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Found 1 result

  1. Alex

    About Nomos

    Nomos is from East Germany, and it is located in Saxony Glashutte where has centennial history of producing watches. Watchmakers of Glashutte produced handmade mechanical watches which have excellent quality and unique design with superb craftsmanship. And design concept of Normos is reflected in performance and readability of its every watch. Nomos factory is located in Glashutte, and Glashutte is a small watchmaking town that possesses history of hundreds years. Its legend can date back to Ferdinand Adolph Lange (1815-1875) who is the founder of Saxony watchmaking and his son. In 1845, Lange set up a factory in Glashutte. He personally taught the staff according to his unique ideas on quality, and he also helped a lot of people to set up their own workshops. Just a few years, mechanical devices and chronometers produced by Lange had become synonym of "highly accurate", they even got admiration from lots of Swiss watch entrepreneurs. Nomos Tangente In the nineteenth century, Glashutte was famous for producing luxury watches with the highest quality. At that time, people said " Lange watches of Glashutte were not produced for mass production. " In fact, Lange pocket watches are indeed very luxurious, just like a sophisticated and exquisite work of art, only millionaires could buy them. With the unification of Germany, traditional watch industry had been reborn again. As a excellent watchmaking center, the unique style and influence of Glashutte also had been revived. As the leader of emergent watch industry, Nomos inherited the watchmaking history of centuries of Glashutte, so that it produced pretty excellent mechanical watches to maintain the great reputation of Glashütte. For this reason, Nomos is regarded as national treasure wristwatches by German. Nomos Orion Roland Schwertner who is president of Nomos considers that design does not terminate in the appearance of products, but continue in the design relationship between us and the wearers of Nomos. Hence, Schwertner insists that every owner of Nomos watches can get a certificate of ownership (it is given to the owner along with the watch that has serial number), the purpose of such considerate design is to ensure that this watch could be handled perfectly as soon as possible when it needs maintenance. Schwertner thinks that this service is integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches. Thanks to the persistence of Schwertner, that watches produced by Nomos today are perfect. Even in the most difficult environment, Nomos still does not change its aspiration, so that it could produce wonderful watches. Tangente Expo 2000 Series of Nomos Glashütte, Saxony continued the tradition of producing advanced watches and it was famous for producing luxurious wristwatches with the highest quality in the nineteenth century. However, after the war, Glashütte was forgotten by people gradually in Germany. The re-unification of Germany promoted the rebirth of these watchmaking traditions. As the leader of emergent watch industry, Nomos produced pretty excellent mechanical watches, and it enjoyed the reputation that it is the birthplace of excellent watchmaking in Glashutte once again. Nomos watches are handmade mechanical watches that posses excellent quality and unique design. Only the excellent materials can be used in the structure of Nomos. Furthermore, watchmakers produce watches with extreme excellent craftsmanship, the most careful care and concern are given to every process and every part. In the design, performance and readability of every watch are particular focused on by Nomos. Nomos Orion Black Dial Ludwig, Orion, Tetra and Tangente There are four types of Nomos watches, they are Ludwig (round watch), Orion (round watch), Tetra (square watch), Tangente (round watch). Nomos mechanical watch is equipped with Peseux Calibre 7001 movement, and it is a ultra-thin hand-wound watch with diameter of ten and a half lignes, and thickness of 2.5mm. The vibration frequency is in control of 21,600vph by spiral spring Nivarox 1A, and accurate adjustment of Triovis keep its error less than one minute in a week. Moreover, watch could maintain the power of 45 hours by using Nomos anti-fracture mainspring. Nomos Tetra Ratchet and crown wheel of Nomos watches are decorated with traditional rib of Glashutte, while pallet cock and case back are processed with exquisite annular texture. Nomos Movement Case is made from pure and hand-polished stainless steel 361L, and it does not contain nickel or 18k gold at all. Another special design of Nomos watch is extremely fine bezel. Nomos watch has water resistance of 30 feet, and buckle is also solid. From the case to buckle, Nomos watch is produced by hand, and buckle is also fixed with screws safely. Sapphire crystal has high hardness, and it is wearproof and scratch resistant. It is only second to diamond. The sapphire crystal is cut from a single piece of crystal and then engraved with "Nomos". Tangente Expo 2000 Tetra Expo 2000 and Tangente Expo 2000 Tetra Expo. 2000 was launched in May, 2000, and it is developed from Tetra. Its diameter had been enlarged by 2mm, in addition to the original sapphire crystal, the sapphire crystal of case back allows owner to see the structure of watch. Nomos also launched Tangente Expo 2000 limited edition, but it is believed that it had already been sold out. Nomos Tangente Expo 2000
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