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Hamilton, Stowa or Nomos?

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Recently I want to buy a watch with small second, although I have already owned Omega Speedmaster Pro and Omega Seamaster 2254, Stowa Ikarus and PRS-82, I still wanna buy another one with small second. And Hamilton, Stowa and Nomos are my choices, I do not know which one should I get.

This Hamilton is beautiful, I really like its appearance. However, I do not like its date window, if it had no date window, I think it would be more attractive. It is 40mm and its price is £900.
A few years ago, I had bought a Stowa Marine Original. And recently I wanna get another one. Its size is 41mm, and it is sold for £800. I love its hand-wound movement and clean dial.
Nomos Club?Datum is also good, but I consider that its price is slightly expensive for me. It is £1300. Moreover, I am not sure about the gap between the case and the strap. It is 38.5mm.
Its another larger version is 40mm, automatic, without date window.
£1500: has steel case back.
£1660: has sapphire back.
I also do not like the gap, but the case back is really nice.

Please speak freely, every suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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Hamilton is not my cup of tea, because its sub-seconds dial is too close to the centre.

Nomos (without the date window) is elegant, but its sub-seconds dial is also slightly close to the centre. 

Stowa is large and simple, and it looks nice. I support this one. 

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