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Vostok-Europe, do you know this watch?

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1. Brand: Vostok-Europe.
2. State of manufacture: Russia.
3. Operation: mechanical, self-winding.
4. Specification: diameter: 48mm (crown is not included), thickness: 15mm (crystal is included), water resistance: 300 meters.
5. Characteristics: hour markers and hands have special self-powered micro gas light (3H), so that the watch does not need external illumination. It can always shine in the darkness and last for 25 years.
6. Movement: NH25A.






Do you guys have owned this watch? Can you tell something about its water resistance and its error? Thank you.

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My Vostok-Europe, I am pretty satisfied with it. Firstly, I was afraid that its accuracy is so so, but after I have owned it, its accuracy is good. But I have not known the condition of its water resistance yet.



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It looks cool, but it seems that it is only suitable for those who have large wrists.
Oh,it is equipped with Japanese movement, I thought that it is equipped with Russian movement previously.

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