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Seagull ST2130 disassembly

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As you may known that now many affordable or middle class watches are using China movements that basically are made by several major Chinese watch movement factories like Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shanghai, among which the most well renowned movement factory should be Tianjin Seagull for its higher quality overall, this factory recent years has expanded its market substantially now occupying a position that used to belong to ETA in the past as supplier of ebauche and watch movements to many affordable or middle classic watchmakers, however, the relatively more recognized movements made by this moderately famous Chinese movement factory is the ST 2130 for its stability and accuracy.


The Seagull ST2130 is a movement based in ETA 2824-2 and with majority of the parts interchangeable with ETA 2824-2, Sellita SW200.


Today I get this movement ST2130 disassembled by myself, some detailed data you may discover from the pic I took among this process.

But before starting off the disassembly, I want show you some info about this movement for better understanding.

The specification of ST2130 movement





Type of movement


Date wheel

Date wheel at 3 o’clock

Jewel No.


Power reserve

Approximately 42h



Hacking function


Shock absorber



From these data, we can see the difference lies only in Jewel number and type of shock absorber if you know eta 2824 a tad more, the other parameter are exactly identical, in terms of eta 2824, jewel number counts to 25 and fitted with an incabloc/Novodiac shock absorber, and whose power reserve maximum for 38 hours. I know the most important matter people care about is the accuracy, stay still, I’m going to disclose that later.

(Note, usually there are two types of finish regarding this Seagull ST2130, gilt finish- gold colored, and the nickel finish-silver colored, here I’m using the later one)

Ok, let’s commence the disassembly, first of all a beautiful whole movement pic the dial and movement side



geneva stripes on rotor, plates and bridges are decorated with perlage, very nicely looking


First step, The hands and date wheel must be removed just in case when taking actions on movement side, components on dial would be easily damaged.




this is how the movement look by removing the hands and date wheel



Second up, the winding system on movement side is the first component has to be disassembled, have you seen the black screw? There are two used to hold the auto-winder in place, that will be unscrewed to release the winder plate after the rotor removed.




rotor removed



The auto-winder mechanism, bi-directional winding



Movement after removed winder



Balance wheel is visible now, take that apart, then the pallet 



Movement after removed the balance wheel and pallet 



The balance plate, the jewel is great but lack some oil, but not to the point I mean it un-oiled at all, just slightly not enough. 



The barrel box 



The third-fourth Wheel Bridge taken down, and only wheels remained on main plate



The wheel bridge 



Escapement wheel



Balance wheel 




The third wheel and second wheel, the pivots of both are nicely polished 



Now all the components are removed, this is how the main plate looks without any components attached


Since you have witness all the processes while I’m doing the disassembly, here I’m going to deliver my own thoughts by the set of pictures

1.  Overall look

     Good, I like the Geneva stripes decoration on rotor, the brushed finish is nice.

2.  Escapement wheel

     the pivot is very nicely formed and finish is great, on a more serious note, the hairspring is marvelous, crisp, tidy and high quality.

3.  Pallets

     At least, no skin bits stuck in, seriously, the finish is great and stones look well fit the pallet and the beveled end very sharp and linear.

4.  Bridges

     Some slight scratch can be found on some bridges like the winder bridge, not a big deal, but indeed exist, it probably appeared while assembling.

5.  Main plate

     Also can be found scratches

6.  Oiling

     Not like most folks say Chinese movement most likely can’t oil the components in the movements, this is not the truth, it does have but just a matter of quantity.

7.  Overall

ST2130 being a nice movement, only has some minor issues, like scratches and oiling part, the rest are quite decent, I measure the time before I fully dismantled it, about +8 second a day, which is rather satisfied, by cleaning out some dirt and oiling the components in process of disassembly, and doing some fine adjustment, the result is quite desirable, now the daily error runs about +2 sec. The whole process is quite funny, basically, I’m quite pleasant and surprised by this movement the way it performs, though not 100% flawless, but totally can be called a very decent and economy-friendly movement, in fact, now I’m very keen on the watches with this movement, it should perform at least well with such movement inside, and probably better. If the plate and oiling doing better, it will be no contest at all among massive Chinese produced movements, and even now, it’s already doing quite great, but still have space to improve.

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Very detailed disassembly steps, don't know much information about this movement, you can discuss sth more about Chinese movements~  It's a bit pity that some pics are defocused, can't see very clearly~

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Very detailed disassembly steps, don't know much information about this movement, you can discuss sth more about Chinese movements~  It's a bit pity that some pics are defocused, can't see very clearly~

actually this is the Chinese movement, indeed the pic is not well pictured, light is insufficient, I will take note of that and do better next time 

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