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Found 2 results

  1. Q1: I feel too tight when winding my watch, I can not go on winding after 3 or 4 rotations. But the watch works accurate, just 2 or 3 seconds faster per day. A: It is not the mechanical fault. May be the O-ring of the crown is too tight, or not lubricant engough. Don't care about it if the automatic function still works well and it is still powerful without winding. But the watch has to be checked if it needs manual winding to keep moving. Another possibility of this problem is that the inner oil has dried. Q2: My friend's watch case has many scratches, could it be repaired with polishing? A: If it has very serious scratches, I suggest you have it re-polished slightly because a thorough polishing would damage the whole case outline. Q3: In this case, if it is possible to change a new case, how much is it? A: IWC factory offers such service, it's great but the payment is too high. Q4: My watch is 8 seconds fast per day, no matter how I place it at night! A: It just need to be adjusted a little slow if being maintained. Q5: What is the criterion of small position difference? A: Position difference is the time inaccuracy in different position, it is easy to adjust the time accuracy if the watch has a small position difference. Few brands would set a criterion on the position difference, they used to checking the standard deviation. Q6: My portofino is 20 seconds fast per day, whether should I take it to be adjusted? A: Take it to the custom service first, it's easy to be solved without opening the caseback if it was magnetized. But it should be opened if it was confirmed that the movement runs faster. Don't forget to take your guarantee card! Q7: Why is the inaccuracy different when the watch being worn on wrist and when it was put in the self-winding box? My Ingenieur watch has no time error on wrist, but it was 3 seconds fast after bing put in the self-winding box for a day? And it returned to zero error when I put on it again. A: The inaccuracy of a watch is related to how to place it. For example, when you are wearing the watch, the crown may be adown for a long time, but after you put it in the box, the dial upwards, so existence of time error is normal. Q8: How to keep the leather straps being water-resistant and sweat-resistant? A: Use waterproof agent and eradicator for leather. Q9: What can I do in case the dust went into the IWC watch? Could I only clean the dust when maintaining the watch? By the way, it is real that the tridimentional indexes of Mark 16 are easy to fall off? A: IWC watches are not easy to get dust in when the crown is locked tight, and you can take it to the custom service if it got dust inside, but I suggest not if it's not serious. And I have not heard the tridimentional indexes of Mark 16 are easy to fall off. Sometimes the falling off of the indexes is related to how you wear the watch, it's easy to loose under frequent shaking. Q10: Is it normal that the watch get dust in after sometime wearing? If there is dust inside the watch, does that mean the water resistance is wrong? A: It's abnormal to me that the dust could enter into the watch, if the dust can get in, so do the water. So, I think the dust was originally in the watch, Some dust was left in corners of the watch in the assembly process, and when the customers are wearing it, the dust will move into their eys. Q11: Is it normal that the Ingenieur AMG keeps 5 seconds fast per day? Both my old Mark 16 and Portuguese are only 2 seconds fast. A: It is absolutely normal that a mechanical watch runs 5 seconds fast per day. Q12: Should I take my IWC to be maintained if I wear it every day? If so, how much should I pay for? I have two Titanium Aquatimers, how should I maintain Titanium case? A: The watch needs maintenance every 4 or 5 years with normal wearing. The technology to polish Titanium is different to SS case polishing, but both have the same effect. Careful wearing with your Titanium watch, scratches are easily polished, but it is hard to be repaired after being collided. An overall maintenance, including a common polishing of the case, needs about several hundreds dollars. Q13: I found the time of date change has delayed day by day. It initially jumped at 0:00:45, now the date jumps at 0:07. A: Taking some time for obeserving, if it keeps delaying, then the date wheel must be wrong. Q14: I left my Portuguese at home for 2 days, and I found its minute hand moved less than a grid while the second hand had moved a round. I originally think I didn't wind the watch enough, but after re-wind it, the problem still exist. A: Try to pull out the crown when the second hand is between 45 and 50 markers and adjust the minute hand to the right index, then press down the crown back. Q15: I have been wearing my watch for over one week and found unacceptable that one of the strap loops was broken. Can I change a new strap for free? A: Generally, straps belong to outward components, the issue would be very troubled if it obviously was caused by outside force, and you can change it if it just debonded. Q16: What's the size of IW3234 strap? What do the number 24 and 22 stand for? If I want to order a pair of straps for IW3234, which type and size should I choose? What size of the IW3234 folding clasp should I buy? A: The size of straps on IW3234 should be 22/18. The number 24 is the size of the strap that attaches to your watch, 22 is the buckle size. Buy a folding clasp in the exclusive shop, Generally, the size of a IWC folding clasp is in 18mm. Q17:How much strength can the crown suffer? I didn't notice and I pull out the crown thoroughtly when I was adjusting the time yesterday, I'm afraid that whether the tinny crown would loose? A:Take it easy! It doesn't matter, but you'd better be careful next time. Q18: I pressed down the crown after finish adjusting the date and I heard a strange noise "tick", I'm so doubt that I have never heard that noise before, so I loosed the crown and try pressing for several times and I heard this noice a few times. Then, I searched online, someone said that is the crown be pushed-in by a large force without aligning the thread that will damage the thread in the case and caused slipped screws. I have do this for many times, would my case threads being worn ahead of time? A: It seldom has such a problem to the steel crown tube, and the threads can not easy to be broken by a large force pushing in. You don't need to knock so tight but the crown can not be rotated. Sometimes, a platinum watch will have a problem of a broken thread because this material is soft, but the steel watch seldom have this problem. Q19: After several days of observing, I found the IW3234 is several seconds slow every day. Is it normal for a IWC watch? I adjusted the date impludently at midnight on December 1, will this influence the movement function? A: Generally, watches often run a little faster after out of the factory, or it's really unfortunate that your watch runs slower. Just observing for several days, and then, if you are sure your watch still runs slower, then taking it to the custom service, and opening the back to adjust, or waiting to the maintanance period. If you want to adjust the date, it can be achieved by adjusting the hands through the crown. Don't change the date directly. Q20: My watch has about 5 seconds error since I bought it, but it ran slower for several days, but the official said IWC watch would not run slow, so I'm confused. Will that be exaggerated to open the back to adjust? The date of the IW3234 has 31 days each month, I adjusted it from 31st to 1st through moving the hands. A: If you can not stand the time errors, the only way to solve this problem is opening the back to adjust. Many factors can influence the time accuracy, for example, the way you place your watch. According to your words, 5 seconds error is normal, you don't need to regulate it. There are two methods to adjust the date, the first method is to adjust directly, pull out the crown at first "click"(the second hand still running), then rotate the crown to change the date, the second way is adjusting by moving the hands, pull out the crown at the second "click"(the second hand stop running), rotate the crown to adjust the time 24 hours faster, then you'll notice the changing of date. Q21: It's that hard to pull out the crown of Mark 16 to the second "Click". I bought a Mark 16 that is easy to pull out the first "Click", but it's hard to pull out to the second. A:Yes, it's a bit tight relatively. Remember to lock the crown after finishing adjusting. Q22: My new strap is very hard, I have heard that it could be soft by wiping some lanolin oil. Should I wipe it inner or outer(the inner part means the part touches our skin)? A: I think it should be wiped in the inner part. Q23: Mark 16, which I bought in July, it ran well at the beginning and only had 1 second error, but it became slowly a month ago, and I have adjusted the time for several times and it would be 40 seconds slow every 3 or 4 days. Should the reason be the rare actions of my wrist? How many times should be appropriate if I want to wind it manually? A: Trying to wind the watch 20 or 30 rotations every time and observing. Q24: My IWC 322701 that was bought half a year ago and it keeps stable for 4 seconds fast every day. But I recently found it is 1 second slower every day. By the way, I doubt whether the watch will be influenced by temperature? A: Temperature had ever been an important factor, but the modern materials have nearly overcome this issue. It has less influence when under the room temperature, the small error might be caused by different position, or the winding rate and the small changes of the spring force under the same circumstance. I mean, many factors can influence the time, you shouldn't care much if the error of your watch keeps in the range, just enjoy it. Q25: The part of Ingenieur 3234 that is used to connect the case and straps is different from the other Ingenieurs? A: In my memory, they are different because the Ingenieur 3234 has been changed to use a spring loaded lever. Q26: Does it need any special tool to remove the straps off the case? A: It only needs a screwdriver, but it needs to loose two ends to pull-out the strap. Q27: The crystal of my Big Pilot has a 1mm scratch at 8 o'clock position, any ideas could help? If I want to change a crystal, how much should pay for? A: I guess the scratch is on the coating of the crystal, if it really has a scratch on the crystal, the only way can help is to be changed. Q28:I owned a IWC Portofino 356404, the last time it has been maintained in custom service at the end of 2008, and I found it stopped working a few days ago although I wore it all the time, and I can not hear the sound of the swinging auto rotor when I shake the watch. I initially thought the auto rotor has dropped, but the manual winding still worked. After several days, I felt that it is hard to wind manually, this feel was not apparent that I guessed I got a mistake feeling. Then, I took it to the store, opened it, found the auto rotor didn't fall and it moved smoothly, but it still had that noise after locking the case and it could not keep working without manul winding, do anyone know what is the issue? A: If the auto rotor can not swing, it might rub with the caseback, and the reason could be the deformation of the caseback or the loosing of the screws on rotor. Check if the auto rotor has loosed? It must be still in the maintanance period, take it to the custom service if possible. Q29: How to clean the steel bracelet? A: Using washing-up liquid, toothbrush and water, flush and wipe it dry. Q30: New Split-Minute feature controlled by the switch on the left side of IWC Aquatimer IW372304 couldn't be pressed, is that serious? How much should I pay for if being repaired? A: For a movement, it's very serious that the function disables, but it doesn't matter if you don't need this function. It depends on specific analysis, if the inner hook broken that you have to send it back to Switzerland and it needs much money that may be more than 800 us dollars. But if it just off, then install it back. Q31: I didn't wear my Big Pilot Watch for several days because I changed to wear a steel bracelet watch in the summer, and it stopped working, but the 7-day power reserve hand didn't go back to zero and stop between 0 and 1. Should it be repaired? Or repairing it untill the maintanance period 2 years later? A: It's acceptable that having a little error according the testing criterions, but IWC 7 days power reserve was assured to return to the zero posititon. My suggestion is taking it to the custom service before the deadline of the maintanance period, they may offer you service for free. Q32: I had an automatic watch which I only wear 2 to 3 month a year, should I wind it in any other time? How often should it be winded? I have bought an auto-winding box, but someone said that watches will be wore after a long time working. is that real? A: You'd better let your watch work for some time without wearing it for a long time. The abrasion usually appears when the oil dried, that's why watches need to be maintained. Q33: My friend bought a Portoguese watch less than 3 month, but it seems the auto rotor went wrong. It stopped after a few hours I took it off and it sounds strange, I couldn't hear the previous winding noise. A: The auto rotor lossed, just take it to the custom service. Q34: The hands of IWC Portifino do not emit light at night, can I order the original hands? A: You can take it to the after-sale service to change the hands, or asking them to re-lume them, but generally they allow you.t. Q35: The Pilot's Watch is said to be antimagnetic, but I doubt that, what's the level of its antimagnetic degree? A: Ingenieur specification has listed very clearly that Ingenieur antimagnetic to 80000 A/M, Pilot's Watch antimagnetic to 35000 A/M and the common watches antimagnetic to 4800 A/M. Q36: I want to ask the antimagnetic function of the IW500901, it's said that it used pure iron, will be more easy to be magnectized? A: It's true that pure iron is easy to be magnetized, but you have to know it has a quickly demagneticzing function when it left away from magnectic field. And the magnetic field will not easy to leak and influence the movement for pure iron is easier to be magnetized that can protect the movement.
  2. i have a rolex sub with error of about 3 seconds a month(cause i bought it one month ago, so the measurement is taken only from the first month i have it), yet i have seen many watches in variations of more than 5 or even 10 second a day, so what exactly is the proper variation of a watch? which variation range would be acceptable for you guys?
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