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Debut of my new watch: Nomos Metro

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I always like TAG Heuer watches because of the influence of F1. In addition to TAG Heuer, I just knew some well-known watch brands before, such as Rolex and Seiko. A dozen years ago, I bought my first mechanical watch in Hong Kong. At that time, I knew nothing about mechanical watch. 
Recently,I have suddenly been interested in mechanical watch, so I wanna buy another mechanical watch. I have spent sometime in knowing more about mechanical watch and seen lots of pictures of different watches, such as IWC, Panerai, TAG Heuer, Maurice and Lacroix and so on. But I still can not make any decision. 
Afterwards, my colleague introduced NOMOS to me. It seems that NOMOS is not extremely popular among numerous watch brands. However, I was attracted deeply at the first sight of it. I love it so much, it has simple but elegant appearance and affordable price. Finally I bought it. Hence, I can not help sharing it with you. 
Simple wooden watch box. 
Elegant Metro, it has distinctive cordovan strap. 
I quite like the classical style of its lugs. 
Its dial has amazing color matching. The small circle between 12 o’clock position and 1 o’clock position is power indicator. 
The more I see its exquisite case back, the more I like it. 
In the power indicator, when the red is growing, it means that power becomes less and less. When it is fully wound, the power indicator will become white. 
Its movement is hand-wound, and movement caliber is DUW 4401. This movement is equipped with Nomos self-developed escapement. Only a few manufacturers can produce this escapement in the world, and Nomos is one of them. 
So beautiful, but its diameter is less than 40mm.
I found that when I wear it, it does not look small. Otherwise, it is manual winding, and its thickness is about 7.6 mm. It is a thin mechanical watch. 
Look, it is really elegant and gentle. 
I quite like this watch, and I am glad that I can share it with you, thanks for reading.

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