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My precious: Casio Oceanus OCW-S100-1AJF (Manta)

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Got this beauty directly from Japan few days ago and all I can say is WOW. It's titanium, titanium nitride (TiN) in fact, making it insanely light and scratch resistant, slightly domed sapphire crystal and the most epic dial of all times. Literally, I thought GrandSeiko had gorgeous dials, but this one takes the crown. If you look at it directly, it's mostly silver and black. But you move it a bit, blue tones start to shimmer all over it. The edge of the sapphire crystal gets a blue ring around similar to the green one found on Rolex Milgauss. But in deep blue color. It actually brings the feel of staring at the ocean. Amazing Casio, I never thought a company known mostly for cheap quartz and G-Shock watches can pull off something like this.

Next is the core of this watch which is a Casio's Tough Mvt. powered WaveCeptor 5 engine. A solar powered, perpetual calendar movement with atomic radio control syncing. Second hand strikes every single second marker with precision with minimal (micro) backlash, hands are super legible, markers have great super sensitive lume and they are decorated with metallic blue edges, giving the dial that deep ocean glow.

And one thing that suprised me even more is the simplicity of adjusting this watch. I thought it will be difficult because there is no screen and it has to display everything to me through 3 hands and dial. Man I was wrong. This watch is the most simple watch to adjust and I've only used user manual because I didn't want to break a brand new watch somehow. Pull out a crown and you can adjust the time zone on the fly by turning it and the second hand will cycle the cities around the dial. Press a button and it will display a synchronization status (successful or failed). Holding it for 2 seconds, forces manual syncing of atomic time. Casio has one of the best atomic receivers in my opinion. G-Shock that I have syncs unconditionally everywhere, even during a day. Casio Oceanus? Exactly the same. Got it around noon, adjusted the bracelet, held button for 2 seconds and it synced without any issues. Something Seiko really disappointed me with the Seiko Spirit SBPA001 which only syncs on a top floor and only at night. There is no way I can ever make it sync ina room facing away from transmitter location and during a day. It's just not possible. But Oceanus, absolutely flawless syncing.

Oceanus impressed me so much it actually crossed my mind to sell all mechanical watches and only wear this one. I kid you not. It is really that good and beautiful. Zero maintenance, absolute precision and beauty. It's also the exactly right size, not too small, not too big and surprisingly thin. Paid 550 EUR with VAT included from trusty SeiyaJapan and I don't regret it. Only thing that I regret is for not buying it sooner. I really don't get it why Casio isn't pushing these more here in Europe. Who cares about Edifice models, the Oceanus is the thing you want to have and when people would see them in person, they'd sell like hot cakes.

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Yours looks exactly as magnificent. And I love the name itself. Oceanus. Kinda gives me that warm and cozy feel of sitting on a bench next to a coastline, listening to the waves that are hitting the beach. Yeah, I feel really poetic today :)


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My Oceanus gets more positive comments than some of my more expensive watches.

I love the pick up and go appeal, I like its simplicity.

The power save feature where the second hand stops at 12 is cool. Especially when it wakes in the morning and whizzes round to resume its job.

I got mine from Seiya too.


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