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Lange vs. Vacheron

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Hey all,

My journey continues and I could use a little feedback. I am close to purchasing the Grand Lange 1 Moonphase. My journey to the watch included a trial of the JLC UT Perp, a 5396, and also a Ferrier. The Ferrier is still on the agenda but I'd have to take a quick trip to London to pick it up so perhaps a little later for that one. So after much deliberation I almost, repeat almost, settled on the Lange.

But then a Vacheron AD that I am close to received the Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 in Rose Gold. A watch I've admired but never had a chance to try on as they are difficult to source. I really like it. Wonderfully crafted, thin and easy to wear, nice movement with 65 hours PR, classical yet whimsical, an utterly unique watch. There are three other potential buyers waiting to see it so I get first dibs.

So basically, I am now deliberating between the Grand Lange Moonphase in RG, the Grand Lange Moonphase in Platinum, and the 1921 in RG. The Lange in RG is similar price-wise to the VC, and the Platinum version, which I now prefer, costs more. Should I stay on my Lange course or allow the uniquely charming VC to sway me? I do worry about the VC losing it's charm for me after a while as it's a real novelty piece. It also is quite costly compared to other models that use the same movement in the Patrimony line. And I'm not a huge fan of the brand in general. Some wrist shots. (Excuse the funny bracelet). Thanks in advance for your insights - Jason

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Ugh this is tough because I've been stalking the 1921 for more than a year now. Have tried it on at least a half dozen times, so don't get pulled into thinking they aren't out there.

I only seriously considered it twice when it popped up preowned, as the retail is staggering for a time only piece.

I have to be honest I prefer the old layout of the L1 MP even knowing this one has a superior movement.

So me personally I like the 1921 but I can't recommend jumping ship last minute on a purchase of this magnitude. So maybe wait it out until you know for sure? Good luck!

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Lange without a shadow of doubt.

Wouldn't give the fact Richemont owns both brands any special credit – I can point you to a number of servicing stories that'd make you think twice about ever dealing with Panerai and JLC, whom are also part of the same stable.

That aside, the VC was designed to be worn on the inside of the wrist, so that drivers could see the time at a glance – you've got to remember the angle of the steering wheels cars had way back then.

So worn as you would a regular watch, it doesn't work for me, and I honestly believe that if it didn't have VC written on, but something not from the trinity, you'd laugh when the retailer told you the price.

Sorry, just not seeing the appeal, novelty aspect included.

If alternatives are still an option, even at this stage (why wouldn't they be?), then what about:



Not forgetting FP Journe or H Moser & Cie, or even Kari Voutilainen.

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