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The differences between Radiomir and Luminor

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The brief origin of Radiomir and Luminor:


In 1915, Panerai was supplied "RADIOMIR RONCONI" for military. The "RADIOMIR", a kind of light-emitting material based on Radium, was used for the luminous coating of the instruments and watch dials. Because of its high radioactivity, the Radiomir coating was gradually replaced by self-luminous material "Luminor" during the WWII.

In 1916, Panerai registered patent for "Radiomir".

In 1936, the first Radiomir prototype watch was published.

In 1949, the Radiomir was replaced by Luminor, which was registered patent in January 11, 1949 and the registered trademark is just "LUMINOR". 

In 1950, Panerai finished the watchcase design of LUMINOR, and that watchcase is used in contemporary LUMINOR 1950.


The biggest difference between Radiomir and Luminor is that Radiomir is equipped with conical screw-down winding crown and screw back while the Luminor is complimented by the crown bridge(registered trademark), but they are both using the distinguished cushion shape watchcase which ensured a particularly high degree of water-resitance.

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