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Everest Leather Strap System for Rolex: First Impressions

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The Rolex Oyster Bracelet is one of the most comfortable bracelets around but being a Panerai fan has turned me into a bit of a strap fiend. I immediately felt giddy when I found out about Everest launching a Kickstarter campaign for Rolex-specific leather straps. Long story short, I blacked out momentarily and the end result was that I backed them for four straps


. After what felt like a LIFETIME of waiting (I'm very impatient when I get excited), the straps are finally here!

(All images were taken by Kevin Farrelly @ Kevin Farrelly Graphic Design)


Just like many of the owners in the "Incoming!" threads, I was exploding with excitement when I saw the package waiting for me in my mailbox. I shred through the envelope like Wolverines claws (cue in Hugh Jackman) and was immediately impressed with what I found inside.The quality of the entire leather strap system is top notch. The Rolex specific endlinks are Swiss made, finished beautifully, and fit seamlessly into the case. Unlike other straps, the endlinks completely fill the gap between the lugs to give the watch a bit of squared look. I personally love the look and it kind of reminds me of a leather strapped Daytona.



While on the topic of hardware, I wanted to add that the buckles are also Swiss made and finished just as nicely as the endinks


The straps are absolutely stunning in the flesh. People always say things like "pictures don't really do it/them justice" and I have to say that this is certainly the case with the Everest straps. The calf straps are made in Switzerland from vegetable tanned Italian leather, and the alligator straps are sourced and made in the USA.

Black Calf:




Brown Calf with contrast stitching:





Tan Calf with contrast stitching:








Final thoughts: The Everest system is a great option for anyone looking to give their watch a different look while maintaining the quality that has come to be synonymous with Rolex.

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