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Found 1 result

  1. In SIHH of 2011, watch models launched by manufacturers have clearly indicated the watch trends of the year, one of them is simple yet practical. Swiss manufacturer blindly went after complicated watch wave in past few years, but as a matter of fact, value of each watch brand is established on the trust of consumers. Most of beautiful complicated watches that tend to be easily malfunctioned can’t improve their brand image, just being a flash in the pan, I believe members here can quickly remind of some failure cases. At SIHH of 2011, PANERAI P.3000 manual winding movement was debuted, meanwhile, it was used onto a variety of watch models. I believe when first time saw this movement, thoughts among panerai watch fans are just the same as me: PANERAI has finally made up its last achievement in its movement line up. The thought come from the fact that PANERAI launched P.999 manual winding movement at 2010. Due to its light and small size (27.4 in diameter, 3.4mm in thickness), it can’t be put into the watches over 44mm, to the point, will PANERAI continue to adopt ETA 6497-2 as major movement for its small second watch types? But the problem is readily solved after P.3000 manual winding launched. PANERAL employed P.3000 movement to its five new watch styles in 2011, we can see how important this movement is for panerai. While today we’re gonna introduce PAM372 watch which being one of the easiest attainable model among these five watch styles at this time. this LUMINOR 1950 3 Days- 47mm watch,belongs to LUMINOR though, you will find out its case shape looks quite different with ordinary LUMINORs. In fact, in order to improve the waterproof of RADIOMIR, so LUMINOR case was launched in this regard. This kind of watchcase add a chunky crown bridge can protect the crown moreover improves waterproof. Besides, the coherent big and flat lug also replaces the previous wire lugs, since then Luminor watches have gradually evolved into modern solid and tough look. Therefore, the look of PAM372 is the first type of Luminor. Some members may already find out this model integrated symbolic cushion watchcase of RADIOMIR and crown, lug design of LUMINOR. Engraved with watch reference number between lugs, though this design is the first time use in recent years, it still continues to use the ways of original watches. Aside from presenting the former watch case style, PAM372 also abides by original design in other details, adopted Plexiglas? (3mm thick) crystal, before 1970s, the most frequently used material by manufacturers. Cause at the time, sapphire crystal has not been developed, and common glass material is easy to rupture. So use of Plexiglas was a mainstream of the time, high elasticity of this material makes it quite tough and not easy to be broken even though under outside forces, but having a shortcoming of weak scratch-resistance especially after a certain period of usage, certainly you can restore its original glowing feature by polishing and finishing. Otherwise, PANERAL also use this material in 373, 376, and 379, but dial continues to use sandwich design. The hazel luminescent coating sandwiched between two dials functions and looks flawless in darkness. The words of “LUMINOR PANERAI” adopts with early font engraving on dial instead of printing on. Another big feature of this watch is the use of P.3000 manual winding movement. It can be seen through the screw-in transparent sapphire crystal case back. Having an unexpectedly large size, according to the data of manufacturer, the diameter is 16? lignes (about 36mm), 5.3 mm thick, similar with ETA 6497-2 which is 16and 3/4 lignes in diameter, 4.5mm in thickness. But P.3000 movement has two barrels; the power reserve to 72 hours longer than ETA 6497-2 of 56 hours. The original manufacturer endows P.3000movement with more functions. You may know more after actually hands-on it. Pull out the crown one click for hour set and one further click for time adjustment. By a close look up at the movement, we can discover the movement plate continues the previous style:like the three-quarter plate design, a large bridge, next to another smaller one, covers the majority of the mechanical parts and it is fixed to the bottom plate by a series of screws of substantial thickness, thus forming a particularly rigid structure. The balance wheel is unusually large (13.2 mm) and it is the variable inertia type, with four adjusting screws arranged externally round the ring, so that the rate can be regulated without it being necessary to remove the whole assembly. Supported by a bridge with twin supports – a fixing much safer and more stable compared to the cantilevered single bridge – the balance wheel oscillates at a frequency of 3 Hz, equivalent to 21,600 alternations per hour. It is fitted with an Incabloc? anti-shock device and is free-sprung, so there is no regulating lever. watch style technique information: LUMINOR 1950 3 Days – 47mm Model:PAM00372 diameter: 47mm stainless steel watch case time indication P.3000 manual winding movement Plexiglassee-through sapphire crystal caseback. Waterproof 100m Limited production of 3000
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