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Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph Review

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Compared to the unchanged matured image of Rolex watches in the past, Rolex launched stunning watches which brighten everyone's eyes at Baselworld. Take its long-term production Cosmograph Daytona for example, the central second chronograph hand, hands on subdials and inner bezel ring of 116509 (18 K white gold) that was launched this year are bright red, although it is equipped with Cal.4130 automatic chronograph movement that was launched in 2000, its eye-catching red caught attention of Rolex fans easily, because most Daytona models are stainless steel, white gold, black/white dial.
In the minds of most fans, the highest value of Rolex is its accuracy and durability, it does not have great changes in each model, but it can effectively control its quality and preserve its characteristics. The green bezel of Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Edition that was changed slightly has caught many Rolex fans' attention, and Daytona launched rare 18 K white gold edition which was equipped with red hand has appealed to watch fans greatly.
Cosmograph Daytona
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph had launched 116262, 116263 and 16264. All of them were equipped with Rolex basic Cal.3135 automatic movement, but the case, bracelet and dial of Turn-O-Graph had been improved and modified greatly, especially its bright red central second hand and date numbers, it is no wonder that many watch fans were attracted by it as soon as it was launched. In contrast with the Rolex shinning sports watches, such as Explorer, Submariner and GMT Master, Turn-O-Graph seems commonplace. Nevertheless, date back to the origin of Turn-O-Graph, we can find easily that Turn-O-Graph is the foundation stone of Rolex when it entered the filed of so-called Utility Watch or Professional Watch, thus it has significant position and plays a important role in Rolex's history.
Turn-O-Graph 116264
The first ancestor of Rolex sports watch: Turn-O-Graph.
The first launch of Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph Ref. 6202 at Baselworld was in 1953, and its design inspiration was derived from a new idea of chronograph technology: Rolex equipped innovative rotatable chronograph bezel to the primary Oyster case, thus Turn-O-Graph possessed chronograph function which is similar to chronograph immediately. Furthermore, Rolex marked a triangle sign on the top of the  rotatable chronograph bezel, it means the position of null point, and this is also the origin of Turn-O-Graph's name. Compared to other contemporary chronographs, Turn-O-Graph 6202 has two obvious advantages, one is its firm Oyster case has shock resistance and abrasion resistance; another one is it has better waterproof because it has no chronograph button.
Turn-O-Graph 6202
Turn-O-Graph 6202 is not only the first Rolex watch possessed rotatable chronograph bezel, it is also the foundation of future development of Submariner, Yachtmaster and GMT Master. Take Submariner Ref. 6204 which was launched in 1954 for example, its rotatable chronograph bezel is almost identical to the bezel of Turn-O-Graph 6202; all of 60 minutes on the bezel have minute marks, unlike today's Submariner, which just has minute markers of the first 15 minutes. In fact, the difference between Submariner 6204 and Turn-O-Graph 6202 almost is the design of dial and crown. The earliest GMT Master Ref. 6542 inherited the appearance of Turn-O-Graph 6202 basically, but it adopted Caliber 1065 movement and was equipped with 24-hour display function, moreover, it was the first watch that possessed Rolex date cyclops.
Turn-O-Graph 6309 "Thunderbird"
Turn-O-Graph 6202 was only produced for thousands in a short time in 1950s, and it was replaced by Turn-O-Graph Ref. 6309 which was nicknamed Thunderbird Datejust quickly. The nickname of this watch was related to USAF Thunderbird. USAF Thunderbird was founded in 1953, and this group gave a Turn-O-Graph Ref. 6309 to their coach--the famous air-flight hero Don Ferris as souvenir. Since then, Rolex Turn-O-Graph was nicknamed Thunderbird by Americans who worship flight and heroes.
Turn-O-Graph 1625
Turn-O-Graph 6309 was equipped with 1065 movement, acrylic crystal and cyclops date window, but its chronograph bezel was changed greatly. The biggest difference between Thunderbird Ref.6309 and the initial 6202 is that the chronograph bezel of 6309 was changed into mental skeleton bezel which is similar to Yachtmaster's bezel, and its bezel did not have marks on every minute. The subsequent models of Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird always inherited this design of bezel, which have great difference in the appearances of the subsequent models of Submariner which adopted the bezel design of 6202. The subsequent Thunderbird 1625, 16253, 16263, 16264 and 16268 were equipped with sapphire crystal, and they are classified as Dress Watch, which are lack of features of 6202 at that time, thus many watch fans have neglected the fact that Turn-O-Graph 6202 can be called the first ancestor of Rolex sports watch.
Turn-O-Graph 116263
Turn-O-Graph Ref.116261, 116263 and 116264 that Rolex have launched are not only the restyled watches of Turn-O-Graph, it is obvious that Rolex attempted to create a new series of sports watch. On the other hand, Rolex represented the results of research and developments in recent years by the restyled Turn-O-Graph, Rolex most probably will represent the results by other models: the rotatable chronograph bezel of new Turn-O-Graph adopted newly developed ratchet system, thus it rotates more smooth. Its Jubilee mental adopted SEL (Solid End Links), and the buckle had been modified greatly, hence it will be more comfortable to be worn. The sign of Rolex was printed on the dial of new Turn-O-Graph, which is the innovative technical performance of Rolex. It is a matter of course that the change of Turn-O-Graph's appearance is the focal point, its bright red center seconds hand is eye-catching, and the font “ Turn-O-Graph” of the dial is also red, which reproduced the charm of classical Red Submariner. Moreover, Rolex had made a unprecedented attempt that the Turn-O-Graph was equipped with red date numerals.
After you have read this brief introduction of historical development and new watches of Turn-O-Graph, I believe that you can get the answers for some of confusions in your mind, so what surprise do you expect that Rolex will bring us in the future?

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