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A Brief Introduction of IWC Da Vinci

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Graceful tonneau-shaped case
The first generation of Da Vinci was launched in 1869. It was equipped with Beta 21 rectangular quartz movement and hexagonal case that was similar to tonneau. Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar launched in 1985 adopted rounded case. This mechanical watch created a new milestone for perpetual calendar, and the design inspiration of its shape was from Da Vinci's paintings. All the inspiration, including the design of case, modeling derived from the drawing of defensive castle that he designed for Piombino town of Italy.
The new generation of Da Vinci abandoned its former appearance and adopted tonneau-shaped case. Actually inspiration of the designs were from Da Vinci's study of painting, aesthetics and architecture. And now the new generation of Da Vinci's case had been changed into tonneau-shaped that was totally different from former watches. The new tonneau-shaped case possessed attractive design, and its only common ground with former watches was a pair of lugs with arrestive and unique design. No matter from the point of view of the watch technology or design, the characteristic of Da Vinci stemed from Da Vinci's creative and imaginative thoughts and actions rather than its typical shape of case that was well known by people.
Da Vinci Chronograph
In terms of appearance, the design of latest Da Vinci was unexpectedly and totally different from various former watches. Moreover, this tonneau-shaped watch held significant position among the round watches of IWC. Special shape of case presented amazing interactive curve which symbolized motivation and advancement. The style of this watch fully expressed design spirit of meticulosity in detail which was inherent qualities of IWC. Especially the side of case, its edge and interlaced stain-finished and polished surface reminded people of Ingenieur. This was not accidental, because the idea of these two watches were from Guy Bove and Matthias Kummer, and both of them were creative directors of IWC.
Da Vinci Case
The case diameter of Da Vinci Chronograph is 43mm, its middle part is round while the upper and the lower ends are gradual tapered that can connect with chronograph buttons, moreover, its overall shape goes well with lugs that makes the watch become classical and good-looking. IWC launched Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar in 1985, its four-digit year display made revolutionary change of Perpetual Calendar. In 2007, IWC restyled Da Vinci greatly for the first time, it not only adopted the graceful tonneau-shaped case, and it also launched brand new Da Vinci Chronograph which wrote a new chapter again for this legendary chronograph.
Da Vinci Chronograph
There is no doubt that chronograph watch is the most popular and biggest-selling wristwatch with complicated performance. Da Vinci Chronograph is equipped with the new developed Cal.89360 self-winding movement of IWC. The double-pawl self-winding device of Cal.89360 was improved from Pellaton Winding Ratcheted System that was invented by watchmaker Albert Pellaton, the pawls that transfer power to pawl wheel was increased to four from the original two, and pawls were not placed abreast but placed on pawl wheel by the pairs of face to face, so that its winding efficiency was improved to 30% and it possessed power reserve to 68 hours.
Most chronographs possess 30 and 12 hours timing performance, and 30 and 12 hours are displayed on separate small dials. This design has been adopted for a long time, and there is almost not any technical innovation. 89360 movement adopted new design concept that its chronograph device was started by classical column wheel structure, and it adopted unique eccentric design. During the timing, accumulated seconds is displayed by center seconds, while minutes and hours are directly displayed by two concentric hand indicators on another dial, and the device possesses fly back chronograph performance. The two hand indicators not only can do timekeeping, they also can perpetually run with accuracy along with the movement without reducing amplitude. It is indeed epoch-making design of chronograph and inproves its practicability. The small dial at 6 o'clock position of 89360 movement is also equipped with small seconds and calendar display.

Da Vinci Group
Da Vinci Chronograph
18K Rose Gold Tonneau case
Diameter of 43 mm
Hours, minutes, small seconds, and date display, hour and minute-chronograph hands are on the same subdial
Cal.89360 self-winding movement
Power reserve to 68 hours
High-grade leather strap

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