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IWC History and Timeline

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Florentine A Jones


1868 - Florentine A Jones, a Boston engineer, came to Switzerland and built IWC(International Watch Co.) in Schaffhausen. He built a new hydroelectric power plant to offer consecutive power for the machines and invited a watch maker who deeply knew the traditional watch making skill of Schaffhausen. The glorious history development of IWC was based on enthusiasm Mr. Jones.


Digital Pocket Watches in 1885


1885 - The first watches that used patented Pallweber stystem were made, these watches had digital hour and minute display and IWC became the first brand to do this in the world.


Magique Pocket Watch


1887 - "Magique" had been lauched, this pocket watch featured a cabriolet case and a 24-hour display, it could be used as a hunter or open-face pocket watch.


Cal. 52 Movement


1893 - Started to produce Calibre 52 pocket watch movement.


First Wristwatch in 1899


1899 - The first wristwatches we knew were lanched.


Calibre 75 and 76


1915 - IWC firstly developed calibres for wristwatches, the Calibre 75 and 76.


Square IWC with Cal.87


1931 - IWC created the rectangle wristwatch that looked graceful, and it was equipped with the new tonneau-shaped Calibre 87 movement.


Mark IX


1935 - IWC firstly launched the Mark IX that was specially designed for pilots.


Portuguese Wristwatch


1938 - IWC produced large Portuguese wristwatch that was equipped with accurate, reliable pocket watch movement.



1944 - IWC launched the waterproof wristwatch (W.W.W) that was the appropriative watch for the British Army. The characters W.W.W stood for Waterproof, Wrist and Watch.


Pellaton System

1950 - IWC not only launched the first automatic movement that irritated a competition in watch field, but also reserched and developed the Pellaton Winding System that was still used in many movements. The Pellaton System is a patent of IWC.


Ingenieur in 1955

1955 - The birth of automatic Ingenieur wristwatch. Its inner case material is antimagnetic soft iron.


Cal. 44.

1959 - Researched and made Calibre 44 movement, which was IWC's first automatic movement for ladies wristwatches.


Aquatimer Ref 812AD 1967

1967 - The Aquatimer Automatic was launched that was water-resistant to 200 meters, it was the watch for professional divers.(In fact, IWC was one of the pioneers that had been researching and manufacturing professional diver's watches, we have discussed its legendary diving watches and the cooperation with Porsche Design in topic "The Story of Diver's Watches", you can read it here, http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1121-the-story-of-divers-watches/)


Da Vinci Quartz


Da Vinci Beta-21

1970 - The first wristwatch that used Beta-21 quartz movement was born, named Da Vinci.


Pocket Watch with Calibre 9721

1977 - The launch of Calibre 9721 movement. The first IWC pocket watch with calendar and moon phase display. IWC started to research and develop complicated watches.


Porsche Design Compass Watch by IWC

1978 - The first compass watch was launched that stood for the begining of the 20-year cooperation between IWC and desiger F.A. Porsche.


Porsche Design Ocean 2000 Bund by IWC

1982 - At the requirement of Federal German Navy, IWC launched Ocean 2000, which was waterproof to 2000 meters and completely antimagnetic.


Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar

1985 - IWC launched the first Da Vinci wristwatch that had perpetual calendar function. It displayed the year with 4 digits, and you could adjust it through the crown.


Grande Complication 1990

1990 - IWC launched a Grande Complication that had perpectual calendar, chronograph and minute repeater functions. It was the first time for IWC to apply so many complicated features in a wristwatch.


II Destriero Scafusia

1993 - For celebrating the 125 anniversary of IWC, it launched 125 pieces of II Destriero Scafusia, the masterpiece featured a tourbillon, split-seconds, minute repeater and perpetual calendar.


Mark XII

1994 - Mark XII Pilot's Watch continued the legend of Mark XI.


Portuguese Small Seconds


Novecento Automatic

1996 - IWC launched elegant Portuguese Automatic that featured a small second hand, and the Novecento Automatic watch, which was square and waterproof but didn't have perpetual calendar function.




1997 - The release of IWC GST sports watch line.


UTC Pilot's Watch

1998 - IWC designers developed the UTC Pilot's Watch.


Deep One

1999 - IWC launched the diver's watch GST Deep One, which was the first wristwatch with a mechanical depth gauge.


Portuguese with Calibre 5000


2000 - IWC lauched a litmited edition, Portuguese Automatic, which used a new automatic movement that had 7 days power reserve.


Big Pilot

2002 - At SIHH, IWC released the Big Pilot with 7-day movement, which was automatic winding and had power reserve and date display. The watch had the power reserve that was up to 168 hours.


Portuguese Group



2003 - IWC launched a new Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch that had a newly designed perpectual calendar and exclusive hemisphere moon phase display. Another highlight was the Spitfire.


Portuguese Minute Repeater Squelette in 2004

2004 - IWC launched a new gerneration of Aquatimer. Portuguese series also added new members: Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère, Portuguese Minute Repeater Squelette and Portuguese Automatic.



Spitfire Chrono

2006 - IWC presented 5 modified pilot's watches, including Big Pilot and Pilot's Chrono. Spitfire series also had new face, for example, the large-size Spitfire Chronograph.


Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus Edition

2007 - IWC launched the tonneau-shaped Da Vinci collection, which included Da Vinci Chronograph, Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus Edition.

2008 - On the 140th anniversary of tis foundation. IWC launched the unique re-edition series for paying tribute to the legendary base work of six big families.


Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

2009 - IWC launched a new generation of Aquatimer and new models. The Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month that had big digital display for date and month attracted much the attention of the public.


Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde in 2010

2010 - IWC launched the Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde that firstly combined the flying tourbillon and the retrograde function.


Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days


Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia

2011 - The most eye-catching production was the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days that used the newest in-house Calibre 59210. Moreover, a new model Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium was lauched. In August, IWC presented the most unique and complicated mechanical watch - Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia.


Top Gun Miramar

2012 - IWC launched five new Top Gun watches, a Spitfire Perpectual Calendar Digital Date-Month and a Pilot's- Watch Worldtimer.


Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon


Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

2013 - To celebrate the cooperation with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, IWC launched the upgraded Ingenieur, which included Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon and Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month.



Ingenieur Carbon


Ingenieur Dual Time


NewIWCAquatimerCollection_zps41867556.jpIWC Aquatimer Collection

2014 - Two new high-tech Ingenieur watches were released as well as three Aquatimer models.


To fully understand the background of IWC watch, read more about its series introduction:


Aquatimer: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1219-the-historical-root-of-iwc-aquatimer/


Da Vinci: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1227-a-brief-introduction-of-iwc-da-vinci/


Ingenieur: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1198-the-classic-reappears-iwc-ingenieur/


Pilot's Watch: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1156-flying-with-the-king-of-pilots-watch-iwc-pilots-watch/


Portofino: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1246-the-representative-of-classic-iwc-portofino/


Portuguese: http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/1094-the-most-complete-introduction-of-iwc-portugieserportuguese/

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