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A simple style Nomos Tangomat GMT

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The last three months, I was looking for my present for this year's birthday.


I had considered to buy an Omega or a IWC watch, but changed my mind soon for one thing that I thought I am too young to wear such two brands. On the other side, I had compared these two brand's entry-level watches with my existing two mechanical watches, they look similar on some parts. Therefore, I decided to buy a different one for my third choice, so that I can wear them in turn for different occasions. I finally bought this watch.



Even the bag looks low-key.



Different from those big brand's box, Nomos use an oblong wood box that looks very special. 



Opening the box, a warranty brochure stated in the box beside the watch. 



A close-up shot of today's leading role. To specify, the left window on 9 position shows the representative airport codes of the 24 time zones, and the right window on 3 position shows the local time. 



The following picture shows the time zone changed to TYO which is one hour later than Taiwan, there are 24 airport codes of 24 time zones, the common codes like NYC, etc., the local time indicator on the right side can let you know the current time of your hometown soon wherever you are. 



The see-through back case design shows a strong contrast to the simple style surface, the finishing level of the in-house movement Xi may be able to classify to the high-level scope in the same price models? In addition, it's daily error is -1s/day. 





The strap is an another feature of this brand, it used Shell Cordovan strap which is obviously thinner, may be this strap is for matching with the simple style lines of the case. Moreover, this brand’s original factory does not have butterfly buckle. 



On the left side, a fine-tuning button that you can use it to adjust the local time. The button was hided because it's rarely to adjust the time, and the hidden design of the button will not break the line of the case. 



The design of this bar is great, though it was kept for future possible use.



Following posting a wrist shot, the blue steel hands is also a point attracted me, this type matches white shirts very much, though you're wearing a T-shirt. The case looks very big because of the narrow bezel, but it's actually only 40mm,, my wrist is thin, this size is the biggest that I can wear. 



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