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Zenith Pilot TYPE 20 - Montre D'aéronef

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A massive piece of history in a modern watch


Ordered it about 8 months ago and it arrived this week.

Right from the start I wanted this piece. Owning El Primero's and Elite movement watches a 5011 was a dream. In the past I thought about it several times.

Why not a pocket watch ? Well, because I'm not interested in pocket watches. So buying a pocket watch with a superb movement but knowing I would never 'wear' it was

not the smartest thing to do. Than we have these marine deck clocks. Again, a niece thing but if I can't wear it ...

Somewhere around march of this year I heard a rumor about a wristwatch which would be powered with the legendary 5011.

Now that was interesting ! An option to finally have this historic movement.

Soon pictures followed, and things even got better. The watch looked fabulous.

Than you read more about the size. 57.5 mm. Well I knew the movement so it had to be huge. If the movement measures 50 mm you can't put it in a 42 mm watch, right ?

But let's be honest, 57.5 is big and probably too big. Can you wear such a watch ?

2 years ago I tried the Panerai Egiziano (PAM341) and that was just too big and unwearable, I have bigger than the average wrists but 60mm with long lugs was impossible.

So what about the 57.5. One big advantage, the lugs are no so big as the Egiziano lugs.

When I put the Egiziano on my wrist, the watch (inclusive lugs) are wider than my wrist and that is imo not acceptable. But like said, the Type 20 lugs are completely different.

I saw , and of course tried the prototype at my AD and it felt fine. It was huge but I could wear it. Of course this is not a piece you want to wear on daily basis.

If it would be your one and only watch I would say 'Forget about it, buy something else. Maybe the Zenith Pilot big date'

On the other hand, if you know you will wear this piece on special occasions or only a few weeks per year than it is a superb addition to ANY collection.



A bit more about the movement.

"Originally designed for marine chronometers and deck watches in the 1950s, the pocket watchsize 5011 series is perhaps the most accurate

series of movements the brand has ever produced, and some were entered into the last chronometer competitions in the 1960s"

"The 5011 movement received an award in by the Neuchatel Observatory for being the most accurate chronometer ever.'

Some extra details (from the zenith site)

Technical data

References: 95.2420.5011/21.C723 250-piece limited series


Calibre 5011K, hand-wound

Total diameter 50 mm

Thickness 10 mm

134 parts

19 jewels

Cadence of the balance 18,000 vph

48-hour power reserve

Chronometer-certified by the COSC


Central hours and minutes

Small seconds at 9 oclock

Power-reserve indication at 3 oclock


Polished and satin-brushed grade 5 titanium

Diameter 57.5 mm

Water resistance 3 ATM

Sapphire crystal caseback


Matt black with Superluminova-enhanced hands and numerals


Calfskin with hand-sewn topstitching, titanium pin buckle

Nice to know that Mr Arnold Schwarznegger bought 2 of these watches. I've heard also Mick Jagger bought one and one of the guys from the rockband 'Kiss' has one



So here are some pictures of what I think is a VERY nice and VERY collectible piece. .

As you can see, the finishing is VERY well done. Very close to real haute horlogerie !

















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Wow...now that is what I call a "beast" of watch. DSSD look out - there's another big bad boy on the block.

OP - you must have a huge wrist cause that watch just looks perfect on you. Overall, I have say a great looking watch and very nice attention to detail and finishing. Great pics!

Really like what Dufor has done with Zenith during his time at the helm. They are creating some great looking watches.

Congrats and enjoy.



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thats not a watch ,,, its a wrist clock ,, but boy its stuning , and your pics do it justice too , and as others have mentioned , it certainly seems to fit your wrist very well , and its not too thick.

good health to wear it.

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Those that once had the TYPE 20 in their hands might remeber how special and loud it ticks

If you did not hear it before, I tried to upload it

Believe me, I have no idea how many decibels it produces but you will not sleep with the watch.

When I go to be dI hide it in another room LOL

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