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Orient, Seiko and Citizen are three brands of Japanese watches today, and their quartz watches are popular around the world. Mechanical watches have become resurgent recent years, and these Japanese brands also have produced mechanical watches. However, they seldom could attract watch fans' attention. In the 1970/80s, Japanese quartz watches became prevalent around the world; afterwards, mechanical watches became resurgent, but people just were concerned about Swiss watch manufacturers, and Japanese watches seemed to be forgotten. In fact, Japanese manufacturers just like its nationality, which has been westernized but also keeps its independence. They always advance with their unique paces no matter in studying Swiss watchmaking skills or developing new technology. Sometimes, they follow the trend to produce watches; sometimes, they create new trend. Anyway, Seiko, Orient have been a wonderful memory of some watch fans. Over the years, Seiko always maintains an active state, but Orient has been stagnated for many years. Until recent years, it began to regain its strength. And this article was written to re-recommend Orient.
Orient Automatic Global Watch
In the minds of many watch enthusiasts, Japanese mechanical watches have poor image, and they are always not in the same class with Swiss mechanical watches. One of reasons is that Japanese industry was committed to the development of quartz technology in the 1970s, so that the mechanical technology was transferred to overseas. For example, Citizen transferred its technology to India, and Orient transferred its technology to Brazil. These inexpensive and durable mechanical watches that do not need batteries were well received by local people naturally. Therefore, some people deemed Japanese watches as inferior watches, which are equivalent to the daily necessities of the lower-middle class of the Third World. Until nearly ten or twenty years, mechanical watches have been prevalent again around the world, these mechanical watches that produced in India and Brazil were sold to Japan and over the world. Thanks to their traditional appearances, inexpensive prices and durability, they also occupied a certain market share.
Orient Automatic Classic Calendar
Many watch fans have criticized Japanese mechanical watches for their simple structure and technology, it is said that their technology remains in the 1970s, so they are hard to attract watch fans' interest. However, the modern popularity of mechanical watches encouraged Seiko to launch brand new Credor. Seiko attempted to create new image of high quality with the most sophisticated technology (just like the strategy that Toyota launched Lexus), thus Credor had been equipped with complex functions, such as retrograde jump hands (week) and so on. Orient also launched new watches with functions like world time zones, power indicator, and these watches are really refreshing for watch fans. Although the prices had also been relatively increased, compared to other advanced Swiss watches, Japanese watches still have competitive price-performance ratio. In daily life, a Japanese watch is sufficient for the needs, and its accuracy also can be adjusted to within 5 seconds. Japanese mechanical watch is relatively inexpensive, and it is indeed practical. Hence, Japanese watch is a nice choice for people who wear mechanical watches from the start. In terms of the practicality of mechanical watches, the quality of Japanese watch is not inferior to Swiss products at all, and its price is cheaper. Therefore, Seiko diver's watch is always popular among professional divers, while Rolex Submariner has become conspicuous good of amateur divers, and they seldom wear Rolex Submariner to dive.
Orient M Force World Timer GMT Power Reserve
Orient watch was founded in 1950, and its predecessor could date back to Yoshida clock shop that founded in Tokyo Ueno in 1901 and the Orient clock factory that founded in 1920 to produce clocks. The Orient clock factory established branch factory in 1934 to produce wristwatches. Moreover, it specially established Tokyo Hino factory in 1936 to produce wristwatches exclusively. In July 1950, the Orient clock factory established Tama meter Ltd. in Hino of Tokyo, and the company was renamed Orient Watch Co. , Ltd in 1951, and the watches that named after Orient were to be on the market formally. In 1956, Orient Dynamic was launched; in 1957, Dias for female was launched; in 1958, luminous function was launched; in 1959, Royal Orient advanced watch was launched; in 1960, waterproof watch Swimmer  was launched: in 1961, automatic mechanical watch Super-Auto was launched; in 1962, Japan's first calendar automatic watch for female was launched; in 1965, 100-meter waterproof watch and calendar watch were launched. All these had proved that Orient has always kept its cutting-edge pace in research and manufacturing since its establishment.
After entering the new century, being confronted with the external changes of younger consumer groups and emphasis of brand image, Orient also made prompt reactions. Its design on watch, marketing strategies and marketing channels all have a new transformation. In view of the main watches launched by Orient recent years, in addition to presenting fashionable creativity, catering to the prevalence of demonstrating personality and quartz watches of young consumers with high quality and individualized and popular design, presenting tenderness of woman with elegant lines and beautiful color, Orient continues to produce high-quality complex mechanical watches with centuries-old and sophisticated watchmaking craftsmanship to meet the demands of watch fans. For example, sporty M-Force which was based on King Master and launched in 1968 was installed with GMT and power reserve indicator. Moreover, Orient also launched square watches and tonneau watch, all these have shown its determination to have a transformation.
Several representative watches of Orient are as follows, in terms of their quality and price, they are pretty attractive, for your reference:
(A) Rotating Ruler Titanium
Automatic movement/ Titanium/ Crystal glass/ 5ATM water resistance; medial rotatable bezel has week, calendar functions, currency conversion function, multiplication and division function, distance conversion function.
(B) World Timer GMT Power Reserve
Automatic watch/ GMT/ 40-hour power reserve/ Stainless steel/ Crystal glass/ Date function/ 10ATM water resistance.
© Multi Year Calendar
Perpetual calendar automatic watch/ Date, week, calendar and month display, its date dial is pretty unique/ Stainless steel/ Crystal glass/ 5ATM waterproof performance, it has both practicality and distinctive appearance.
(D) M-Force Diver's Watch 200M Power Reserve
It is s diver's watch that has 200m water resistance. In addition to the date display, the most special is that it has power reserve indicator, which is rare in lots of diver's watch. Automatic movement, stainless steel case and bracelet, crystal glass, and its appearance looks sporty.
Here are some pictures of other Orient models.

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