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New Forum Member With An Unpopular Watch

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After a DSSD as my daily wearer, the magic ended. I appreciate Rolex, I really do.... I found myself craving something far less conservative and far less traditional. I'm not the type who likes things simply because others do not. It's a bit simplistic, but I like what I like. It's involuntary, the heart wants what the heart wants and make no apologies for it. And so a couple days ago I bought, you guessed it, a Hublot Big Bang King Ice 322. I love it more and more every time I strap it on. I adore this timepiece. I'm not a member of the watch elite. I love really nice watches, all of them. On the subject of vintage watches however... I'm not a fan. On that subject I actually do feel bad about it. I feel I should love them. I've tried so hard, but nothing [emoji57] this is weird because I also like very expensive tobacco pipes, a world were "estate pipes" dominate. I'm a 43yr old guy in Alabama on disability with a bad back of biblical proportions. I'm into watches, pipes, and astronomy/deep space astrophotography.



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