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Buying experience of Rolex Submariner 16610LV and 16610

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Actually, I had knew nothing about watches, but recently, the messages from my friend always involved Rolex...

That let me feel curious that isn't Rolex the old men's watches? Why are many youngs also fond of it? So I searched some informations from the internet

I found that Rolex also has many types for young men that has been launched for several decades. There are also many classical and hot sale types which made the fans scramble for.

However, they cannot arouse my interest because of their high prices! But I had changed my mind in the day I was shopping.

I was initially only want to have a look at the hypostatic Rolex, so I went to the Rolex flagship store, that was really a miraculous time!

When the saleswoman took out the Rolex and asked me to try on it, I was having an ineffable feeling.

The solid case, the precise time, the simple look, the luxurious Benz hand and the crown logo attracted me deeply.

I had never intended to buy such a watch, but suddenly an irresistible impulse broke out to an apex!

Unexpectedly, this thought realized after two weeks. My friend also a lunatic who bought the watch as soon as said, so we went to the noted watch store and bought the watches.

We went out the watch store with exciting feeling, we stepped to the Rolex field!

We bought the 16610LV and 16610, let's see the pictures:

What are in the two white boxes?

It's a Rolex Submariner 16610LV the green one. (the black one will come soon)

Gosh! It's very fascinating!

The black and green Rolex 16610LV vs 16610.

The green Submariner is eye-catching, while the black Submariner is mysterious, both are powerful!

They nearly have no gaps except the different bezel colour and the luminous marks of the green Submariner is a bit bigger than the black one.

Really attractive.



Following is my black Submariner:

Looks a bit green.

The classical black, looks clam and cool.

The crown logo is very fascinating!




The sports watches of Rolex are very popular, the most famous one is the Rolex 116520 Daytona stainless steel type that is more than twice the price of the original pricing, but it's still hard to buy.

Rolex is the iconic classical watch plus the super-high value, just go and have one.

Rolex 16610 Submariner Specification:

Ref: 16610 16610LV
Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date
Stainless steel COSC-certificate Chronometer
Automatic winding
40mm case
Black dial, luminescent hands and marks, unidirectional bezel (black, green)
Cal.3135, 31 jewels, adjusted for 5 positions, Breguet overcoil hairspring, Glucyder balance wheel with four arms, four special screw-nuts, balance bridge, KIF system, bi-directional automatic, water-resistant to 300m, sapphire crystal, original stainless steel bracelet with solid end links.
COSC Specification

The way to extend the 16610 bracelet, learned from my net friend. Don't forget this magical function of Rolex Submariner.

Had not been extended.

Turn over the bracelet, you can find a circle mark, press it.

Then, you can find the fixed buckle was opened.

Pull open the bracelet.

Move the loosen bracelet, then you can pull out the hidden bracelet.

This is the extended bracelet that's for using outside the diver's suit.


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