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Russian manual winding alarm chronograph - Buran Alarm Tonneau

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I gonna to share a Buran alarm chronograph, the Buran Alarm Tonneau, why is it so special? Because it's a Tonneau-shape alarm chronograph comes from Russia.



A new alarm watch is commonly very expensive, the movement of mechanical alarm watch is always not a simple handiwork, even if it can be produced by machines, it still relies on manual assembly. Therefore, no matter the alarm watch was produced by developed country or developing country, it's relatively a high-value production, because it doesn't have lower price, only have high price and higher price. Let alone Switzerland, even a Japanese alarm watch will not be sold in a low price.


Mechanical alarm watch itself is very expensive, though it's possible to be produced in abundance, it isn't a consumer electronic product. The modern 3C products always cannot last for more than 2 years, even they were not broken, they were obsoleted for the upgrade of the software. Mechanical watch attributes to movable property, it still has residual value even after a decade.



Deep blue dial matches with white Arabic numeral mark and white hands.



The dulcet sound of metal will last about 13 seconds.

It's equipped the Soviet movement, Soviet Poljot system released the first alarm clock movement in 1959, reference 2612. Soviet was called a militant nation has great technology and many talented people, so it's nothing difficult for them to manufacture a mechanical movement. 2612 is the well-known AS1475, a manual winding Swiss mechanical alarm clock movement. AS has a lot of productions, the best known must be the alarm clock movement that is divided into manual winding movement, automatic movement, has date display and without date display; the most famous one may be the 1475 and 5008, 5008 is an automatic movement with date display, it's said that except this one, there are many other manufacturers are producing these two movements nowadays, and all of them are high-class movement manufacture. It's so elaborate that exceed my imagination.


Draw a conclusion, alarm chronograph is very interesting. I enjoy to hear the sound, despite it sounds bad, I also enjoy to wind it, especially enjoy to wind the alarm clock. It's pity for people who loves playing watches did not play an alarm clock!


Thank you for reading! Hope you’ll like this.

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