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Questions on Cartier Panthere 18K - 27MM

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My wife would like a Carier Panthere 18K gold, no diamonds, 27MM watch. I have been doing some research, but I have a number of questions that I was hoping someone could help me with or refer me to a source. The watches I have seen on the web have a date and a second hand. Gender is labeld: mens, womens or unisex. I have the following questions:

I have seen two model numbers for what appear to be the exact same watch: W25028B5 and W25014B9. What is the difference? is W25028B5 an older movement? Is so, when was it used until?

Most watches I have seen, have the date at the 3 position but a few have it at the 5 position. When did they move it to the 5 position?

Some watches have "Cartier" imbeded in the VII number? When did they start this?

Some wathes have "Cartier" across the X number. When did they start this?

If I get the serial number off the watch, how can I tell the watches age?

I know these are very detailed questions, but I was hoping someone may know the answers or a reasonable estimate. Is there a source that I could use to research these items? My goal is to determine an approximate age of the watch and if it is authentic.

Thanks for the help in advance. I really appreciate it.



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