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Common issues and answers of Nomos

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1.Whether there had another company that had used the name Nomos?


Yes, from 1906 to 1910, there was a company which specialized in producing pocket watches. The name Nomos is the only common point of the two companies. Nowadays's company used Nomos since it was set up in 1990.

2.Does Nomos operate outlet stores?


No, we don't operate factory outlet stores. Nomos wrist watches will be sold in those retail stores that we selected and ours smaller Glashutte flagship store. The flagship store is in the building which is the original place of Glashutte wrist watch industry. In here, we usually sell the newest models and purchase some collections of the passed exhibitions at the same time. Even though we don't offer you any discounts, those people who know watches very much would like to tell you how well is the Nomos watch.

3.What's the meaning of the SA follow with Nomos Glashutte?


SA means Saxony, it's for distinguishing Nomos Glashutte from those other 32 towns which alo use the name Glashutte in Germany. However, we didn't use SA since we released our new movement in 2005. But you can still see it from our address.

4.Does the name Glashutte have copyright?

Yes, it does. Not all of the companies in Glashutte can use the name Glashutte on their wrist watch. After several lawsuits aim at Nomos, only those companies in Glashutte which produced the movements over 50% value would have the qualification to use this name. This judgment is effective for everyone: help keeping the work stability in Glashutte area, and guaranteed the highest quality of the traditional watches to the customers. Today, Nomos designs, develops and produces the in-house movement in Glashutte.

5.It's said that ETA will not sell the semi-finished-products to other companies, will that affect Nomos?

Nomos will not be influenced by this decision, because Nomos Glashutte isn't applying ETA movements. This decision is for stopping those black sheep who break the reputation of ETA by producing fake productions. Nomos' in-house movements were produced in Glashutte with using its own technology. Both the automatic movements and the manual winding movements are accurate and having the features of many watches, like Glashutte 3/4 plate, triovis fine adjustment regulator, stop-seconds mechanism, heat-blued screws and Glashutte ribbing, etc.. Almost every watch is handmade. If it can bring higher quality and accuracy, we'll use high-tech way like the CNC and laser. Only the single parts, like the jewels on the bearing will buy from appliers according to the design.

6.Made in Germany and Germany.

Since the mid of 2003, we started to indicate made in Germany on the watches. But we changed to use the shorter words on the dial since Apirl 2005, the time we started applying in-house movements. (Note: now it's changed to Made in Germany again).

7.What does the Lundgren Script stand for?


The name of the script derived from our chief watchmakers, Rainer Langeleist. And created by Hans Irrek, a writer who often writes about art, design and wrist watch. Among the brochures he wrote about Nomos Tangene have many times mentioned this script. We borrowed this name. Rainer Langeleist is the first one to use this script to Nomos. Generally speaking, it's not much different from other companies', but every company has its own unique signature type, different types have formed a criterion.

8.Is Nomos using nickle-free stainless steel?

The so called "Nickle Directive" had came into effect since June 2000. It means that things touches skin directly should include less than 0.5 μg/cm/week nickle. Generally speaking, the nickle content of alloys is not the point, but the content spread to skin. Nomos uses 316L stainless steel to make cases and buckles, not meaning that this material entirely free of nickle, just because it will not spread to skin; this material has 12% nickle. Therefore, only less than0.2 μg/cm/week nickle will spread to skin, that's much lower than the acceptability of medical science. Other stainless steel may content much fewer nickle, but they'll spread more nickle to skin.



Actually, anaphylaxis is unavoidable. Though we just heard few consumers cannot use this material we adopted, the pity is the anaphylactic reaction wouldn't be eliminated. We suggest that those allergic consumers would be better to consult their doctor first, to see which material will impact themselves.
We're aim at adopting the best material for consumers. Like the straps we used have been elaborate manufactured for several months, used plant lye to make it turn to brown gradually. We adopted the stainless steel which will spread much lesser nickle to users' skins, so it's more suitable. The European Union "Nickle Directive" which had taken effective since June 2000, means a substance which touches with skins for long time per week should not content more than 0.5 μg/sq.cm nickle. All in all, how much nickle that an alloy contenting is not the point, but how much nickle spread to skins is.


10.If we can wear a watch while swimming, bathing and sauna?


Our products are waterproofing to 30m; some sporty watches are waterproofing to 100m. But sometimes it's puzzled about these terms, the pity is the "30m water-resistance" may not mean you can dive to 30m depth. According to the DIN criterion, if a watch can withstand spraying, sweat, rain and even stay in water a meter depth for more than 30 mins can be called a waterproofing watch. The diving and swimming movements of arms, and the changes of the pressure under water are beyond the range. A watch that's waterproofing to 100m can be used for swimming in pool, sauna and bathing with unboiled water. However, the changes of temperate, the
Chemicals and others factors may have kickback to your wrist watch. They'll impact the seal processes, eventually weaken and break the water-resistant system. Basing on that, wrist watches should be checked once a year, and we'd suggest you take it off before swimming and sauna.

11.How long or when should I wind my watch?


If you're wearing a Nomos automatic watch, you don't need to wind it often. Your watch will be self-winding along with your arms moving. Whatever movements you're doing, the automatic spring will be self-adjusting. We usually suggest the manual winding watches owners manually wind their watch regularly, and best wind it in the morning. So that the watch can have enough power to run all day. Using your thumb and the index finger to move the crown forward when you're manual winding. The balance spring will start after a few moving. Don't stop moving the crown untill you can feel a resistance force. Unnecessary to be worried that: only a drastic moving will overwind the watch. When your watch was full winding, your Nomos is having approximately 43 hours of power reserve. Then, it can run for 2 days without rewinding. The wrist watches with calendar have lower power reserve (42 hours), because it needs a few power to change date.

12.How to adjust the date of my Nomos?


My watch does not have quick-set function, but you can still adjust the date easily. You can pull out the crown and move it forward to adjust the date. Repeating this process till you get the date you need. Then, you can adjust the time of the watch, but remembering that it has 24hours a day. For example, the 3 p.m., you need to move the hour hand clockwise passing the 12 hour mark, the date will not move, because it's the afternoon in the same day. Although it sounds complicated, it's simple to operate. Just have a try. The detailed statement for adjusting the date is including in the brochures in the certificate.

13.How can I identify that my watch is using a new calibre?


One way is to see whether there is SA on the dial following the symbol Nomos Glashutte. If yours is see-through, you can be easily fine your new calibre changed a new colour. The previous plate is dark gold, while nowadays' is RG and a beautiful Glashutte ribbing.

14.My watch is coloured dark gold, is it an A product?


Definitely no! Up to now, our plates are dark gold, and our movements named 1 TS, 1 TSDP and 1 TSDPC. Since Apirl 2005, we have started using the Greek letter for naming the brand-new Nomos movements reference. (such as: a Nomos movement, Alpha).

15.My watch is not a Tangente, but why was it equipped a spring bar?


Our entry-level models released in Spring season in 2005 used screw bars. However, due to the long time requirements from consumers, we replaced with spring bars on the new models of Nomos so that consumers in the world could change straps/bracelet freely.

16.My Tangente watch on Ostrich Straps was packed in a small blue carbon, is it a fake?


Surely not, there are selling Tangente watches on the long-distance Lufthansa flights. So, some details should be changed for fitting the requirements of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG: on the flights, the watches are being packed in blue carbons, not in wooden boxes, because wooden boxes does not meet the freight standards. Replacing the Shell Cordovan leahter straps with the Ostrich Straps, because the oil on the Shell Cordovan leahter straps are easy to permeate moisture along with the changes of the temperature, such as, the temperature changing in the airplane, the straps will have ugly white prints. You can use a soft cloth to clean the white prints, but the consumers will be dissatisfied about that, so we changed it to Ostrich Straps. The Tangente buyers are requiring clean straps. Therefore, nowadays' Tangente watches are using spring bars rather than screw bars for consumers changing straps freely, because only the German watch sellers had the tools in those days.

17.Could my stainless steel Tangente watch have see-though case back?


Basically, except the sporty series watches, all of our models can be installed a sapphire see-through case back.

18.Could consumers make special requirements?


For ensuring every series clarity, we can only satisfy minority consumers' requirements. For example, we can use laser to engrave some stamp marks on the case bottom. We'll evaluate after received your requirements. But we cannot change the dial and the hands.

19.Will I get a registration confirmation notice after registered?


Generally, few registering mails will lose, so we can receive your mails. We currently have no confirmations, because we receive a number of mails sent from consumers and agents.

20.What's the meaning of extension warranty?


When you finished registering, you'll be given a two-year valid after-sale service from the date of purchase. According to the European legislation, this warranty is given by the seller, that is the agent where you bought your watch. Our extension warranty means you can take the watch to us directly at any time you want a service without via the agent.

21.How often should I maintain my watch?


Like people need to see the doctors sometimes or cars need services, every movement watches needs regular maintenance. It generally needs a full check by a Nomos authorized agent or professional watchmaker for three or five years. For such a long time, the oil on surface may have been volatilized. Mechanical metal will cause wastage to each other. We'd also suggest you do a water-resistant test every year, if it's necessary, we'll help you recover the water-resistance.

22.How long can a Shell Cordovan leather strap last?


This strap was made from vicugna in Texas, America. It featured dense cortex, so the strap is much durable, water-resistant. And the strap will soon be soft after a short period wearing. Common leather straps can last for 6 to 9 months, while Nomos leather strap can last longer.

23.How should I maintain the Shell Cordovan leather strap?


This strap have dense cortex, so it's unnecessary to be lubricated. If it grew flecks after a big temperature changes, you can clean the flecks with a soft cloth. This strap doesn't need a special maintenance. If you like, you can use some soft cleaning products, then dry it by airing, and clean it by a cleaning cloth.

24.Why does the Shell Cordovan look brown?


Shell Cordovan leather is a kind of special horsehide, is from the rear legs of vicugna in Texas, America. We do not feed this horse for its leather. These leather straps need several months elaborate manufacture, and it turned to brown naturally by using plant lye, the brown colour only shows on the surface. In addition, the strap was being carved on the edges, that means the two sides and the inside of the strap still keep the original colour. That's a natural process, not means it's bad quality, but a natural product.

25.What can I do if my Shell Cordovan leather strap grew ugly flecks?


This flecks will appear after experienced a big temperature change, and caused by the the inner oil, you can use a soft cloth to clean the flecks.

26.Can I buy a metal bracelet or an extension buckle?


Sorry, we don't offer these products. We only equipped those leather straps and buckles we thought are well matched with our watches.

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