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My Two Modified Speedmasters

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I just received 2 Speedmasters back from my watchmaker after having the dials and hands modified. I'm ecstatic with the way they came out, and thought I'd share.

The first one is Mitsukoshi/Panda Dial mod, but instead using of silver hands I ordered Dark Gray (almost black) Min/Hour/Sweep Second hands from a Speedmaster

ref. 145.0818

, and used new white hands for the sub-dials. I love the contrast of the dark hands against the white dial! The dark Gray hands took months of back and forth with Omega to get the part numbers.

In case anybody is looking for them, the Omega part numbers are:

Hour and Minute Hands, Dark Grey with Luminous Infill, Omega PN 065PP4060

Center Seconds Hand, Dark Grey, Omega PN 066PP4061

dark gray sundial hands:Count Hand, Dark Grey, Omega PN 066TP4062

Subsidiary Minute Hand, Dark Grey, Omega PN 066TP4063

Subsidiary Hour Hand, Dark Grey, Omega PN 066TP4064



The second mod I had made used an all cream colored dial, and Dark Gray (almost black) Min/Hour/subdial hands from the afore mentioned Speedmaster

ref. 145.0818

. The sweep seconds hand was order from a Project Alaska Speedmaster. I wasn't sure about this one until I got it on a gray strap, which gave it a real vintage feel. Now it's my favorite Speedmaster.



Both together:


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Those are both great looking, I like how you didn't go overboard on the modding, very classy and certainly tasteful. I love blue lume, and the white dial with the red second hand really stands out.


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