PIGUET. 1997 First Grande SONNERIE chiming model, minute repeater with three gongs and three hammers created. 2000 Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the company founding, it is characterized by a new qualitative indication: that of the torque supplied by the mainspring. First model with Equation of Time, sunrise and sunset times and perpetual calendar published. 2004 Launch of the fourth piece in the Tradition d'Excellence Collection. Limited to 20 pieces, this Royal Oak manual tourbillion chronograph has a double ten-day power-reserve indication and a 30-minute counter. The watch is equipped with the 2893 calibre. The case back and the bracelet are made of platinum 950. 2005 AUDEMARS PIGUET presents the Edward PIGUET Moss Agate Tourbillon. This tourbillon is the world's first watch to be equipped with a plate in moss agate, a natural semi-translucent mineral graced with a fine mottled pattern reminiscent of plant-life motifs. 2006 AUDEMARS PIGUET created direct-impulse escapement. 2008 AUDEMARS PIGUET made the First watch featuring a carbon case and movement. 2009 AUDEMARS PIGUET issued High-frequency chronometer with AP escapement and double balance-spring.
  3. Tourbillion Cage of AUDEMARS PIGUET AP has produced six hundred tourbillion watches since it was founded in 1875, including the first extra-thin tourbillion self-winding watch in 1986. Meanwhile, the watchmaker of AP continued to improve their design, scaled up volume and decreased weight to ensure the stability, durability and precision. 1. Jules AUDEMARS mother-of-pearl minute repeater tourbillion 18-carat white gold case, equipped with Cal.2872 manual winding tourbillion movement, possess small seconds and minute repeater, the bezel set with 168 diamonds, 1.25carats, blue mother-of-pearl globes dial, sapphire crystal, crocodile strap with AP folding clasp. 2. Jules AUDEMARS 150 year’s anniversary tourbillion To celebrate the birth of Jules AUDEMARS , the self winding tourbillion watch of 150 anniversaries, platinum case, equipped with Cal.2875 self winding movement, possess hours, minutes, date and power reserve. Sapphire crystal, the case back engraved the badge of AUDEMARS family and the word of 150 anniversaries. 3. Edward PIGUET skeleton platinum tourbillion Pure platinum case, equipped with Cal.2881SQ manual winding skeleton movement, possess small second and a minute tourbillion device, 70 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal , caseback and crocodile strap with AP folding clasp. 4. Edward PIGUET Tourbillion Pont Mineral Pure platinum case, equipped with Cal.2888 manual winding movement, possess small second and a minute tourbillion device. The mineral crystal as the movement plate, which needs the set of instrument and tool making display distinguished originality on the aesthetics.
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