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Shanghai A623 and Its Re-edition

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The first militray watch produced by new China in 1960s, Shanghai Watch Co. independent researched and developed a watch Ref.623, after learnt from Swiss Rolex calendar watch, that possessed calendar display and shock-resistant functions, and it also produced a small amount A623 watch that was the first calendar watch maken by China. It was also called "Minister Watch" since Mr. Zhou Enlai was the first person to who bought this watch and worn it untill he passed away. And now, this watch was exhibited in Revolutionary Military Affairs Museum of China.


Mr.Zhou EnLai and Shanghai-The first prime minister of PRC and Calendar watch A623




Mr. Zhou EnLai's A623 that was exhibited in Revolutionary Military Affairs Museum of China
Place : Shanghai Watch
Year : 1962-1968
Model Number : A623
Function : Calendar, 24 hours setting (no quick set calendar function)
Frequency : 18800 hz





Shanghai A623 re-edition and limited edition watch, manual winding watch for men, vintage watch 557-5
Place : Shanghai Brand Watch (originially called Shanghai Watch )
Year : 2013
Model Number : 557-5
Calibre : SS7 mechanical movement
Function : Calendar
Case Back : Stainless steel case
Crystal : Organic glass
Case : 316L stainless steel
Strap : Leather
Buckle : Pin buckle
Fraquency : 21600 hz

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