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A detail process to help you open the extension link

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I have read an opening box of Rolex, and the guy had shown a little info about how to open the extension link of a Rolex dive watch, but not very detailed. Now, I am going to show you the detail process.



This process only be useful for Rolex dive watches like the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller, because only these series watches have a dive suit extension link.

If you take down your Rolex watch and check it inside of the clasp, you would fine a series of bracelet links, don't think it's easily to pull out, that's incorrect.

You can see that a distinct circle on one link, press on this circle, and you will hear a sound "pop" and you can feel the links up.


Then, pull on the three links that were original inside of the clasp, you'll fine they can't not fix the inside of the clasp. If you have done these steps correctly, you'll get the bracelet like the following photo:


Now, you can put on the watch, fastening the clasp as you usually do, can you feel the bracelet has increased? That's the whole steps to open the dive-suit extension link.

Of course you can return the clasp back to its original position, you just need to fold the dive suit extension back to the clasp and press it firmly.

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