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Metro series - a special style Nomos watch

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Nomos is a German niche brand, they only abide by their principles to make watches. Nomos watch has its own style which is derived from the Deutscher Werknund and the Bauhaus architecture aesthetics.


Last year, Nomos released sport series Ahoi, 38mm Tangente series, Ludwig series and Orion series. This year, Nomos released not only Atlantik watch - deep blue version of Ahoi wrist watch, but also released the brand-new Metro series wrist watches. Datum Gangreserve of Nomos Metro series is a sweep seconds wrist watch, which possesses a power reserve indicator, a second dial and a date display at 6 position.

Although most of Nomos watches have the similar design elements, this Metro series watches is still distinctive from the multitudinous Nomos watches by a series of changing. Such as, the metal wire-type lugs, mint green design of the detail parts and the brand-new design of the hands, Metro series must be the key development direction of Nomos. Such a unique design should be owed to the Berlin well-known designer, Mark Braun, who's the three-dimensional designer manager in Nomos Berlinerblau Company, Berlinerblau is the subsidiary of Nomos that is responsible for designing. So you can see that the Metro series watches made the perfectly fusion of accuracy and elegance real.


Metro is the first Nomos wrist watch that equipped with the new in-house balance wheel, it's a part of the brand-new product line that was named DUW. Nomos balance wheel is an inside system in-housed by Nomos, including balance wheel, balance spring, escape wheel and fork. Although the spring isn't produced by Nomos itself, they had successfully signed a contract with a manufacturer which doesn't produce Nivarox spring, that made Nomos get rid of Swatch Group. Nomos will first add this balance wheel into those watches have power reserve functions, and then, popularizing gradually to all movements.


Metro series uses DUW 4401 movement, except the components of the movement, it totally has 23 jewels, 42 h of power reserve. The DUW 4401 movement in essence is a modified version of Nomos Delta movment, the later one is a manual winding movement. It is reported that Nomos is attempting to research and develop a new DUW 4000movement.


The width of the Metro series watch is 37mm, the thickness is 7.65mm. It's extremely wear-resisting and has an eye-catching look, is a very fashionable wrist watch. Even though not all of the people would like this style, I love it very much. Metro series retains a lot of advantages, like the application of the dial, the legible design and the exquisite colour. However, Metro wrist watches have a few features that are different from others series of Nomos in the mean time. From the picture, the case may seems a bit small, but it looks more like 39mm or 40mm on wrist.


The colour of this watch indicated that Metro series is a leisure watch, may be even a sporty watch. I really like the silver white dial, the red tip of the second hand, low battery indicator light, the mint green dots used at 3, 9, 12 positions, and the power reserve indicator. When the power is on the decrease, the red colour will gradually fill in the aperture of the mint green dial.

Metal wire lugs is another major break of the Nomos' core design, this design is very nice. You can change the strap/bracelet according to your personal choice, especially, silver white dial is best-looking when matching with a dark brown strap. Even though the design of lugs means a limit to choose straps/bracelets, Nomos plans to offer more choices in the future. Nomos watches are highly recognizable, some special elements are very attractive. I think it's a bold try for a brand has clear style, such as it's power reserve indicator.


This model was priced $3780, I can conclude that Nomos has no rivals in such a price. Metro series watches is more casual than Nomos Orion 38, and more fascinate than Tangente, it's more low-key and elegante. In all, Nomos is a great Deutsche watch brand.

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