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best paragon of masculine and robust-looking wristwatch - Audemars Piguet

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Audemars piguet: adhere to centuries-old tradition


The 10th Paris International Watch Fair in 1889, the Tourbillion Watch grand complication take part in the exhibition. The professional design results in a great echo and international fame which establish a lofty status in Watch industry for Audemars piguet.Today, under the leadership of fourth-generation descendants, Audemars and Piguet of the family, Audemars piguet approach to a great achievement and deep respected by watch connoisseurs and collectors, becoming to the world's Top Ten watch lists.


The legend of Royal Oak series wrist watch


Look ahead the world’s watch industry. There is no doubt that Audemars piguet is a top watch manufacturer which has exquisite skill and innovation ability. Most of watch fans are addicted to the complicated wrist watch of Audemars piguet. As regarding to all kinds of styles, this style is the most prestigious and welcome. The Royal Oak of octagonal surface watch is the most attracted to audience. Compare to the amazing price of eight kings, Royal Oak seems approachable, and they hide a legend behind the unique shape of the historical significance.  


Royal Oak set up a model of senior sports watch


Firstly, you didn't know the Royal Oak wrist watch is a famous works from Gerald Genta who is a talent in watch industry. He is Italian descent and was born in Geneva; Gerald Genta created a numbers of well-known watches in the world's best-selling styles for other brand manufacturers. At present, these watches are the most popular style in its own brand. Except for Royal Oak,Patek Philippe's Nautilus Golden Eagle series, Omega Titan series and Bvlgari watches the Bvlgari series.


Royal Oak came into the market in 1972


There are a boom in watch design and manufacture after Audemars piguet launch the Royal Oak in 1972. One is unique octagonal appearance with its revolutionary design of the exposed screws. This broke the unwritten rules in watch industry for decades. All of the operated components must hide. The Royal Oak produced an effect on watch design style all around the world and became an immortal treasure. This is one of the masterpieces in Audemars piguet watch at present. The second is a watch style which was manufactured by the first stainless steel as the material in the top watch factory. In those years, it is unheard and amazing to price 3300 Swiss. This opens the precedent of senior watch to march the sports watch. The Royal Oak combines octagonal bezel with screw locking enclosure, thick and solid shape, establishing the image of the typical in sport watch. The third is large surface designed in Royal Oak (mm, in the year of the standard terms) and the IWC Portuguese watches and recent Panerai Luminor watch and called large surface wave three push hands.


It is commendable Royal Oak adhere his awareness of innovation which inherit the good tradition of Audemars piguet watch and devote to the perfect tradition and endless curiosity tradition. Since 1972, it set up its own unique image. Even carrying the complex movement device, the Royal Oak is still pure, nearly perfect geometric lines have become the soul of the Royal Oak. The octagonal completely converted to a unique trademark. Aside from adopting stainless steel which has been rejected by many luxury watch brands in first place onto their first piece of Royal Oak, Audemars piguet further molded a flawless watchcase and endows abundant characteristics Therefore, the performance of stainless steel will be as delicate as precious metals.


Royal Oak watch's inspiration


Royal Oak was originally a battleship with the British royal navy to downriver which loads types of weapons and tons in the world. And the Audemars Piguet designer fined the inspiration from the named Royal Oak battleship. The octagonal portholes in battleship are derived from unique Audemars Piguet octagonal surface because the porthole is a symbol of strength and waterproof. 


The oak are so respected in the UK. In 15th century Puritan Revolution, the tree which King Charles II hides his enemies and save his lives. So the King Charles II chooses the oak as the symbol of royal protector. From then on, the oak enjoys the most revered and special position in British royal.

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