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A list of Cartier movement

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MODEL NO.MOVEMENTTURN DIRECTTURNS PER DAYMust de Cartier Autoscaph:  W10147U2Caliber 049Both650Pasha 950Base Frederic Piguet 1185CW800Pasha Plongeur:  W31016N1Caliber 020Both650Pasha "C" de Cartier:  W31047M7Caliber 049 / 052Both650Pasha "C" Chronograph: W31048M7Caliber 047Both650Pasha de Cartier 42mm 2005)Caliber MC8000Both650-800Pasha de Cartier Chronograph:  W31030H3Base Frederic Piguet 1185CW800Pasha Lunette Simple:  81750113Caliber 020Both650Pasha Power Reserve:  W3101255Caliber 049Both650Pasha Seatimer XLCaliber 049Both650RoadsterCaliber 3110Both650Roadster ChronographCaliber 8510Both650Santos 100Caliber 049Both650Santos de Cartier Galbe Grand Modele:  W20040D6Caliber 220CW650-800Santos Carré:  81036283Caliber 77Both650Santos Galbe SmallCaliber 77Both650Santos Galbe LargeCaliber 120CW800Santos Ronde:  W20028G1Caliber 77Both650TanTank Americaine Large SizeCaliber 120CW650-800Tank Americaine Large Size:  W51002Q3Caliber 220CW650-800Tank Americaine Moyen Modele:  WB7045MPCaliber 77Both650Tank Americaine Moyen Modele:  W2603556Caliber 200CW650-800Tank DivanCaliber 381ACW650-800Tank Francaise Auto Large SizeCaliber 220CW800Tank Francaise GMCaliber 120CW650-800Tank Francaise XXL YearlingCaliber 120CW650-800[/table]

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