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IWC models and movements

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[table]ModelMovementTURN DIRECT.TURNS  PER DAYAquatimer: 3548IWC 30110Both650Aquatimer Automatic 2000: 3538IWC 30110Both650Aquatimer Chrono - Automatic: 3719IWC 79320CW800Aquatimer Chronograph"Cousteau Divers": 3782IWC 79320CW800Aquatimer Ltd. Ed. "Cousteau Divers": 3548IWC 30110both650Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph: 3723IWC 79470CW800Big Pilot's Watch: 5002, 5004IWC 5011 or 51110Both800Chronograph Amalfi: 3703IWC 7901CW800Da Vinci Auto Chronograph: 3750, 3758, 9252IWC 79261CW800Da Vinci Rattrapante: 3751, 3754, 9254IWC 79251CW800Da Vinci SL Auto: 3528, 9268IWC 37524Both650Grande Complication: 3770, 9270IWC 79091CW800GST:3715Based on Valjoux 7750CW800GST Aquatimer: 3536IWC 37524 Both650GST Automatic Alarm: 3537IWC 917Both800GST Chronograph Automatic:  3707, 9277IWC 7922CW800GST Chrono Rattrapante: 3715IWC 79230CW800GST Deep One:  3527IWC 8914Both800GST Perpetual Calendar: 3756IWC 79261CW800Ingenieur Automatic: 3227IWC 80110Both500 - 950Ingenieur Automatic AMG: 3227IWC 80110Both500 - 950Ingenieur Chronograph: 3725IWC 79350CW800Ingenieur ChronographIWC 80110Both500 - 900Ingenieur Chronograph AMG: 3725IWC 79350CW800Ingenieur Midsize: 4515IWC 30110Both650Ingenieur "Officially Certified Chronometer"or Spitfire UTC: 3521, 9239IWC 887/2Both800IWC Porsche Design Chronograph 02: 3701IWC 790CW800IWC Porsche Design Compass: 3510, 3511, 3551IWC 375Both650IWC Porsche Design Ocean 500: 3503, 3523IWC 375Both650IWC Porsche Design Ocean 2000: 3500, 3504, 3524IWC 375Both650IWC Porsche Design Titan Automatic: 3520IWC 375Both650IWC Porsche Design Titanium Chronograph: 3702, 3704IWC 790CW800Lady's Mark XII:  4421IWC 964Both800Novocento Perpetual Calendar: 3546, 9237IWC  96061Both800Novocento Automatic: 3226IWC  960Both800Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic: 3717IWC 79320CW800Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery:  3717IWC 79320CW800Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph: 3786IWC 79230CW800Pilot's Watch  Mark XII:  3241IWC 884/2Both800Pilot's Watch  Mark XV:  3253IWC  37524Both650Pilot's Watch Mark XVl: 3255IWC  30110Both650Pilot's Chronograph IWC  7922CW800Pilot's Watch Midsize: 3256IWC  30110Both650Pilot's - Split - Seconds Chronograph: 3711, 3713IWC 79230CW800Pilot's Watch UTC: 3251IWC 37526Both650Portofino Automatic: 3513IWC 37521Both650Portofino Automatic: 3533IWC 301101Both650Portofino Perpetual Calendar: 3541IWC  37582Both650Portugieser Automatic: 3531IWC  891/2 Both800Portugieser Automatic: 5001IWC  51010Both800Portugieser Automatic 2000: 5000IWC  5000Both800Portugieser Automatic w/date: 3532IWC  889/2Both800Portugieser Chrono- Automatic: 3714IWC 79240 or 79350CW800Portugieser Chrono- Automatic Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: 3714IWC 79350CW800Portugieser Perpetual CalendarIWC 5000/5011Both800Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: 5021IWC 50612Both800Portugieser Perpetual Calendar II: 5022IWC  51610Both800Portugieser Tourbillon Mystere: 5042IWC 50900Both800Romain Demi-Plat Automatic: 3208IWC 889/1Both800Spitfire Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3717IWC 79320CW800Spitfire ChronographIWC  7922CW800Spitfire ChronographIWC  79320CW800Spitfire Chronograph Automatic: 3717IWC  79320CW800Spitfire Double ChronographIWC  79320CW800Spitfire Mark XVIWC  37524Both650Spitfire Mark XVl: 3255IWC 30110Both650Spitfire MidsizeIWC 30110Both650Spitfire UTC: 3251IWC 30710Both650Skelett: 2701IWC  2717CW800[/table]

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