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Found 10 results

  1. Blink of an eye, this year's May is almost half, the summer so come, fitness men and women began to blatantly in the beach, the street, the gym show body, show muscle, of course, the body of sports equipment is also hanging in the circle of friends waiting Point of praise, a good sporting table for their fitness lottery a lot of difference with the belt of the suits of the table carefully care type, sports table can accompany people for a long time, not afraid of perspiration of the wet, not afraid of bumps, said white That is able to perseverance Khan up! In the selection of watches, the need to pick a durable, accurate, excellent waterproof performance of the watch, then, how to choose the sports table, the following is for me to collect three points as a friend circle won the necessary skills. 1. waterproof watch to see the size of the first look (Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990 both time schedules) Standing in the fashion cutting-edge, or is entering the fashion tip of the small partners who know that the past two years, a little return to the small size of the caliber of the trend, but I want to say is that the movement is still popular large size, this is not difficult to understand, You think ah, you off almost that a few pieces, and sweat in the gym to do their own, how the atmosphere, the sun's stature in the mind delineated numerous times, large-scale sports table can be followed On your feel, clear reading, eye-catching, such as this year's Royster Oyster table to increase the size, launched 39 mm new, so the table is still large size. Some people say that their wrist fine, fear Hold can not live, in fact, I said OK, is to open the visual effects of the new world. Moreover, from the market, large caliber watches to be higher than the size of the relatively small watches, such as Omega 36 mm hippocampus than the 41 mm hippocampus about 30% lower. 2. Selection of waterproof watch look at the bezel (Rolex Submariner 116610) The bezel is an important factor in determining the value of a sport watch, although it looks like it does not take up much of the appearance of the watch, but the insiders know that the bezel is an important determinant of the sport watch, , The ceramic ring 116610 price than the steel ring 16610 much higher, and this year's new Rolex also replaced the ceramic bezel. Why is the ceramic bezel good? Because it is hard material, wear, not easy to scratches, even if you wear a long time, then the word on the bezel is not easy to get rid of. While the steel ring in the performance, it is slightly worse than the ceramic ring. 3. Selection of waterproof watch last look at the style (Omega Seam Sea Ocean Diving Table) There are many kinds of classic sports watch, such as Patek Philippe's Nautilus, grenades, Audemars Piguet of the Royal Oak, Rolex Shui Gui, Omega hippocampus and so on. There is an important reason to support you to choose the classic style: most of the sports watch are steel table, in general, the value of steel table than the gold table is low, but other well-known style of sports steel table value higher than the gold table The So, you choose the classic style of sports table, the value of their own high, stored value is also strong, cost-effective, definitely worth starting. Such as Omega hippocampus, the new to Zhen 8500 coaxial movement, the warranty for up to 4 years, in terms of price than the Rolex's ghost, Blancpain's fifty good to a lot better. And Omega brand in the domestic visibility is very high, is a very good choice.
  2. In 1962, the astronaut Walter "Worley" Shi Aila wearing a super watch watch Mercury plan "Sieg Code No. 7" task, but also for the Omega (OMEGA) opened a new chapter in history. Today, inspired by Shiraz to create a historic moment, the brand launched a new super series "first into the space of the Omega" watch, to reproduce the original classic shape. In the original Omega "pre-professional watch" (pre-professional) super watch on the basis of this new watch case with 18K Sedna gold to create, with symmetrical lugs, and the unique 1962 prototype hippocampus badge pattern also On the back of the table. Omega Speedmaster watch 18K Sedna gold to create Super series of watch the most iconic matte chromium nitride tachometer scale in the polished brown ceramic bezel, especially eye-catching. The same dark brown color is also used in the central silver dial on the PVD dial and minute scale circle; and hour scale and with the "Alpha" type pointer and "baton" type of pointer, by 18K Sedna? Gold to create The Omega to push the "first into the space of the Omega" watch In order to highlight the unique touch, the watch is also engraved with the use of a unique craft presented "THE FIRST OMEGA IN SPACE" (first into the space of the Omega), "OCTOBER 3, 1962" (October 3, 1962) and "NUMBERED EDITION No." (Limited number) and so on. Omega Speedmaster watch equipped with Omega 1861 movement This excellent watch with a beige suture brown leather strap, also equipped with Omega 1861 movement, this movement is also known in the famous "lunar table" to ensure accurate travel time performance. Able to participate in the first human journey into the outer space, Omega deeply glorious. Because of this, this unique super watch is also designed separately. For this limited edition "moon table" of the wearer, which not only reminds them of the Omega milestone important moment, but also witnessed the super watch series to the classic design lofty standing in the long river of charm. In 1962, the astronaut Walter "Worley" Shi Aila wearing a super watch watch Mercury plan "Sieg Code No. 7" task, but also for the Omega (OMEGA) opened a new chapter in history. Today, inspired by Shiraz to create a historic moment, the brand launched a new super series "first into the space of the Omega" watch, to reproduce the original classic shape.
  3. Diver's watch has become more and more popular in the mechanical watch market these years because of the prevalent trend of sports and leisure, as well as the popularity of modern people's strong self-expression. Every summer, there are many articles about the introduction of diving watches in the newspapers, magazines and horological journals. Of course, people who wear diving watches may not be those who love diving authentically; and the watches that divers really wear into the water are probably mostly professional diving quartz watch with capabilities of calculating the depth of water, time of decompression and keeping a record of diving, rather than expensive mechanical watches. Nevertheless, diving mechanical watch has both masculine appearance and extraordinary taste which keep up with the fashionable trend, furthermore, it has excellent waterproof performance and its practicability enable itself suit for the suburban activities, bathing or even swimming occasions. There is no wonder that it can become a great option on the modern watch candidate list. The diver’s watch, as its name suggests, refers to the wristwatch which is accepted waterproofing process and only for the diver, but it doesn’t mean that it can be called diver’s watch for its powerful water resistance. Usually diver’s watch should have the following characteristics: 1, Waterproof performance must reach the depth of at least 200 meters. 2, There is the unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring the diving time. 3, Diver is usually under deep water, therefore, the hands and hour markers of diver’s watch are usually coated with luminous material to allow users to read time easily. 4, Strictly speaking, only the watch that meets the specifications, standards and tests made by ISO international organization can be called diver’s watch, and the control of such standards, of course, is for the safety of divers. However, owing to the market acceptance and popularity of diver’s watches, the high end mechanical watch factories which are not only selling for divers will compete to launch diving watches, and the watches does not necessarily meet the standards set by the professional organizations. Compared with the watches and pocket watches hundred years ago, the advancement of science and technology has brought much progress on the waterproof performance of modern watch. Today, most of the sports watches possess 100 meters of water resistance, and diver's watches generally have water resistance more than 200 or 300 meters. However, if we review the history of the watch's waterproof performance, we will find that the waterproof performance that we take it for granted today is hard-won sweet fruit after a long trip of developing, it is really worth being tasted bit by bit by watch fans. Therefore, we do not intend to introduce the new diver's watches by some articles like other media, and we just make a brief introduction of the history about the development of the diver's watch as well as share the happiness of understanding the present by reviewing the past with you. Since the advent of watch hundred years ago, water, dust, magnetism and shock are four enemies of watch. In the 1920s and 1930s, watch manufactures began to study the measures against these external forces intensively to increase the watch's durability and endurance. Although before the 1920s, there were a few watchmakers, such as Francis Baumgartner, Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret, they could produce the case with high quality which was well sealed, and thus it had good waterproof performance, then Omega and Longines adopted this case one after another. However, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was the first one who understood the potential of waterproof watches thoroughly, he made further devotion and indeed launched waterproof watches to public, and he won the popular acclaim. At present, the vast majority of watches experts have recognized the fact that Rolex and Omega are pioneers and promoters in studying waterproof performance of watches. Hans Wilsdorf continually improved the precision of the case, the adaptation of crystal face and crown system. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitzes swam across the English Channel wearing the Oyster watch of Rolex, and it took her 15 hours and 15 minutes, and Rolex became famous overnight by the reports from media and the advertisements. Durability, accuracy, water resistance, with incomparable athletic breath and the symbol of courage made the image of Rolex leave deep impression in people's mind. Marine was launched by Omega in 1932, and it was worn by the adventurer Charles William Beebe who was diving up to 10 meters under the water and setting the record at that time. Louis Cartier granted Pasha of Marrakesh's request to make a watch that could let him know the time when swimming. Cartier invented a kind of brand-new screw-in crown, and applied it to The Pasha launched in 1932. It could be said that it was the first luxury waterproof watch in the world. It is generally believed that mode of battle and the prevalence of military watches during the World War II is another reason to promote the rapid progress of diver's watch. The US Navy adopted Hamilton's Sea Bees Diving Watch at that moment, and its waterproof depth had been made up to 50 meters and its technology was mainly known as using twin-lock crown to strengthen its water resistance, and the Russian Navy also had similar military watch, the opposed countries like Germany and Italy adopted Officine Panerai which used its unique pressurized crown system to make the diving watches'effective working depth reach 30 meters. The scope of the use of these watches and the impact on the war was actually far less than other military watches in the same period, such as famous British WWW (waterproof wristwatch, its water resistance was at least 10 meters) or legendary Mark IX and Mark X, etc. As previously mentioned, Marine was launched by Omega in 1932 and it was worn by Beebe who was diving up to the depth of 10 meters, and Omega launched famous Seamaster in 1948. However, seriously speaking, Marine and Seamaster of that day, both of them could not be called real diver's watches. So far, most horological people have recognized the fact that diving watches came into ordinary people's real life should be started from 1954 when Rolex launched its revolutionary Submariner Ref. 6204. In 1956, Rolex launched Ref. 6538 which is now known as James Bond Submariner, and its waterproof depth could reach the standard of 200 meters (660 feet). During the postwar years, sports and adventure had prevailed in civil society, with the addition of the far-reaching promotion from media, the popularity of diving and sports watch had became unstoppable. After Rolex produced the world's first waterproof watch in 1926, it spared no effort to develop the diver's watches. In 1960, Rolex had ever produced a few diver's watches called Deep Sea Specials which were only for experiments, and hung it on the US navy ship which was called Trieste, and then the ship dived into the world's deepest trench - Mariana Trench which is amounted to the depth of 10,908 meters. After that, Rolex had laid the leading position in the field of diver's watch. In 1971, Rolex invented Sea-Dweller which possessed helium escape valve and its water resistance reached the depth of 2000 feet (600 meters). At the beginning of next year, M. Patrice Chemin and M. Robert Gauret worn this watch under the environment of helium and oxygen mixture and dived into the water of 2000 feet (600 meters) depth, furthermore, they continuously did that for 18 days and set the official world records. Blancpain declared that the time it launched 50 Fathoms was a few months earlier than the Submariner, that was the end of 1953. The performance of 50 Fathoms was indeed well-reputed. Famous diver Jacques Cousteau created successful grad wearing the diver's watch of Blancpain. (However, nowadays, people strongly believed that Submariner is the pioneer of diver's watch, it can not be changed only by the illumination of historical argument). After that Blancpain launched famous diver's watches called Aqualung and Bathyscaphe one after another. Otherwise, do not forget that Omega launched Seamaster 600 and Seamaster 1000 in 1970 and 1971 successively, and their waterproof depth reached the standards of 600 meters and 1000 meters respectively after it launched Seamaster 300(waterproof performance was only 200 meters) in 1957 and got great response. Leave the argument and confusion about who is the No.1 in history alone, we can fairly say that it was the efforts and innovation of these watch companies that created the vast world for the diver's watches and other sports watches jointly. Ten or twenty years later, except a few watch companies like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, etc, almost all of the Swiss big brands put into the production of diver's watches. For example, Eterna launched its famous Kon-Tiki in1955; in 1964 , IWC launched its first generation of Aquatimer, JLC launched its diver's watch Polaris which was equipped with alarm, and Vulcain launched Cricket-Nautical which was equipped with depth gauge. Even the top luxury watch brands Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe who took the wait-and-see attitude originally launched sports watches Royal Oak and Nautilus which were full of the breath of marine theme in 1972 respectively. It was a matter of course that these two watches were not really diver's watches, but both of them had reflected the charm and the trend of sports watch and diver's watch. The invention of helium escape valve is a very important milestone for the development of the diver's watch. General diving (also can be called scuba diving), the ingredients of the compressed air that divers take when they dive into the water are the same as the natural air, including 1/5 of the oxygen, and 4/5 of the nitrogen (N2). The nitrogen in the gas cylinder would integrate into the neurons under the high pressure and cause different levels of anesthetization. After having stayed in the water about 30 meters depth with its pressure for one hour, human's body would begin to produce so-called “nitrogen drunk” in paralysis. Whereas, if one is under the pressure of the water of 30 meters for more than one hour with using pure oxygen, it will also lead to the oxygen toxicity of human brain. Therefore, if divers have to stay in the water for a long time, they must replace nitrogen oxides with helium oxides, and according to the appropriate proportion to use helium-oxygen gas mixture when diving, which is called helium-oxygen diving. However, the volume of the helium molecule is very small, even several times smaller than the water molecules, so when using helium-oxygen gas mixture in diving, even though the water does not penetrate the watch, helium is also possible to enter the wristwatch under the high pressure from outside. On this occasion, no matter how powerful and professional for the diving watch's water resistance it is, it can not avoid that. The probability of the invasion of helium to watch is higher when using the PTC─DDC during the gsaturation diving. In the deep sea, helium would enter into the case due to external high pressure, and the process of this gas flow would make the pressure inside the watch be the same as the outside world. On the contrary, once divers rise, it will form the situation that the pressure inside the case is greater than the outside. The major brands began to attach importance to the exclusion of the nitrogen during the developing of the diver's watches. In 1971, Rolex produced Sea-Dweller that was equipped with helium escape valve and water resistant to 610 meters (2000 feet). Since 1980, the waterproof depth of Sea-Dweller had enhanced to 1220 meters, and today it is 3900m. Now Sea-Dweller is equipped with sapphire crystal, self-winding movement which is authenticated by COSC, and date display window. Its helium escape valve is on the left case, when the pressure inside the case is greater than the outside, the valve will automatically open to exhaust gas, while maintaining its water resistance. The characteristic of automatically opening the valve makes the divers do not have to take a toothpick to poke it, it can also automatically exhaust helium. In addition to SeaDweller, the Seamaster 300 of Omega is also equipped with helium escape valve. Besides the helium escape valve, there are other ways to overcome the limitation of water-resistant depth. IWC, which always stress the combination of performance and sports, launched a series of highly sporty watches with FA Porsche in the 1980s, among them, the most prestigious watches were the Ocean 2000 and Ocean 500, whose water resistance reached the standard of 2000 meters and 500 meters respectively. Ocean 2000 set record of the highest water resistance in the mass production of mechanical watches and maintained the record nearly two decades, and until 2002, it was broken by Breitling Avenger Seawolf that adopted the same titanium case and waterproof to 3000 meters. Ocean 2000 did not possess any designs like helium escape valve, IWC declared that there was a metal gasket in its titanium case to prevent the heat expansion which would affect the tightness ofcase. Although it could not resist the helium from entering, the helium could be evaporated quickly, so the helium escape valve was needless because the time of exudation of helium was sufficient to meet the time of rising. After finishing the partnership with Porsche for 20 years, IWC launched a new series of professional GST sports watch, GST was available in 18K Gold, Steel and Titanium. IWC GST Aquatimer possessed the waterproof performance of 2000 meters, which inherited the excellent waterproof tradition from its early Aquatimer, to replace the Ocean 2000 of Porsche Design by IWC which was very popular even had been out of print. And then IWC launched GST Deep One in Basel Fair in 1999, this was the first fully automatic diver's watch which could allow water to flow into the inside of the case and measure the depth of the water of 45M. With regard to Deep One, the crown located at 2 o'clock position was responsible for adjusting the depth gauge on inner bezel, while the button at 4 o'clock position was the Inlet valve. It could also caution the time consumption of oxygen cylinder. The design of patented stainless steel or titanium bracelet made this extraordinary diving sports watch become greatly valuable. Interestingly, this deservedly "professional" diving watch was only water resistant to100 meters. IWC claimed that 100 meters has far exceeded the limits of human non-mechanical diving, it's enough. When IWC gave Porsche Design Ocean 2000 (BUND) that was the first water resistance of 2000 meters in the world to the German Navy divers in that year, it was marked only 300m conservatively. Argon movement protection device and self-testing system of movement's humidity are the mentionable inventions in dive's watch developing history. These two inventions first appeared in Sinn 203 diving watch. All well-designed movements need the protection of lubricant grease to ensure the accuracy of operation. However, all-pervasive dampness will accelerate the aging process of the lubricant grease and movement, such damage is especially obvious for diving watch which is necessary in the water for a long time. Sinn developed an unique argon movement protection system. It poured the argon into the case, and after the case was sealed, it could resist the invasion from the oxygen and other extraneous dampness substances to prevent the aging of movement and maintain the high degree of accuracy. Sinn is specially equipped with a small tube which is filled with cupric sulfate powder and covered by transparent sapphire crystal, it will turn to blue from white when moisture is invading. When it turns to dark blue, the watch owner will know that the watch should be sent to do inspection and maintenance. Finally, we are going to talk about another interesting situation, which is also another reason for explaining why the diver's watch can be rooted in the people's hearts deeply and become popular watch: the film and media. In 1956, the Submariner Ref. 6538 and its follow-up watches launched by Rolex were widely popular because it appeared on the screen as it was worn by intelligence agent 007, and was even nicknamed James Bond Submariner. Omega Seamaster 300 replaced Submariner of Rolex and became agent James Bond's watch since the 007 movie named "Golden Eye" in 1995, and this mode of cooperation also continued to the later "Tomorrow Never Dies"(1997) and "the World"(1999) as well as "Die Another Day". In the 007 series, the Omega Seamaster had portrayed as life-saving magic that rescued him from desperation, even it had been given weapons capabilities that could cut steel plate with laser performance, or have detonated device, or could pull the cable wire to hang on a helicopter for escaping and so on, and these performances deepened the impression of doughty performance of diver's watch in the masses's mind. Whatever the Submariner of Rolex or the Seamaster of Omega, smart and brave James Pound climbed a mountain of swords or plunged into a sea of flames in the company of it during the series of 007 movies, the diver's watch always could be considered the symbol of having the courage to take adventure. Although part of the reason that Submariner and Seamaster could become James Pound's secret weapon was commercial operation and publicity, its excellence in its professional diver's watch field is recognized as quite an achievement that complement with the fictional smart character in the film. No matter how many you know about the diver's watch, we hope that you can become interested in diver's watch though you have never worn it after we have reviewed the history and interesting news of diver's watch, and we hope the readers who have owned the diver's watches can cherish the memory of the history and treasure, enjoy the free, colorful, inconstant life that watches have brought about.
  4. I'm kind of only interested in few specific brands, so i picked up three my best favorite 3 watches from the Baselworld Show. Actually, it is virtually impossible to come up with just three, as there are so many watches in this show. But i really appreciate the design and color combination. Here are three watches. Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Case: 904L stainless steel, 40 mm in diameter, helium escape valve, screw-down crown, unidirectional rotating bezel with Cerachrom bezel, guaranteed water-resistant to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) Movement: Calibre 3135, in-house developed and manufactured, self-winding, COSC certified, 28,800 vph (4Hz), 31 jewels, 48-hour power reserve, Parachrom hairspring, Breguet overcoil, large balance wheel with variable inertia screws, regulating via four gold Microstella nuts Bracelet: Oyster three-piece bracelet with solid links, 904L stainless steel, satin-finished, polished edges, Oysterlock folding safety clasp, Rolex Glidelock extension system (20 mm in increments of 2 mm), Fliplock extension link (26 mm) Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Caliber: Omega 1861 Famous manual-winding chronograph movement that was worn on the Moon. Rhodium-plated finish. Power reserve: 48 hours Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides Case: Titanium - Sedna Gold Bracelet: Leather strap Dial: Grey Water resistant: 5 bar(50 metres / 167 feet) Tudor Unveils New Edition of Heritage Black Bay 41 mm steel case with polished and satin finish Unidirectional rotatable steel bezel, matt burgundy red disc Self-winding mechanical movement, TUDOR calibre 2824(Total diameter: 26 mm; Height: 4.60 mm; Jewels: 25 Frequency: 28,800 vibrations/hour; Power reserve: ~38 hours) Power reserve of approximately 38 hours Screw-down winding crown in steel with burgundy red insert and engraved with the TUDOR rose Domed sapphire crystal Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft) Aged leather strap with folding clasp and safety catch Size: Case Diameter: 42 mm
  5. Having hesitated for a long time, I decided to buy this watch, so what do you think about that~~~
  6. The omega Constellation series has long been admired for its elegant and understated design. The Omega Constellation series is more complete with the publishment of the New Omega's Constellation "Pluma" wristwatch combining an advanced mechanical movement with exquisite styling. This unique watch takes its name from the Latin word for feather, subtly illustrating the delicate design of the dial. The 27mm mother-of-pearl dial is one of the striking design elements and are available in natural white or blue, a color that is created by the black paint coating underside of the mother-of-pearl dial. The soft curve pattern form the iconic claws on the bezel is engraved on the dial and echos the gentle lines of the feather. And the alluring dial is completed with eleven diamond indexes set in 18K gold holders. The luxurious Constellation "Pluma" dials are secured by central hour, minuet and second hands which are crafted from 18K gold and coated with Super-LumiNova. And there is also a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The white mother-of-pearl dial is paired with the luxurious diamond-set 18K red gold bezel, a SS case and a SS bracelet with 18K red gold links. The blue mother-of-pearl dial is available with a diamond-paved bezel, a smooth stainless SS and a matching bracelet. At the heart position of this superb mechanical wristwatch is the revolutionary OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8520 which is visible through the sapphire crystal case-back. Omega Constellation "Pluma" watch is delivered with a four-year warranty for its exclusive movement and this movement is waterproof to 10bar (100meters/330 feet).
  7. Human's ability to pursue their dreams is infinite. Omega publishes the "Mster Co-Axial Movement", inspired from the infinity dreams, with breakthrough technology, innovative materials and special aesthetic to demonstrate the power of dream again. Adhering to the spirit of dream, Omega has always continued to break through difficult challenges in the field of watchmaking. The Omega’s Co-Axial revolution began with the publishment of the Co-Axial escapement in 1999. In 2007, the brand developed the calibres 8500/8501, the first in-house Co-Axial movements and in 2013, OMEGA published the first truly anti-magnetic watch movement. Those milestones in Omega’s innovative Co-Axial product history contributed to the lunch of the most advanced mechanical movements of Omega - the Omega Master Co-Axial Calibres. The remarkable movement family includes Master Co-Axial calibres 8400/ 8401, 8500, 8511 and 8520. The most characteristic of these new movements, compared with the Co-Axial predecessors, is their ability to resist magnetic fields greater than 15,000 gauss. In 2013, Omega published the first truly anti-magnetic watch movement, the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8508. Over the last one year, Omega has succeeded in the mass production of the anti-magnetic technology and this innovative technology was applied to different sizes, various styles of watches. Unlike the common diamagnetic way, these Omega movements do not rely on the anti-magnetical inner case but the use of selected non-ferromagnetic materials in the movement itself. The launch of the Si14 silicon balance spring in 2008 is the first important step of the anti-magnetic movement development process. The pivots of this upgraded calibre are made of Nivagauss?; the SS Co-Axial escapement plates have been replaced by non-magnetic plates and the springs of the shock absorber are also made from amorphous metal material. This exclusive world premiere anti-magnetic technology will be equipped in Omega prestigious watch series. Besides the impressive magnetic resistance, the OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibres is also paired with Omega’s free-sprung balance system, three-level Co-Axial escapement and special luxury design elements, including the rhodium-plated rotor and bridge decorated with Arabesque Geneva waves. The reliability and Extraordinary precise performance of the OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibres ensure that each watch equipped with the extraordinary mechanical movement is offered with a full four-year warranty.
  8. In 1957, Omega launched a pioneering watch with special design for divers and underwater operation personnel - Seamaster 300. Unidirectional rotating bezel, diving index, black dial, time index and numeral hour index, owing to these extraordinary designs, the divers can be easy to keep track of the time whatever the land or deep sea under the condition of lights. There are several metal materials to 41mm case of Seamaster 300 to choose, including stainless steel, 950platinum, grade 5 platinum and 18k Sedna™ gold and so on. Black ceramic dial The black ceramic dial of Seamaster 300 set with the elements of gold and palladium material adopting the patented high-temperature processing. 18K platinum central hour, minute and second hands cover with luminous coating. The central platinum hour hands, minute hands and second hands cover with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The hour, second and hour indexes emit blue light, and the minute hands emit green light. Stainless steel case with LIQUIDMETAL diving index Stainless steel watches adopt black dial by sand blasting with polish black ceramic bezel of Liquidmetal diving index. The hour indexes, rhodium-plated hour and minute hands as well as the central seconds hand are coated with a luminescent material called Super-LumiNova that emits a soft blue light. The dot of minute hands and bezel covered with Super-LumiNova luminescent material emitting green light. Outstanding 18kOmega SEDNA™ gold The most dazzling works of Seamaster 300 watch adopted 18K Sedna™ to make the case and bracelet. 18K Sedna™ gold was the specific innovative material to Omega appearing at first in Basel watch fair in 2013. The black dial engraved 18K Sedna™ gold arc hand and white transfer symbol by sanding blasting. The innovative technology of Omega The polished black ceramic ring in Sedna™ gold collection of the bezel adopted the innovative technology of Omega. This was the first time to realize the perfect fusion to the innovative technology of Omega Ceragold. Omega 8400/8401 Master Co-Axial Calibre Omega introduced two masterpieces from upgrade Co-Axial Calibre family. Omega 8400/8401 Master Co-Axial Calibre, it is not only possessed the precision and reliability, but also adopted Omega's revolutionary antimagnetic technology. So Seamaster 300 watch even each watches with Master Co-Axial Calibre-bring the extraordinary performance to resist the strong magnetic field interference over 15000 gauss (1.5 Tesla). This chronometer authorized by COSC is water resistant to 300 meters (1000 feet/30 bar) and entitle of four-year after-sale warranty. The case back of each watches engraved "si14" and "ANTI-MAGNETIC > 15'000 GAUSS". In addition, owing to the different material of diving index, it would engrave"Liquidmetal"or "Omega CeragoldTM. Stainless steel, grade 5 titanium and two-tone collections carried 8400 Master Co-Axial Calibre, the watches with 18K Sedna™ gold and 950 platinum equipped with 8401 Master Co-Axial Calibre. Omega's patented extendable fold over rack-and-pusher clasp The strap of each watches adopted Omega's patented extendable fold over rack-and-pusher clasp. The strap has six adjustable positions to fit the length of diving suit cuff. You could open the clasp and press "push"to slide the clasp to the appropriate length. This is similar with the classic style in 1957, the new Seamaster 300 adopt symmetric case design, unidirectional rotating bezel, the dark dial and tint time index, hands and hour index. It is convenient to keep track of the time under all lighting conditions.
  9. It's very hard to choose 5 best movements from all the movements issued by Omega, which has a long history of more than one hundred and fifty years and has produced hundreds of types of movement. So when i was choosing, i focused on the following aspects: Omega is not the brand that is known for its difficulty technology. Although they has tourbillon and perpetual calendar, that's just the symbol of showing strength and quality, not mass produced. What i chose must has large quantity, very common on the market, must has high- quality, must is the Epoch-making product made by Omega and must is mechanical movement. Not the immature product or the electronic quartz products. So followings are the 5 most representative movements of Omega that i chose: 1. The 19" movements Discontinued Time: 1894 Designer: Franois Chevillat Diameter: 43mm Swing: 18000/h 17 jewels 19" movement is an epoch-making product. Its greatest significance is that the 19" movement laid the foundation of all the later Omega movements and the production of precision parts in the Swiss watchmaking industry. It’s the 19" movement formed the packaging combination concept. In the 1601, Swiss has already created the Geneva tabulation association. Although, Swiss has more 500 watch factories at that time, all the watches are manual produced and each part of the watch is only fit one watch. The watch components cannot be mass produced. Until in the 19th century, Swiss and American watch factories started to mechanize mass produced watches. The American Waltham Watch Company is one of the representatives, the pioneer of using advanced and sophisticated machinery manufacturing watches and clocks technology. It was also at this time, the Swiss Louis Family relocated their factory in the Bill region, which has more adequate manpower, abundant resources and convenient transportation. They gave up the old assembly system, started to design more sophisticated and more advanced machinery and technology, hired experienced designers and workers, adopted the mechanized production pattern, produced the unified standard parts and introduced the new division of labor system to do the assembly work. Then in the 1894, the famous epoch-making movement-19" movement, the achievement of all the Louies Family’s efforts, was been produced. All of the components are made in production line and can be substituted for each other. This production pattern reduced a lot of manpower and fully improved the quality of the products. And also in the same year, they gave the product a unprecedented name: OMEGA. This 19" movement had the most advanced structure - lever escapement. It was also equipped with bimetallic truncated counterweight balance and superior blue steel spring. The snail time adjustment was set on the balance bridge with beautiful screwed jewel bearing. All these details make this movement a wonderful movement. When this movement came out, it has broken countless Observatory races records. And it gained and has maintained the highest 97.8 points in the KEW races in 1936. The most accurate watch of all over the world is just the 19" movement. 2. 30mm movement Production year: 1939-1963 Production quantity: more than 3, 000, 000 Designer: Henri Kneuss Information: 30mm of diameter, 4.05mm/5 of thickness, 15/17 jewels Swing: 18000 A/h Power reserve: 42h As a wist watch movement, this movement is an extremely special one. It has been said that the 30mm was just the boundary between the pocket watch and wrist watch which were supplied for testing in the Observatory races. That means, 30mm is the maximum limit diameter of watch at that time. The designer was Henri Kneuss, who has already very famous at that time. This movement took the advice of Henri Gerber, the second chief designer of Omega. Before this movement, the main competitors of Omega are Zenith and Longines, while this movement beat all the rivals and hold the palm in all tests, including the Neuchatel, Geneva and KEW (it broke all the records in 1940, 1946 and 1949). In the 1951 Geneva races, 30mm gained the highest wrist watch score 870.3, which has not been broken till now. From 1938 to 1964 almost 1/3 Observatory certificate are awarded to 30mm movement. It is also one of the most worthy collected watches that experts recommend. The unusual adaptability, excellent calibration performance, easy maintenance and appropriate application components made up this top quality movement. The barrel and balance were designed as large as possible to achieve the top calibration standards. The most efficient power transmission relied on the strict size of the gear: the superb movement equipped with the smallest escapement system. Since 1943, all the balance have started to been set with the Incabloc shock absorber. The 30mm movement is a milestone in the watchmaking industry during the 1939 and 1963, a quarter of a century. The truth is that the largest users of this movement was the British Army. The British army and navy were equipped with the watch as good as that of Royal Air Force pilots and military in World War II. (110, 000 watches in total, More than half of their total sales in Switzerland). 30mm has 26* three small hands series and 28* three big hands series, the former is 260-269, the later is 280-286. The specific difference are the slight jewels number and some other nuances. Please note that the 262 and 281 are COSC, with large screw regulator on the balance bridge. The price is higher than that of other watches. 3. The 321movement Production year: 1946-1968 Production quantity: more than 40, 000 Designer: Albert Piguet Information: 27mm of diameter, 6.74mm of thickness Swing: 18000 A/h Power reserve: 44h 17 jewels The star balance and the Y shape plate of 321 movement are unmatchable by the later 861 movement. The escapement feels noble and complex, it seems like that it is screwed balance. The combination of the Y-shaped plate with elegant radian neutralized the overall complex chronography system. Many people doubt that if the star balance is better than eccentric balance. But most watches like the star balance structure. The standard edition movement, 27 CHRO c12, was published in 1942, joint designed by Omega's watcher, Jaques Reymond and Lemania’s watchmaker, Albert Piguet. In 1946, Omega reformed it to CAL. 321. This movement was firstly set in the SEAMASTER which was produced in 1957. And then, it is well known that NASA chose several commercially popular chronographies (not custom version but civilian version). Omega also attened several NASA missions and in July 21, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, the Speedmaster became the first watch that landed on the moon. And since then, there is a classic Omega series created by this movement: Speedmaster. 4. Auto 561 movement production year: 1958-1969 Designer: Marc Colomb Production quantity: 1, 000, 000 Information: 27.9mm of diameter, 5.55mm of thickness Swing: 19800 A/h Power reserve: 48h 24 jewels chronometer This was the final glory of Omega's former quartz generation: the automatic series. During the 20 years, from the 25mm 470 series and the 490 series with three big hands in 1955 to the 27.9mm 752 with double calendar in the 1970s, it has owned too many prides and too many Observatory certificates. And the decay of Omega later also directly affected this old factory'destiny. The most mature and famous product during the 20 years was the 5 series, some of which has been certificated by COSC: 551, 561, 564 and 751. A product can be a landmark is not because of its advance. The most popular watch are the Omega Constellation "monocoque" Piepan models. And the 561 is the most popular and the west product of them. 564 and 751 has already has the 70's modernity on its shape of watch case, but its value is not higher than the Piepan watches. And the well-saved 561 is very valuable in the secondary market. The coating of the movement is the iconic color of medium-term Omega: Rose Gold. The flexible tourbillon and the Swan’s neck regulator improved the overall aesthetic and usability of the whole movement. Many people are interested in the 5 series Omega, but most of them cannot distinguish the springs and the tourbillon material of the COSC 561 and the normal 562. COSC watches is not only more complex on the adjustment but also more professional on the choose of material. So there are many COSC 561 which is faked by 562 or 565. 5. Co-Axial 2500 Production year: since 1999 Designer: George Daniels Information: 25.6mm of diameter, 3.6mm of thickness Swing: 28800 A/h Power reserve: 42h 27 jewels Chronometer It has been rebuked that the Co-Axial escapement is using the ETA movement. But in my opinion, the ETA movement that has been changed with Co-Axial escapement in the heart position is not ETA movement anymore. Although most famous and able watch factories and brands are generalize their own in-house movement, but their movements just have slight difference in some details, such as the plate's style and the tourbillon’s structure, almost no factory has really creative spirit. Omega had not produced their own in-house movement for nearly 20 years before the 1970s. And in the 1970s, the powerful ETA movements has occupied half of the movement market at that time and people has already used to the "sharing movement". Even Omega was using the ETA2892 to maintain the ordinary watch’s function. Omega just slightly upgraded and improved the movement from 1109-1120. The Co-Axial escapement has already been designed by Daniels in the 1970s, but the quartz watch was in vogue at that time, many factories collapsed quickly and no one can afford a new machinery structure. The Co-Axial escapement had been experimented by Patek, Rolex and other watch factories, but was been rejected because of the production costs and other issues. But Mr. Hai Nieke of Swatch Industry showed his great foresight at that time and contributed to the cooperation between the British watchmaker, George Daniels and Omega. The Co-Axial escapement was firstly been used in ETA2892, the new Deville series till today’s Railmaster. The FP refitted 3133 Co-Axial movement is also sophisticated technique of Speedmaster series. It’s said that Omega has found their own factory for the production of Co-Axial escapement. And the Omega’s generation came again.
  10. In the 1980s, the darkest time of Swiss watch industry, the quartz watch shocked the whole word, especially the Swiss watch industry. The appearance of Japanese quartz clocks and watches made people realize that the accuracy of quartz watches is unmatched by traditional mechanical watches. Omega was an “omnipotent” watch factory at that time, they produced movements on their own, and published 1000 series movements to replace the old 500 series movement in 1980s. But honestly speaking, the public praise of 1000s movements is not so well, and it’s widely believed that the old 500s movements (such as 564 and 565) are better than 1000s. Even in the watch collection market the price of the old Omega watches equipped with 500s movement are higher than others, the Omega’s 564 and 565 movements are really valuable. The 1000s movement is actually the basic movement, it can be made into self-winding movement, automatic calendar or automatic double calendar. As long as putting the movement into related components, the watch will has corresponding functions. The 1030 movement is a self-winding movement. The bottom plate can be only covered by a piece of cover plate because the automatic components of the movement were dismantled and result in the large blank of the bottom plate. A nickname of this movement at that time is “Half movement”. Under the shock of Japanese quartz watches, Omega almost closed down at that time. Fortunately, the Swiss government helped Omega to survive from this battle. The cost of the production of a movement is very high, so the price of a mechanical watch is high. From then on, Omega has no longer produced in-house movement and became using the ETA movement, so the 1010, 1020, 1030 movements are the last batch of self-produced movements of Omega in the last century. Now, many Omega watches are equipped with 1120 movements, the current 1120 movement is completely not the old 1020 movement although their numbers are similar. But there are still some characteristics of modified 1000s movement. Firstly, the thinner movement has the automatic plate and the wheel plate at the same height and the auto components are not put on the wheel plate. It is also bidirectional automatic winding movement with only a auto guide wheel and a fast barrel, its kind like the auto structure of ETA2892 movement without the ball earings on the tourbillon shaft. The drive ratio of the center wheel is only 1:4. (general watches are 1:7) The vibration frequency of the balance is 4HZ, the diameter of the beryllium alloy balance is very small and the plate is traditional rose gold plated. But many inside movement components are plastic, including the calendar plate, second stop device and the wheel toggle of the calendar dial, which are not very durable and the plastic second device is directly touching the escapement wheel gear. And besides that i found that some auto tourbillions of the Omega 1000s movement are made from steel. Tourbillon materials are multifarious, but basically choose the heavy metal, such as the tungsten, lead brass and K gold. The quality of auto tourbillon is always on the edge as far as possible. therefore, in the middle part of the tourbillon are thinner, many also has milling grooves to increase cantilever effect. This is mainly to improve the seismic performance and protect the auto tourbillon shaft. The use of steel material on the auto tourbillon is relatively rare, the tourbillon of some Omega 1000s movement has corrosion phenomenon. Maybe Omega choosing steel as the material is because steel is not heavy metal but with high intensity and good flexibility. I think using steel will affect the antimagnetic performance because steel is hard magnetic material. Omega 1000s movement is with 17 jewels, which is a bit less as a automatic watch. But all the auto plats are inlaid with beryllium alloy settings, which is also abrasion resistant. This movement has a problem, which is that the shock absorber on the plate can fall off easily, so you need to be careful when you do maintenance and adjust the accuracy.
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