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Now is my turn to open case - Stowaaa

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Three months past, it finally arrived, Stowa Flieger T01 TESTAF.

My first mechanical watch is Stowa Marine Original that I have wore for 5 years, had been once washed oil, and it's good-quality, never had any problems. Moreover, for its classical design, it's so unique that you can rarely fine another same style. Without regard to whether it used in-house movement or not, it's value for money to get such a good quality watch in such a price, isn't it?

I knew this watch and decided to buy it, because one day I saw this watch from the electronic press of Stowa, it released its newest generation of historical Stowa pilot watch. And a desire of buying this watch raised at that moment.

"TESTAF" of Flieger T01 TESTAF means "technical standard of pilot watches", it's a shortened form of German. In past, Stowa was the main pilot watch applier in WWII, but the definition of pilot watch was not get into conclusion until the TESTAF authentication mechanism was set up. And this mechanism was set by the cooperation of Sinn and FH Aachen. This mechanism basically tests the following points, only watches that passed the test can have the TESTAF authentication.
Ambient Pressure
Shock and Vibration Resistance

Now, let's begin to open the box, the watch was sent by Fedex. Opening the Fedex, there are a watch box, a brief introduction, certification (mine is the 143rd, the Stowa customer service told us that they planned to manufacture 1,000 pieces first, which is also the volume decided by Stowa and the National Certification Body)/TESTAF Specification.


A same tin box as that of five years ago, but this one is more beautiful!


Things in the box are the watch, a carry-on watch bag and an instruction book.



A side picture, medium thickness.



A back picture, ETA2824-2, a stable and durable movement.



The AR Coating, which is said will fade several years past, but my brother had a Fortis that has been worn for 6 to 7 years, and the coating looks as good as new.


Put on the watch.



A close-up shot. Pictures taken by telephone cannot show the low-key anti-reflective surface, the object is more beautiful.


Thanks for reading!

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